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The Beijing Central Business District – often abbreviated to CBD – is east of the city’s geographical center. It’s part of the larger Chaoyang District, where the 2008 Summer Olympics were staged. While the Central Business District is short on historic sites and tourist attractions, it’s still a popular place to spend some time thanks to the great dining, shopping and nightlife in the area.

In the western part of the Central Business District is a dense collection of high-rise architecture in Beijing’s financial core. Look for soaring towers like Darfur International Building, China World Trade Center, China Merchant Tower and Beijing Scitech Tower. This area is also home to several embassies, so booking accommodation in the Central Business District makes sense for tourists applying for international visas.

This is one of the richest neighborhoods in Beijing – in all of China, for that matter – and the upscale department stores and fine-dining restaurants reflect this. Travelers can, however, head to the Silk Market for the opposite experience. It specializes in replica designer fashions, electronics and accessories. This is the most popular tourist attraction in the area, where shoppers can pick up souvenirs and gifts.

The Olympics transformed the Central Business District and Silk Market, with the government investing huge amounts of money into local infrastructure. A brand-new subway line (10) now connects Dawanglu station in the Central Business District with other sectors of Beijing. There’s also a north-south line (5).

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