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Diniwid — lisätiedot

On the northwest coastline of Boracay, Diniwid and Baling-Hai beaches are tucked away in one of the island’s quietest and most attractive coves. A few day visitors arrive from busier White Beach, but in the evenings the resorts near Diniwid / Baling-Hai Beach are delightfully remote.

A footpath connects Diniwid Beach with Boat Station 3 on White Beach, with not even three kilometers between the two. While it’s completely possible to walk between these two beaches, there’s just enough distance to discourage most vacationers from doing so. Instead, most show up on the first leg of a Boracay boat tour. Boats depart from any of the three boat stations to the south, and passengers alight here for some secluded beach time before continuing on.

There are only a few hotels at Diniwid / Baling-Hai Beach. Those on Diniwid are in the three-star range and less expensive than their counterparts at Boat Station 3. But farther north at Baling Hai Beach is one of the most exclusive, up-market resorts in Boracay. The calm waters in the cove are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Baling Hai also has a cliff-top restaurant with outstanding views.

This resort dominates Baling Hai Beach, with villas sprawling across the hillside and a private spa village for guests. Baling Hai white-sand beach doesn’t receive the boatloads of package day-visitors, either, as it’s managed by the local resort.

Maaliskuu 2018
Huhtikuu 2018