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Ranveli Island Resort
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Ranveli Island Resort

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Superior-huone (Superior Room)
  • Näkymä: Hiekkaranta
  • 48 m²/517 ft²
  • 1 parivuode
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Onko sinulla kysymys kohteelle Ranveli Island Resort?

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Majoittui 3 yötä, lokakuu 2017
Great, unless you're a girl and by yourself!!! Beware...
I just got back from my trip to the Maldives. It was overall amazing! The only scary thing is all the employees know your room number and having the bartender more than one night show up late (after midnight) knocking on your door to "hang out" after he knows you were drinking because he was serving you. The last night I was there I went to have a couple drinks and he kept trying to convince me to go to the closed bar and drink with him alone since he was finally off his shift and I kept turning him down. The 3rd time he walked away around midnight I went to my room and locked the door. At 1:30am the knocking started for almost a minute on and off. Yeah, no thanks! That's not cool in my book. One other time I was walking back to my room at night and before losing the WIFI I stopped to send a message on my phone and up walked the security guard. I was wearing a dress so he saw my tattoo on my ankle and got down on the ground and started touching it and rubbing my ankle and a little up my leg and then asked if I had anymore anywhere else...I said NO! and went to my room and locked the door. I was afraid to say anything to the management because I'm on an island by myself and didn't know who knows who and it was just getting creepy. The place is beautiful and the water is amazing and here I am a 33 year old adult having to hide in my room because of the men who worked there. So if you aren't going alone, you'll love it!
Arvioitu: 07 marraskuuta 2017
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Claire, Yhdysvallat
Majoittui 5 yötä, maaliskuu 2017
Great variety of food every day. Fresh and well presented. Staff friendly and always ready to assist with our inquiries. Exercise room a little dated. Resort also a little dated....but well maintained. Dive school was awesome: Ibu was knowledgeable and truly informative.
Arvioitu: 08 huhtikuuta 2017
Piditkö tätä arviota hyödyllisenä?|
Loy, Singapore
Majoittui 2 yötä, helmikuu 2017
The Best Experiences of Life!
I cannot believe that Ranveli Island Resort was so good and yet so cheap in Maldives islands. I took the full board deal and this resort serves great breakfast, lunch and dinner. The island is surrounded with blue water, comfortable size lagoon and exciting outdoor activities that we can totally relax. You can also enjoy the beautiful Maldives islands view from the seaplane. You will be missing out on one of the best experiences of life!
Arvioitu: 01 maaliskuuta 2017
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Paul, Iso-Britannia
Majoittui 7 yötä, tammikuu 2017
perfect holiday
What a fantastic holiday thanks to all at Ranveli. It is a lovely well maintained island with friendly and helpful staff, especially Dergish our Indian bar waiter. Very attentive and always smiling. Some reviews had said that the resort was not 4 star but to me it depends what you want. We had a large room with a balcony and stunning views, very clean and comfortable bed with everything in good working order. No special toiletries or other little luxuries you might find in a U.K. 4 star hotel but it was perfect for us and the food was great with plenty of choice and the service was excellent. My only negative comments was the cost of alcoholic drinks but we expected that and there were not many hangers in the wardrobe but I'm sure if I'd asked they would have supplied more as they really couldn't do enough for you. The Trips and snorkelling again are fantastic. Nice to have a hot beach one side of the island and nice shady sun beds with breeze over the otherside. Perfect. Thanks to all the staff for looking after us xx
Arvioitu: 17 tammikuuta 2017
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Talha, Pakistan
Majoittui 5 yötä, syyskuu 2016
Very Muslim-friendly ^_^
We booked Ranveli, not knowing exactly what to expect. People had given it wildly varied reviews, with the primary complaint to do with the food. Subsequent to our stay, and a few times during, we found this to be rather surprising. Ranveli Village, to put simply, knowing full well how cliched it sounds, was a small piece of heaven. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a relaxed hospitality, and offered drinks while we checked in. We were then shown to our room, which had a clear view of the beach while still being private due to an abundance of flora. Our room was welcoming and cozy without ever being luxuriant – but then, the room is not what we were there for. The beach itself was everything you would expect from the Maldives: gorgeous white sand, clear emerald waters and beautiful coral reefs, home to vibrant (and enterprising fish). For us, it was an otherworldly experience to be amongst such pristine beauty and I can safely say, that had it not been for other activities, we could have spent an entire day snorkeling in the turquoise sea. On a night lit by a brilliant full-moon, we managed to make out the shapes of some manta rays which had come up to the edge of the water; it was singular and inexplicably humbling experience. With so many gorgeous and unique islands, what set Ranveli apart was that it seemed to be a less frequented destination, thereby offering more privacy. Being Muslims, this was a big factor in our decision-making. The food was simply outstanding. We opted for the full-board, without which our experience would have been much diminished, and the variety catered to people from different countries and with different tastes. Dishes ranged from chicken to beef, with a smattering of vegetable dishes thrown in to the mix, and all of them were exceedingly delicious. The desserts too were varied and simply delectable. The staff were very polite and courteous. My wife, who observes purdah, was greatly facilitated when the staff very generously change
Arvioitu: 20 marraskuuta 2016
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Jordi, Espanja
Majoittui 4 yötä, marraskuu 2016
Paradise at affordable price
Nice pretty island
Arvioitu: 09 marraskuuta 2016
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Majoittui 2 yötä, huhtikuu 2016
Beautiful place
Not totally isolated (it has a habited island just in front of it), the reef is beautiful, facilities comfortable and staff very kind. Food was OK and need to improve the cocktails (1 mohito we took was not so good). Cleanliness of the rooms was very good but there was a few plastic bottles floating on the water and we could see also some papers in the place. It totally worth the price though.
Arvioitu: 21 huhtikuuta 2016
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Maria, Sveitsi
Perhe, jossa pieniä lapsia
Majoittui 2 yötä, huhtikuu 2016
Review of Ranveli
The staff is friendly. The location is awesome. The coral reef is awesome and also the fish. We enjoyed the sunset cruise and snorkeling around.
Arvioitu: 16 huhtikuuta 2016
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Maciej, Puola
Majoittui 4 yötä, tammikuu 2015
Fantastic place but not 4 stars
locatioon, location, location
The place is fantastic but the service level and first of all food quality absolutely is not at the level of 4 stars resort.
Arvioitu: 02 helmikuuta 2015
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Brad, Australia
Majoittui 8 yötä, marraskuu 2014
Much better resorts for same price
Diving, Snorkeling, not much else.
Not a good resort, nothing to do for kids, and unless you want to go diving nothing to do for adults either. Much better resorts in area for same price. Avoid. We also got eaten by mosquitoes.. was told thaat only this resort had this problem. Would be good value at 150 night all included. Note drinks; make sure this is included in food price, you cannot drink tap water and buy water was expensive. Also when booking resort also ask for friday night local food, ranveli had no local food.
Arvioitu: 03 joulukuuta 2014
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