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  • Tisztaság 7,9
  • Szolgáltatások 7,0
  • Elhelyezkedés: 7,1
  • Szoba kényelme és minősége 8,0
  • Szolgáltatások 7,7
  • Ár/érték arány 7,5
  • Étel és étkezés 7,0
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Utazótípus szerinti szűrés:
Nagyon jó
395 értékelés alapján
  • Tisztaság 8,1
  • Szolgáltatások 7,7
  • Elhelyezkedés: 7,3
  • Szoba kényelme és minősége 8,0
  • Szolgáltatások 8,1
  • Ár/érték arány 7,7
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  • Deluxe, kétszemélyes ágy vagy 2 külön ágy
  • Villa
  • Nászutas lakosztály
  • Canna deluxe szoba kétszemélyes vagy 2 külön ággyal
  • Kerti lakosztály pezsgőfürdővel
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michael - Ausztrália
6 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. december hónapban
“Outstanding 4 star resort”
We choose this resort as it looked very Thai and we were extremely happy with everything ,this is the best area of puket with amazing beaches. We stayed the week before Christmas and the rate was about $90 p/n which was very cheap. We really felt like we were in Thailand ( other resorts don't have this feel ) It's almost impossible to fault our stay . Rooms are large ,a little dated but still very nice in a garden tropical setting. It's slightly away from the crowds which we loved and we felt like we were in Paradise overlooking the town and coast line. You can walk down the hill or rent a motor bike or take the shuttle . I suggest renting a scooter and explore the beautiful area . Truly a Stunning pool and setting to enjoy. Great food at normal prices friendly staff in every way and some (the Philippines ones speak perfect English) Joanne at the front desk is so nice to deal with. The breakfast is amazing , it's like a feast of different dishes from all over the world. Thank
Értékelés dátuma: 22 december 2016
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Kwanchanok - Thaiföld
Üzleti utazó
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. december hónapban
“Nice place, nice view”
Very nice view from hotel, near the beach, qiet
Értékelés dátuma: 15 december 2016
Egy utazó hasznosnak találta ezt az értékelést. És Ön? |
Gena - Egyesült Királyság
4 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. december hónapban
“Lovely hotel great staff . Clean and shuttle service if you're too lazy to walk anywhere. Excellent”
Evan gave us a snatch take out breakfast of buns as we've were leaving too early for breakfast . Excellent Only comment please change the cheesy 80s sax lift music on the restaurant!
Értékelés dátuma: 12 december 2016
2 utazó hasznosnak találta ezt az értékelést. És Ön? |
dave - Kanada
Nászutas lakosztály
4 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. november hónapban
“Good stay, WiFi no good, a bit aging”
Overall I did enjoy my stay at this resort. The biggest complaint I have is the lack of internet despite the multitude of wide open WiFi connections. Ironically thats likely the issue... its wide open to everyone within range of the antennas...over logging. The second issue that is a bit distracting at first is the run down state of all the WOODEN RAILINGS and deck surfaces. accept for around the pool, all the rooms with balcony have wooden railing with all the paint peeling off. The room I initially got had the worst looking sliver inspiring deck surface. It is unacceptable for a resort to rent this room, and its next to a construction site with a big green steel wall to look at. They said "oh its quiet" uh huh...not at all. I asked for a better room and the manager kindly led me to a nice suite on second floor looking over the pool area with an almost wrap around concrete deck; One balcony for bedroom and a long one around the living room. Excellent view of the ocean. We spent many a nite watching the moon and listening to the ocean drink wine. The railing was a bit rough as I mentioned but I got used to it. The furniture was a bit dated but suited the room with its dark wood . On each deck was a blue day bed (4 inch foam rubber mattress wrapped in blue fabric) with a round end to end pillow. The resort is a short but vertical distance to the beach. There is a trail that goes down to the beach, It is about 72 concrete steps of varying height and length and some slopes of dirty and concrete that get very slippery in the rain. Going down can be a bit challenging. The trail goes through some dirty and junk riddled back yards and finally puts you into a steep roadway to the beach road. Going up is a workout. A Tuk Tuk will run you 200 Baht but it beats walking. The road is pretty steep. There is a shuttle but its running times are widely spaced and not always convenient. The restaurant breakfast is pretty good variety and there is an omelette station. The pool is
Értékelés dátuma: 26 november 2016
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Toth - Magyarország
Canna deluxe szoba kétszemélyes vagy 2 külön ággyal
9 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. október hónapban
“We enjoyed to stay here, itt was clean, with friendly staff, who made our holiday pleasant ”
As we wrote before
Értékelés dátuma: 27 október 2016
Hasznosnak találta ezt az értékelést? |
Bart - Hollandia
3 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. szeptember hónapban
“Lovely resort on the hill”
A great place to stay if you have your own transport to get up and down the hill. In- house traditional Thai massage was excellent, got a 50 discount as a couple
Értékelés dátuma: 04 október 2016
Hasznosnak találta ezt az értékelést? |
Nicola - Új-Zéland
2 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. augusztus hónapban
Great views, but the staff very very poor.
Értékelés dátuma: 08 augusztus 2016
Hasznosnak találta ezt az értékelést? |
Paul - Ausztrália
Nászutas lakosztály
4 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. július hónapban
“Good views but there are better hotels”
The hotel from first impression is a bit different than most. Most of the rooms require you to walk upstairs may not be so easy if you have a disability or elderly. The rooms are quite dated and needs money spend to upgrade and maintain. Breakfast was below average, lack of variety and fighting with the bees over the honey . We booked honeymoon suite and were given a different room for half of our stay. We were provided with compensation via massage vouchers and discount mini bar purchases. The views are nice but is a slight walk to Kata area (about 10 mins). Overall, I would not stay again as there are better options. The staff seem to welcome feedback to make hotel better.
Értékelés dátuma: 29 július 2016
Hasznosnak találta ezt az értékelést? |
Garrett - Amerikai Egyesült Államok
Egyéni utazó
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. június hónapban
This is my second time staying at the resort and it's gotten even better since the last trip. The staff is super friendly, the view is amazing and the shuttle to the beach is convenient. The happy hour special is great and the pool is super relaxing. Can't wait for my next trip back!
Értékelés dátuma: 16 június 2016
Hasznosnak találta ezt az értékelést? |
Nigel - Egyesült Királyság
2 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. május hónapban
“tired hotel”
Needs bringing up to date even for Thailand this is a poor 4* hotel
Értékelés dátuma: 07 május 2016
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