Movenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket

509 Patak Road, Karon, Phuket, Thaiföld - Térkép

Nagyszerű 8,4
1188 értékelés alapján

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Utazótípus szerinti szűrés:

1188 értékelés alapján
  • Tisztaság 8,6
  • Szolgáltatások 8,3
  • Elhelyezkedés: 8,7
  • Szoba komfortfokozata 8,5
  • Szolgáltatások 8,5
  • Ár/érték arány 8,0
  • Étel/Étkezés 8,3
Rendezés ez alapján

Ashley - Egyesült Királyság
Családok fiatal gyermekkel
Superior - king-size ággyal, kilátás a tengerre
3 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. június hónapban
Not baby friendly
Assuming it was a child friendly hotel when we booked our girls and bubs trip there. 1. The hotel is quite old. Rooms are old and smelly, baby chairs don't have straps and are very old and dirty as well. 2. There's no ramp or lift for the stroller. You have to carry the stroller up and down a few flights of stairs each time you go in and out. You can get from your room and to the lobby by the lift but there's also two levels down to get to the main restaurant, pool, or actually to get to the ground level. We had to ask staff to help us carry our strollers. Other option was to go on a slight 10 min detour around which left us exposed to rain or sun. 2. The pools are either 30 cm or 3m deep. There's no in between to enjoy walking in the pool with your kid in a lailo. Adult pools are extremely deep and the kids pool is just tiny. 3. The location is good but the walk to the beach is extremely non stroller friendly. 4. Restaurants. The service was very average. To the point when they were bringing the baby pizza with ham and trying to explain that it is not pork it is ham (asked no pork). Typical for Asian countries lack of customisation wasn't expected in a 5 star hotel. We haven't had a single order not mixed up. 5. Food choice is strange. No Thai selection: no pineapple fried rice or Tom yam, no seafood or grill, no green curry. If you have to eat at the hotel (we had to, because we didn't want to walk around with babies at night) don't choose the hotel. There are some nice restaurants around though. 6. Breakfast. Breakfast was nice, not luxurious, but ok. Don't expect smoked salmon or normal coffee, but decent choice. 7. Very slow wifi
Értékelés dátuma: 05 július 2016

Mi - Oroszország
Családok fiatal gyermekkel
1 hálószobás lakosztály
3 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. június hónapban
A few days at the resort
We stayed at the resort for a few days. We were offered upgrade to villa for a fee. We agreed, but the villa wasn't really worth it... Tiny pool, moscitos. Or, probably, our expectations from villa were higher. The resort's territory is huge and it was a bit confusing how to get to the SPA. The main pool is great. The other two aren't. Kids club was great, but we didn't understand why we needed to make a reservation (and wait for an hour) if there were only two-three kids inside the club. Overall, not great value for money...
Értékelés dátuma: 02 július 2016

jesper - Dánia
Családok fiatal gyermekkel
Superior - king-size ággyal, kilátás a tengerre
3 éjszakát töltött itt 2015. október hónapban
not bad
will go there again
Értékelés dátuma: 26 június 2016

Siv - Norvégia
Párban utazók
Deluxe szoba king-size ággyal, kert
3 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. június hónapban
Nice place.
Nice place
Értékelés dátuma: 22 június 2016

joo - Malajzia
Családok fiatal gyermekkel
Családi Lakosztály (2 hálószobás)
4 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. június hónapban
Family suites with 2brm
Fantastic stay in movenpick. We booked the family suites with 2brm and next to us there is a small pool which is great for the kids and parents supervision. Although we have to cross a small lane to the beach, its no hassle at all but the waves are too strong to swim for young children. Staff were very friendly and attentive as well. Especially the chambermaids, full of smiles and pride when they clean my rooms. We will go back again!
Értékelés dátuma: 21 június 2016

Yvonne - Kanada
Párban utazók
Superior - king-size ággyal, kilátás a tengerre
8 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. június hónapban
Enjoyed our stay
Movenpick was a great hotel to stay at. Staff were very friendly and the hotel very clean. We found the prices of drinks and food at pool bar and restaurants quite high which is probably why not many people ordered drinks from pool bar and restaurants had very few people. This would not deter us from staying again though. It's in a good location.
Értékelés dátuma: 18 június 2016

ABDULLAH - Szaúd-Arábia
Párban utazók
Superior - king-size ággyal, kilátás a tengerre
2 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. május hónapban
good stuff
Értékelés dátuma: 14 június 2016

Denise - Ausztrália
Családok idősebb gyermekkel
Superior - king-size ággyal, kilátás a tengerre
9 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. február hónapban
Great location at Karon
Gardens beautiful and pools lovely. Staff very friendly and helpful. We were upgraded to a residence and the apartment was fantastic. Close to the beach and facilities. Kids had a ball. Very close to the shopping at Karon and not far to pattong. Cannot fault it if you want to stay at Karon beach. Would stay here again.
Értékelés dátuma: 14 június 2016

QIANG - Kína
Párban utazók
Superior king-size ággyal
3 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. június hónapban
Good but not excellent
Hotel is okay ,just okay
Értékelés dátuma: 12 június 2016

Thomas - Németország
Párban utazók
Penthouse villa merülőmedencével, king-size ággyal
14 éjszakát töltött itt 2016. március hónapban
Friendly staff, clean room and nicely landscaped gardens
Friendly staff, clean room and nicely landscaped gardens
Értékelés dátuma: 06 június 2016


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