Átlagon felüli 5,3
310 értékelés alapján

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Utazótípus szerinti szűrés:
Átlagon felüli

310 értékelés alapján
  • Tisztaság 4,8
  • Elhelyezkedés: 6,4
  • Szoba komfortfokozata 5,2
  • Szolgáltatások 5,5
  • Ár/érték arány 5,2
  • Étel/Étkezés 4,6
Rendezés ez alapján

Yong - Malajzia
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2015. április hónapban
Not value for money
Very disappointed.
Értékelés dátuma: 27 április 2015

Shanthi - Malajzia
Csoportos utazó
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2015. április hónapban
One of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in
One of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. We arrived at 9pm and only got our rooms at 9.45pm. There was no power but the fan was still working. The room smelt like death!! We had to walk all the way back to The lobby which was quite a distance. They sent electrcians and every time they tried to put the power back on in my room, the whole floor power would trip leading other guests to run out screaming. They finally got us a replacement room which still smelt of death, air con wasn't working properly and fan wasn't working. This was at 11.30 pm. My friends room had 2 rats which they killed one. They contacted agoda and received a refund. There were holes in the walls and the toilet bowl was disgusting and staind. And who on earth gave them a 3 star rating???? The rats???? This is shame on agoda who are a reputable and trusted site. I cannot believe you would put such disgusting hotels on your site!!
Értékelés dátuma: 21 április 2015

Dun - Malajzia
Család fiatal gyerekekkel
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2014. július hónapban
Good Hotel
food, location and room
Nice and comfortable. Staff are good and friendly and helpful
Értékelés dátuma: 14 április 2015

Kie - Malajzia
Család fiatal gyerekekkel
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2014. június hónapban
no aircon
near to beach
Értékelés dátuma: 13 április 2015

alvin - Malajzia
2 éjszakát töltött itt 2015. március hónapban
no water heater, no telephone and no wifi. It was not worth the price I paid.
Értékelés dátuma: 03 április 2015

Sumita - Malajzia
Csoportos utazó
3 éjszakát töltött itt 2014. június hónapban
Could be better
convenient location for access to the cultural village, clean and comfortable rooms, affordable rates
We arrived during a peak season for the Rainforest music festival. Overall, it looked like the rooms were recently refurbished, therefore clean. The bathroom needed a bit more work ( leaks etc. ) The pool was green and disgusting when we arrived. A real shame, as it was a highlight of the resort.... It was cleaned during the first night, but it wasn't very clean after either... the water was blue, and you could see the bottom, but the water was very cloudy. It could have been better.
Értékelés dátuma: 02 március 2015

Kon - Malajzia
Család fiatal gyerekekkel
2 éjszakát töltött itt 2015. február hónapban
Very bad experience
Room is big. Air condition functioning.
Shower is cold with no hot water supply. Staff refuse to change room and we been inform that they are well aware of this. Washroom very poor maintenance. Sink was block. Breakfast with only very limited choice of food. Very poor service. Staff attitute very rude. Facilities basically were not useable except swimming pool.
Értékelés dátuma: 23 február 2015

Arina - Malajzia
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2015. február hónapban
That place was creepy. No one to look aroud us.
only in the room
Értékelés dátuma: 17 február 2015

nuur - Malajzia
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2014. december hónapban
Nice Room. Near Beach. Good Surrounding.
The room is comfortable. Nice view. Good for relaxing.
Értékelés dátuma: 01 február 2015

Tey - Malajzia
Csoportos utazó
1 éjszakát töltött itt 2015. január hónapban
clean room,
big room,
Room is clean and big, but no water heater in the bathroom. Besides, There is no any restaurants or food court nearby hotel, only 2 seafood restaurant which is located 5km from the hotel. Not many guest during the period I stay, if you don want people to disturb and would like to have a pace of mind then it will be best place
Értékelés dátuma: 26 január 2015


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