アジア スピリット ロッジ & スパ (Asia Spirit Lodge & Spa)

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非常に満足 8.4
  • 空港送迎

  • ガーデン

  • レストラン


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  • 全室Wi-Fi無料


  • 空港送迎
  • 駐車場


  • ガーデン
  • スパ
  • スイミングプール(屋外)
  • マッサージ


  • ルームサービス
  • レストラン


  • コンシェルジュ
  • ランドリーサービス
  • 喫煙所


  • ペット可
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  • 施設の状態/清潔さ 9.2
  • ロケーション 7.4
  • お部屋の快適さ・クオリティ 8.4
  • サービス 9.2
  • お得感 8.3
  • お食事 7.9

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Ilya ロシア
2013年6月 | 1泊滞在
“ocean view relax”
a bargain price for the splendid ocean view!
We took one night first and then ended with 3 nights, since we loved the location and the magnificent view from our balcony. Take the second floor. It's cheaper and the views are better. The pool on the beach is amazing, especially at sunsets when the sun reflects in the water. The area is clean, quite and lovely. If you want to party the wonderful Nikki beach club is a few steps from the resort to sip a cocktail in nice surroundings. As for food, the resort has good fresh seafood available, the prices are not high. The rooms are very modern and spacious. A very good deal! We'll be back.
◇投稿日 2013年9月10日◇
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Mikhail ロシア
2013年7月 | 5泊滞在
“In this hotel keep with you police phone number”
views and rooms
The hotel is beautifully located on the top of the mountain with magnificent views and nice rooms in the main building and in the bungalows. You can reach the hotel by car only. Shuttle service from the hotel are paid. We stayed in this hotel in July 2013, three nights of five paid. The hotel is not big and on our dates was empty. We stayed only together. We took the car for traveling around the island to have a rest on the different beaches, so usually come to the hotel just in the evening. As for the hotel, from 3 days of our rest: 1 day – we have no any water in the rooms, 2nd day - the staff decided that for only 2 guests no reason to work after 9 pm and everyone went home, so we had to climb through the window to get our room, returning at 10 pm to the hotel. on the 3rd day, in the evening we again were notified by manager of the absence of water and offered to pack our bags and move to "sister" hotel, which is also located somewhere in the woods. It was 8 pm, so we agreed to move for 1 night to the "sister" hotel and informed that next morning we check out from the hotel and ask him to use our pre-paid room as payment for the dinner. After long talks and calls to the hotel owner found a way out (if we so "ungrateful") - kick off us from the hotel at all, without any compensation for the unused nights and the inconvenience but also required to pay the bill for dinner. At 11 pm we were forced to look for a place to sleep.
◇投稿日 2013年8月31日◇
このクチコミは参考になりましたか? |
Amanda イギリス
2013年6月 | 3泊滞在
“Lovely bungalows, but the middle of no where!”
Stunning views, quiet surroundings, friendly staff.
This hotel is beautiful but it literally is at the top of a mountain! The views are amazing, but if you want to see the island you really will have to either hire a car/motorbike to get up and down the crazy steep drive way (the hotel organises these rentals for you). Staff were very friendly and helpful although not all of them speak English. Bungalows are first rate, and you get your own private balcony which is lovely. Don't try to walk the hill--it goes on forever!
◇投稿日 2013年6月13日◇
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JIE オーストラリア
2013年5月 | 3泊滞在
“Definitely coming back!”
fabulous view; excellent service; good value;
◇投稿日 2013年5月16日◇
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Sergii ウクライナ
2012年12月 | 3泊滞在
“amazing view, amazing hotel, amazing key ”
best view on island, best administrator key
when we first came to the samui, have decided to get to the hotel ourselves, but got lost. called the hotel and a car came for us. taken to the hotel for free. we were not far from the hotel) it was the first pleasure!) we bought a bungalow room, but the manager key put us in junior suite for free! because there was free on that day. in that room best view on the island! it was the second pleasure!) free shipping on a jeep down to the nearest beach and a lot of administrative attention. this is the best hotel in which we rested. special thanks to the administrator key!!) we got the attention and good humor from key. thank you very much for service! sergii and olena, from ukraine.
◇投稿日 2013年1月14日◇
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Joeri ベルギー
2012年11月 | 1泊滞在
“Excellent, really excellent”
The view is magnificent. The rooms are top notch.
This was a great place, we were welcomed so warmly, got a room upgrade to junior suite, it was a top experience. The room is simply breathtaking, magnificent, with whirlpool and the most beautiful view you can imagine. In the morning, you can go to the rooftop for a great yoga session in the outdoor. The restaurant is nice, and the swimmming pool is sweet too. Be warned though, to get there, you must find it first. And it's on the top of a very steep hill, which normal cars cannot go upon. So you must call the hotel, tell them when you arrive, so a 4x4 can pick you up and bring you there.
◇投稿日 2012年12月15日◇
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Muhammad カナダ
2012年11月 | 7泊滞在
“Peaceful and Clean”
Modern theme
It was very cozy place, nice decoration and helpful staff...food is not good, but they treat you fair and nice
◇投稿日 2012年12月13日◇
このクチコミは参考になりましたか? |
yi 中国
2012年12月 | 2泊滞在
“Isolated place but good sea view”
interesting mountain top mounted villa
This hotel is so special that only special guests may like to spent some nights there. the hotel is so far away from the city life that makes you feel you are isolated to the society and social life. Both my mother and me cann't say yes to this feeling. at the same time, there was no water in the room. we don't know for which reason the hotel was willing to change our room to their sister hotel "bankao tropical" which is nearby the beach"koh matsom". we'v had very good time there!
◇投稿日 2012年12月12日◇
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Wilson アメリカ合衆国
2012年11月 | 3泊滞在
“view was amazing but very secluded”
The View!
hotel literally sits on the side/top of a mountain and the view is something that is almost impossible to describe. i would defiantly recommend anyone staying in samui to stop in here for a night or two, but be warned!!! getting there is a major task; dirt road to start then the climb.....taxis/vans can not make this climb!!!! if you do not have a 4-wheel drive rental car you have two options. first be dropped off at their sister hotel and they will have one of their cars pick you up or #2 there is a red phone booth at the bottom on the hill (right after dirt road turned into paved) you can call and they will come pick you up. secondly this is not a hotel for children!!!!! rooms sit on the side of the mountain and the stairs are very steep, also there is very very very little to do up there...its all about relaxing and enjoying the view. something to note for those interested is that once you are there you are at the mercy of their pricing, and their prices are about 2-3x normal thailand prices. they do offer free car service to any local restaurants but that is a very limited option, car to/from lamai 1,000 baht (500 each way). overall though the view is something you have to see i would say its worth the price cause in my years of traveling throughout the world i can say it is by far in the top 5. side note the staff were very friendly and willing to help..when you could find them that is... you had to find people for everything, for a 4 star resort i expect that if you restaurant is open someone be there, please dont make your guests have to walk around to find someone. same goes for the front desk. the rooms were very well put together and clean 4 star worthy, pool was bad, dirty and cold!!!! yoga platform on the roof, even if you dont do yoga pop your head up there for the view.
◇投稿日 2012年11月17日◇
このクチコミは参考になりましたか? |
Mustafa ドイツ
2012年6月 | 2泊滞在
“Literally above all the accommodations in Samui”
Awesome view
Excellent place for one or two days relaxing, very impressive view from the top however the access to the hotel is somewhat challenging. If you are looking for few days of silence and peaceful location go for it.
◇投稿日 2012年6月18日◇
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