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올리비어 아파트 호텔 암 쿠르푸에르스텐담 (Olivaer Apart Hotel am Kurfuerstendamm)

올리비어 아파트 호텔 암 쿠르푸에르스텐담 (Olivaer Apart Hotel am Kurfuerstendamm)에 문의하기
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올리비어 아파트 호텔 암 쿠르푸에르스텐담 (Olivaer Apart Hotel am Kurfuerstendamm)
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8.1 / 탁월한 위치
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8.1위치 평가
  • 대중교통(300m 거리)

  • Wi-Fi (무료/전 객실)

  • 공항 픽업/샌딩 서비스

  • 안전 금고

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객실 선택
더블 스탠다드 (Double Standard)
  • 전망: 시티뷰
  • 24m²
  • 2 x 싱글베드
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스탠다드 트리플룸 (Standard Triple Room)
  • 22m²
  • 2 x 싱글베드 + 1 x 소파베드
숙박 날짜 입력해 요금 확인하기
패밀리룸 (Family Room)
  • 40m²
  • 3 x 싱글베드 + 1 x 소파베드
숙박 날짜 입력해 요금 확인하기
싱글 스탠다드 (Single Standard)
  • 전망: 시티뷰
  • 14m²
  • 1 x 싱글베드
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올리비어 아파트 호텔 암 쿠르푸에르스텐담 (Olivaer Apart Hotel am Kurfuerstendamm)에 문의하기

숙소 주변 주요 시설

가까운 공항
  • 7km
  • 베를린 테겔 공항 (TXL)
  • 20km
  • 베를린 브란덴버그 공항 (BER)
버스 및 기차역
  • 300m
  • Adenauerplatz Subway Station
  • 550m
  • Konstanzer Strasse Subway Station
  • 950m
  • Gomedus Gesundheitszentrum
  • 1.6km
  • Suarez Pharmacy
  • 2.6km
  • WilMa Fresh Convenience
현금 인출기
  • 30m
  • ATM

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여행자 유형 선택
  • 숙소 청결 상태 7.1
  • 부대시설 5.8
  • 위치 8.1
  • 객실의 안락함 및 쾌적성 6.7
  • 서비스 6.7
  • 가격 대비 만족도 7.7
  • 숙소 청결 상태 6.8
  • 위치 8.0
  • 객실의 안락함 및 쾌적성 7.6
  • 서비스 6.8
  • 가격 대비 만족도 7.6
매우 좋음
  • 숙소 청결 상태 8.0
  • 부대시설 5.0
  • 위치 8.7
  • 객실의 안락함 및 쾌적성 8.0
  • 서비스 8.0
  • 가격 대비 만족도 8.9
  • 숙소 청결 상태 7.0
  • 부대시설 7.0
  • 위치 7.5
  • 객실의 안락함 및 쾌적성 5.0
  • 서비스 6.5
  • 가격 대비 만족도 7.5
이용후기 점수
  • 숙소 청결 상태 2.0
  • 위치 6.0
  • 객실의 안락함 및 쾌적성 6.0
  • 서비스 6.0
  • 가격 대비 만족도 4.0
이용후기 점수
  • 숙소 청결 상태 6.0
  • 부대시설 6.0
  • 위치 8.0
  • 객실의 안락함 및 쾌적성 4.0
  • 서비스 5.0
  • 가격 대비 만족도 7.0
  • 숙소 청결 상태 7.6
  • 부대시설 6.0
  • 위치 8.4
  • 객실의 안락함 및 쾌적성 7.0
  • 서비스 6.0
  • 가격 대비 만족도 7.2
실제 이용 투숙객 작성 / 제공: Agoda
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  • Deutsch
  • 繁體中文 (香港)
  • Dansk
  • 한국어
  • 日本語
  • Español
  • Nederlands
  • Język polski
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  • 싱글 스탠다드
  • 더블 스탠다드

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HYEJIN / 대한민국
그룹 여행객
더블 스탠다드
2015년 6월 | 1박
깨끗하고 위치도 좋고 가격도 좋네요
테라스있는방이있다하던데 저흰 늦게가서 못들어갔지만 좋을것같아요 아침먹을때 바깥풍경보니 좋더라구요 테라스방강추
작성일: 2015년 6월 12일 금요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Thi / 베트남
개인 여행자
싱글 스탠다드
2016년 12월 | 1박
Good place and clean room”
Nice interior
작성일: 2017년 1월 19일 목요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Phudit / 태국
개인 여행자
더블 스탠다드
2013년 7월 | 3박
Below average”
Room too small, old, dirty. Suitable to those who are looking for limited budget traveling.
작성일: 2014년 2월 2일 일요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Eugene / 미국
더블 스탠다드
2013년 7월 | 3박
spacious rooms in a fairly convenient neighborhood”
free breakfast, spacious room and bathroom, large windows
Considering that we booked this place because it was advertised on Agoda as a place with "free Wi-Fi", we were quite disappointed to be informed that you have to PAY for Wi-Fi even in the lobby. We felt that it was false advertising because we actually needed Wi-Fi for our travels. We asked why they would charge for Wi-Fi when the site stated "Free Wi-Fi", "WIFI in public areas", and then "Free WiFi access (may be charged in some rooms)", and the front desk lady disregarded everything and just answered that everyone has to pay for Wi-Fi for x-Euros for 24hours access. We wouldn't have been so upset if the hotel advertised honestly and just simply stated that you have to pay for Wi-Fi, but it was the principle that it was falsely advertised and she knew. That's what left a "bad taste" about this place. The hotel provided two computers in the lobby for use, but there would be so many people waiting to use it that by the time you finally have access to one of them, you have people literally hovering over you and breathing down your neck looking at what you're doing and wondering when you're going to be done. The front desk lady was curt and short when checking us in, so we didn't particularly feel comfortable asking them any further questions about the hotel or sightseeing. Breakfast was included, the rooms were spacious and clean, the bathroom was very spacious as well, and the windows were large with lots of natural lighting. The hotel was walkable to the metro and various restaurants nearby.
작성일: 2013년 8월 6일 화요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Nattaporn / 태국
개인 여행자
싱글 스탠다드
2013년 7월 | 1박
It is a livable hotel. ”
Not too far from subway station. Affordable price.
It's an ok hotel. Nothing special. Staff is not friendly. Wireless is not free although when I booked it there was a green sign on wireless internet in the room that I booked which usually means free wireless but when I arrived they charged anyway. Overall I don't like this hotel at all for a price of a single bed room that I paid.
작성일: 2013년 7월 15일 월요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Tara / 미국
더블 스탠다드
2013년 5월 | 2박
We had a very stay”
Great breakfast buffet, centrally located, clean large room
The office and common areas were old and deteriorated but the rooms have been renovated. Our room has high ceiling and is very large in size. The room faces a busy street but we were not disturbed by any noise. My husband and I loved the breakfast buffet.
작성일: 2013년 6월 24일 월요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Maria / 러시아
청소년 동반 가족
더블 스탠다드
2013년 3월 | 2박
So bad as bever before!”
Location. Tha's it!
I am quite often in Berlin and I stayed already in all the type of hotels - from hostels to 5* But the last experience with Olivaer is something exceptional - negatively speaking. I can highlight only the location of the hotel - it is just few steps from the famous Ku'Damm. The hotel is not 3*, but most likely 2* or a hostel. The rooms are quite big, but already out of use: old furniture, used carpet, not renovated long time. The staff is unfriendly and helpless, with no wish to make something for you. We were not welcomed as guests there. We booked a double with extra bed for a child and received the twin with the sleeping chair, not suitable to sleep on. For this extra “bed” they charged 25 Euro! WiFi (WLAN) announced to be available on all the rooms (costs you once again some extra money), was not working. Means, we were looking for the hotel with the comfortable bed for our daughter and with WiFi – and finally received just nothing! The breakfast was more or less OK, if you don’t pay any attention, that you have to ask for everything – spoons, knives, hot coffee ect. If you are after 8AM, all the “hot” dishes are already cold. The majority of the guests are the young people or the big groups, which are coming with the bus excursions to Berlin. So, it would be quite OK to sleep 1 night for low price, just look for something else, there are a lot of nice hotels in this area.
작성일: 2013년 4월 5일 금요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Rainer / 독일
출장 및 비즈니스
싱글 스탠다드
2013년 3월 | 5박
Good value for money”
Excellent location, good room, friendly staff
Good values for money. However I changed my room during my 12 days stay and both rooms were very different in quality. The first was big but no internet access, the second was samller but more modern and with internet access. The breakfast is reasonably good for a three star hotel and despite its superb location the hotel is quiet.
작성일: 2013년 3월 19일 화요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Aminath / 몰디브
출장 및 비즈니스
더블 스탠다드
2013년 3월 | 4박
It was lovable”
Best hospitality and clean rooms
Hotel room is spacious and staff are friendly, Room is very clean.
작성일: 2013년 3월 11일 월요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |
Masaaki / 일본
더블 스탠다드
2013년 1월 | 3박
pretty good value for the price”
location, breakfast are very good.
when you first arrive and see the entrance area, you might think that it's a really cheap hotel. but when you go to the room, it's not that bad. i got the top floor with a big balcony. in fact i felt it's great value for the price. they should really redecorate the sitting area on the ground floor.
작성일: 2013년 2월 4일 월요일
이 이용후기가 도움이 되었나요? |

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올리비어 아파트 호텔 암 쿠르푸에르스텐담
|좋음 7.2


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