Casa Vagator Hotel
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    • 26 km
    • Dabolim Oro uostas (GOI) - Goa
    • 26 km
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    • 950 m
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Agoda apžvalgos (17) apžvalgos (20)


Pasirinkti Keliautojo Tipą
Labai geras
  • Švara 6,9
  • Įranga 8,0
  • Vietovė 8,7
  • Kambario komfortas ir kokybė 6,7
  • Paslaugos 7,5
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 6,4
Labai gerai
  • Švara 7,6
  • Įranga 7,3
  • Vietovė 8,9
  • Kambario komfortas ir kokybė 7,5
  • Paslaugos 8,0
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 6,7
iš 1 apžvalgų
  • Švara 8,0
  • Įranga 8,0
  • Vietovė 10,0
  • Paslaugos 10,0
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 6,0
Labai gerai
iš 1 apžvalgų
  • Švara 8,0
  • Įranga 8,0
  • Vietovė 10,0
  • Paslaugos 8,0
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 6,0
Apžvalgų įvertinimas
iš 4 apžvalgų
  • Švara 4,5
  • Įranga 10,0
  • Vietovė 7,5
  • Kambario komfortas ir kokybė 4,7
  • Paslaugos 5,5
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 5,5
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  • English

Kambario tipas
  • Favorite Double Room
  • Žvaigždžių
  • Prabangus kambarys

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Rajesh iš Indija
Favorite Double Room
Viešėta 2 naktys 2017 m. sausis
stay was good ...staff was very friendly”
nice location
Apžvelgta 29 sausio 2017
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Varij iš Indija
Šeima su mažais vaikais
Viešėta 5 naktys 2016 m. gruodis
Amazing location!!!!”
Great location with the beach a two minute walk away. Warm staff and clean rooms. A lot of good food places around Casa Vagator. The restaurant is at the top with the best sunset views.
Apžvelgta 30 gruodžio 2016
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Arijit iš Indija
Viešėta 2 naktys 2016 m. liepa
Special Occassion”
Had a very pleasant stay.
Apžvelgta 14 liepos 2016
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Violeta iš Bulgarija
Keliauju vienas
Viešėta 2 naktys 2016 m. birželis
Very happy”
Great place to just sit back, watch the waves, and chill. Visited during monsoon (so it was raining 70% of the time), and I would totally do it again: the rooms are spacious and provide AMAZING views of the Arabian Sea, there's plenty of good restaurants around, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The hotel itself is rather quiet and offers a plethora of good spots to chill with a book while looking at the dreamy sways of the palm trees around. Do it.
Apžvelgta 30 birželio 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo? |
AAYUSH iš Indija
Favorite Double Room
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. gegužė
Bad Service, The ac gave us a hard time, No Cable TV, barely any staff attending us.”
Really Bad
Apžvelgta 03 birželio 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo? |
Vikram iš Indija
Prabangus kambarys
Viešėta 3 naktys 2015 m. kovas
Great Location, Great Staff, Bad Rooms”
Location, Staff, View
When we landed at Casa Vagator, I was informed by the staff that Agoda made a mistake and they under charged me. They wanted me to pay an additional Rs 11,000 for the suite. After a lot of shouting and discussions with the sales people at the Hotel, I told them that they need to take it up with Agoda and not me for under recovery. My comparisons between websites before i made the purchase on agoda showed that most websites were priced around the same Next the room classifiactions are messed up and the suite is actually smaller than the other rooms. The only upside was an ocean view There was a dead cockroach in the bathroom and there was another crowling around The Air conditioners keep tripping and it may be due to the low voltage Everytime they switch on the generator you can smell the diesel fumes in the hotel
Apžvelgta 16 kovo 2015
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Arjun iš Indija
Prabangus kambarys
Viešėta 3 naktys 2014 m. lapkritis
Poor hygiene for a 4 star hotel”
Location was good - walking distance from the beach and good pools
The hotel exterior and ambience was good, however, room conditions were borderline appaling. Booked two suites and while the room sizes were good, the linnen was always dirty (even after complaining), the bathrooms sub standard and the air conditioning for both rooms were under par. Finally got the rooms changed to a poolside space. While the air con was ok, the linen was still dirty. Bathrooms more modern so we're ok. To top it all off - there was a rat in one of the rooms which kept me up for two nights and almost climbed into my bed on my final night. Tried to get housekeeping to have it removed but no luck. While I'm sure this is a good hotel during peak season, based on my experience I wouldn't visit again and definitely do not recommend it to unsuspecting travellers.
Apžvelgta 26 lapkričio 2014
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Grace iš Indija
Viešėta 2 naktys 2014 m. kovas
Short stay but had an amazing time.”
View, peaceful & friendly staff.
Our villa was amazing, breathtaking view and peaceful. We will definitely come back, will be great if we can stay in the same villa V4. The staff were friendly and helpful, keep up the good work.. God bless.
Apžvelgta 12 kovo 2014
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo? |
Ingrid iš Norvegija
Favorite Double Room
Viešėta 5 naktys 2013 m. gruodis
so disapointing, we ended up leaving!”
nothing god to sat here. dirty rooms, lot of bugs, bad karma.
the property has not been taken care of in a good way. we thought the pictures looked beautifull, but sadly they were lying. dont book this!
Apžvelgta 04 sausio 2014
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Priyanka iš Indija
Viešėta 2 naktys 2013 m. rugpjūtis
Avoid -Horrible reception staff, no cleanliness ”
Location next to a secluded beach, room size, nothing else
we loved the images on and the location was awesome, but the property nothing like it shows. The rooms look dusted, the decor depressing and eventually we were just making do, because we were out most day on the beach. If you love the secluded "Our Shack", this location could help, but nothing else to recommend this place. We had a horrible experience while checking in with the reception staff, who were rude, unaware and refused to take accountability for our booking on so please beware if you are booking through a travel agent. we had to go through lots of trouble to get half decent rooms eventually. Honestly there are many decent options nearby which could be much well kept properties, probably with slightly lesser sea view. disappointed and stay away!!
Apžvelgta 14 rugpjūčio 2013
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