Fantastiška 8,6
Remiantis 152 apžvalgomis

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Apie Indiana Kenanga Luxury Villa


Keliautojams, kurie nori ne tik pamatyti, bet ir pajausti Balis miesto ritmą, Indiana Kenanga Luxury Villa yra nuostabus pasirinkimas. Iš čia svečiai gali mėgautis lengvu susisiekimu su viskuo, ką šis vaizdingas miestas gali pasiūlyti. Taip pat netoliese yra Niubro sefringas, Tanjung Ental paplūdimys, Jungut Batu paplūdimys.

Naudokitės gausybe neprilygstamų paslaugų bei patogumų šiame Balis viešbutyje. Viešbučio svečiai gali mėgautis tokiomis paslaugomis, kaip nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose, greitas užsiregistravimas/išsiregistravimas, bagažo saugykla, WiFi , automobilių parkavimo paslauga.

Viešnagės metu mėgaukitės aukštos klasės kambarių patogumais. Kai kuriuose kambariuose yra plokščiaekranis televizorius, internet access – wireless, privatus baseinas, bevielis interneto ryšys (nemokamas), kambariai nerūkantiems, kurie padės Jums atsipalaiduoti po ilgos dienos. Viešbučio privatus paplūdimys, atviras baseinas, uždaras baseinas, sveikatingumo centras, masažas – puikus būdas atsipalaiduoti ir pasilsėti po ilgos dienos. Indiana Kenanga Luxury Villa viešbutis turi didžiulį pasisiekimą dėl savo idealios padėties bei nepriekaištingo aptarnavimo.
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Interneto prieiga

  • nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose
  • WiFi

Apsižvalgius aplinkui

  • automobilių parkavimo paslauga
  • automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė
  • dviračių nuoma
  • transporto paslaugos į ir iš oro uosto

Veikla, būdai atsipalaiduoti

  • masažas(ai)
  • plaukimo baseinas [atviras]
  • plaukimo baseinas [uždaras]
  • privatus paplūdimys
  • sodas
  • sveikatingumo centras
  • turai
  • vandens sportas (nemotorizuotas)

Pietūs, gėrimai ir užkandžiai

  • baras
  • baras prie baseino
  • kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kavinė
  • restoranas(ai)

Paslaugos ir patogumai

  • bagažo saugykla
  • Bankomatas
  • parduotuvė(s)
  • rūkomasis
  • seifai
  • skalbyklos paslaugos


  • plaukimo baseinas [vaikams]
  • šeimos kambarys
  • vaikų priežiūra


  • leidžiama apsistoti su gyvūnėliais
  • užsiregistravimas/išsiregistravimas [greitai]

Kalbama kalba

  • Anglų
  • Indoneziečių
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Vaikai ir papildomos lovos
Vaikai nuo 3-12 metų Turi būti pristatyta papildoma lova
  • Jauniausias svečių amžius: 3 metai
  • Daugiau nei 12 metų svečiai yra laikomi suaugusiais.
  • Galimybė gauti papildomas lovas priklauso nuo pasirinkto kambario, norėdami gauti daugiau duomenų, patikrinkite kambario vietų skaičių.
Užsakant daugiau nei 5 kambarius gali būti taikomos kitokios sąlygos ir papildomi mokesčiai.
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Naudinga informacija

Atvykimas nuo: 02:00 PM
Barų skaičius: 2
Išvykimas iki: 12:00 PM
Įtampa kambaryje: 220
Kambarių skaičius: 20
Kambariuose ir koridoriuose nerūkoma: Yes
Kelionės į oro uostą laikas (min.): 40
Paskutinės viešbučio renovacijos metai: 2014
Pastatas užbaigtas: 2008
Pusryčių mokestis: 20 USD
Restoranų skaičius: 2
Transporto paslaugos iš ir į oro uostą mokestis: 15 USD
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Svarbus pranešimas

Nyepi Religious Day

Please be informed that Bali island celebrates Nyepi (Silent) Day each year on below dates. The Nyepi (Silent) Day is a day of absolute silence throughout the island. No outdoor activities are allowed including check in and check out from hotels. March 23, 2012 | March 12, 2013 | March 31, 2014 | March 21, 2015 | March 9, 2016 | March 28, 2017
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iš 152 apžvalgų
  • Švara 9,1
  • Įranga 8,4
  • Vietovė 8,6
  • Kambario patogumai / lygis 8,8
  • Paslaugos 8,8
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 7,8
  • Maistas / maitinimas 8,5
Rūšiuoti pagal

joanne iš Australija
Keliauju vienas
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. gegužė
Modern Bali feel
I have stayed here before and enjoyed it. It is on the expensive side for what you get and there might be better value places around. But I really love the restaurant here, Asian fusion with a French chef - cant go wrong Again it is not cheap and wine is also expensive but for a special night this is a winner
Apžvelgta 07 rugpjūčio 2016
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Andrew iš Australija
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta 6 naktys 2016 m. liepa
Great place to get away and relax.
Great place to stay. Food is amazing and the staff extremely friendly and helpful. Would recommend it to anyone.
Apžvelgta 04 rugpjūčio 2016
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Vanessa iš Australija
Šeima su vyresniais vaikais
2 miegamųjų vila
Viešėta 4 naktys 2016 m. gegužė
Our stay
The rum.... The rum is a must
Apžvelgta 20 gegužės 2016
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Carrie iš Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
Šeima su mažais vaikais
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. gegužė
Loved our stay
We loved our stay. In particular, the restaurant is fabulous- really tasty food, nice setting on the beach. Great find!
Apžvelgta 19 gegužės 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo?

Tamara iš Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta 3 naktys 2016 m. kovas
Nice but maybe overpriced
Probably wouldn't stay here again. Staff were nice, pool and beach access was great, but seemed a bit overpriced in the end, especially considering Agoda claims to find discounts. If you do stay here, book directly with them via email.
Apžvelgta 06 balandžio 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo?

Sylwia iš Lenkija
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta 2 naktys 2016 m. kovas
Boutique Hotel by the Beach
For the price that was charged, I expected a bit more of "luxury", but this is probably still the best hotel on the entire beach. The villas are located within a beautiful garden. In overall, great spot for chilling and enjoying sunsets on the beach. We had a lovely stay.
Apžvelgta 30 kovo 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo?

Sara iš Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta 3 naktys 2016 m. kovas
Would definitely stay again
This place was a great place for my husband and I to stay for a long weekend away from Jakarta. The pros: - Room was very clean and spacious. Mosquitos weren't an issue while we were there, which is impressive given the tropical location. - I loved our little yard/courtyard area with a seating area to relax - Having 2 pools is ideal. One of the pools always had sun while the other had shade, so depending on what you wanted, there were options. They also don't allow outside tourists to use the pools, so they were never crowded. - The beach was nice and while it's not private, it's still a quiet section. There are bali/day beds on the beach to relax in, as well as bean bag chairs. - The restaurant was great. The included breakfast was filling and delicious. The chicken club was perfect for lunch. The dinner was fantastic... they have every right to brag about the chef and his food. - Drinks were fairly cheap - The staff was very friendly and accommodating. - Location is good - if you want a more remote area, this is not the place for you. It's close to the heart of town in the harbor where boats come in from Bali, so there is more foot traffic. However, if you want to be close to other restaurants and shops, this is perfect. Quiet enough, but within walking distance to anything you want/need. The con: - The bed is very hard. This is more of a Southeast Asia trait so it's difficult to really hold it against them, but I've definitely slept in softer beds in the region. This is the only thing I would change about my stay. All of this being said, my husband and I are looking forward to another relaxing weekend here in the future.
Apžvelgta 28 kovo 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo?

Natasha iš Kanada
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta 4 naktys 2016 m. vasaris
Great location, villas seem run down
We arrived to Nusa Lembongan at 230pm, arrived to Indiana K shortly after that, and were advised our room was not ready. Long day of travel in the heat, you just want to get into your room.... once our room was finally ready, we noticed our room was dark and at the very back. At night we could hear a baby crying constantly, so we asked to move rooms and were accommodated immediately (thanks for low season). Once in our new room, the shower head popped off and we couldn't shower, this was fixed the next day.. the patio lights sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. The villas need some attention and then could be a great place to stay... the location is what kept us from looking for alternate accommodations, it's right on the beach. The breakfast that's included is lacklustruous, and you're better off booking a room without breakfast and eating off the menu or elsewhere. The restaurant at night has excellent food, though a bit overpriced. Most of the staff were pleasant and friendly, but the island itself was our favourite stop in Bali and a must see...
Apžvelgta 20 vasario 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo?

Liliana iš Kolumbija
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta 2 naktys 2016 m. vasaris
Totally recommended
1. Food. It is amazing. 2. Nice beach and sea 3. Staff (Friendly and efficient)
Indiana Kenanga is a place that I will definitely go back again. The food was delicious, the chef used to work in a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris, the quality, taste and presentation of each dish is just amazing. If you are the kind of tourist that doesnot like the crowded places, this is a place to go. It is peaceful, there is no noise (apart from the waves sounds). You can arrange with the hotel to go snorkelling, diving or surfing, the sea in front of the hotel is really calm but just a few meters from the coast the surfers (specially beginners) can have some fun in the waves. If you don't like aquatic sport, just sunbathing and having some drinks in the beach is enough to make your holidays memorable.
Apžvelgta 09 vasario 2016
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo?

Erik iš Nyderlandai
1 miegamojo apartamentai
Viešėta 4 naktys 2015 m. lapkritis
Nice hotel, but overpriced for what it offers
Cleanliness of rooms and park, Layout of park including pools en restaurants and spa, Spacious rooms
Stayed for 4 nights. Rooms are nicely decorated and cleanly kept, same as the the overall park. Lounge area near the beach is especially nice with bean bags and loungers. For the price that is charged I would expect more though and especially in terms of breakfast (very meager options, either fruit + pancake or toast + eggs) and the options that are being offered for animation & extras (for example the options to rent a scooter, which is 50% more expensive than the 20 options in the same street or option to get a snorkeling boat, which is also 50% more expensive than nearby options). The restaurant option is in my opinion not that much an added value (they advertise with the french chef). The food is indeed very nice, but also 3 to 4 times as expensive as neighboring restaurants and in that sense not really great value for money option.
Apžvelgta 30 lapkričio 2015
Ar ši apžvalga jums padėjo?


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