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amin iš Belgija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2012 m. vasaris
advised by lonely planet”
in central
when i arrived there,the welcome by this young gentleman was very bad.did not say hello and was certainly not polite.gave us the room key and once arrived in the room i did not find it a deluxe room.after 5minutes,young boy arun came and said that this is not my room and need to change.hoped that the other room is not worse.he showed me the room and i could smile again.the room and bathroom was good.that young gentleman from the front desk should do his work better and instead of being whole the time on the phone he should concentrate on his work.next morning ,another gentleman in front desk,prakash,who was so friendly and whatever you asked he tried to help.apart from that one gentleman the staff is helpful and friendly.
Apžvelgta 20 vasario 2012
Anant iš Indija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2011 m. rugsėjis
near rail tracks..”
the hotel is not worth its money..the rooms and toilet are not that clean. just maintains the minimum standards. the windows are supposed to be sound proof, but there is noise from the rail track to diturnb early morning sleep...the staff at the reception is very courteous and helpful. but it is not the money's worth...
Apžvelgta 22 rugsėjo 2011
Hartinder iš Jungtinė Karalystė
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Viešėta 2 naktys 2011 m. vasaris
Good location but hotel needs refurbishment”
Godd breakfast
The size of rrom is good but decor is very dated even bthrooms needs to be refurbished. The staff is helpful
Apžvelgta 11 vasario 2011
Rajiv iš Indija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2011 m. sausis
Good Hotel with good food”
Reception and Restaurant
It is nice and good experience due to I was stay many time chennai but Every time No Good hotel like this. I think and suggest that very very good hotel in cheap price.
Apžvelgta 22 sausio 2011
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Robert iš Australija
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Viešėta 4 naktys 2010 m. spalis
Nice hotel for those on a budget”
Central location, walk to many places of interest
Staff were willing to be helpful, especially as we arrived at 7.30am to check in.
Apžvelgta 01 lapkričio 2010
Hussain iš Maldyvai
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Viešėta 3 naktys 2010 m. rugpjūtis
about Royal Regensys”
The need to reduce the price of Internet services. To change things in the bathroom
Generally accepted that the old hotel but it also attempts to provide service according to their energies. Did not have service spa, but that the Declaration is still in the Spa Hotel Services. And breakfast is not good by foreigners, it is appropriate for citizens. The dishes are not good. I was always taking meals outside the hotel. And other services appropriate to the amounts disbursed
Apžvelgta 08 rugpjūčio 2010
Mike iš Jungtinė Karalystė
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Viešėta 3 naktys 2009 m. rugsėjis
Give it a miss”
Good location near to the central train station.
Stacks of mosquito's Dirty rooms Poor food
I stayed for 3 nights and was disappointed by the quality of the rooms and general cleanliness. I decided to change hotels as there was a much cheaper option down the road which was of a better quality. The other hotel is call the emerald.
Apžvelgta 13 rugsėjo 2009
pierre iš Belgija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2009 m. liepa
Transit day in Chennai ( Maadras )”
Unfortunatly only one it's a Hotel
Lack of aimability, efficenty, pro-active,faulse publicity ( airport distance )
When arriving and presenting my booking it seems they never received a booking from Agoda. It took 20 min before I could receive my room key. The room was clean but basic and very noisy. I requested a multi plug to be able to work with my laptop, I had to call twice in one hours to receive it. I addmit that the bed was confortable but with the noise outside impossible to sleep. The room has a TV with 90% of indian speaking channels, this is not a complain but it's a fact. No mini Bar, no water just the glasses.
Apžvelgta 08 liepos 2009
Connie iš Danija
Šeima su vyresniais vaikais
Viešėta 2 naktys 2008 m. spalis
Hotel Royal Regency”
It's near the central station.
The reception looks nice, but the room we had was very poor. It needs renovation. So does the bathroom, new painting.
The food in the restaurant wasn't good for our stomachs. The bed was good. Very noicy and poor area around the hotel. No really restaurants for a foregneirs stomach. It's a budget hotel.
Apžvelgta 19 spalio 2008
YUTAKA iš Japonija
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Viešėta 2 naktys 2008 m. rugpjūtis
Royal Regency Hotel, Chennai ”
At the center of the city, the location is good.
The room was shabby with bad smell. Breakfast was surprisingly poor.
The hotel fares in India are rather expeensive at any city. The same thing goes to Chennai. Royal Regency Hotel, Chennai, is not a bad one, but certainly is not worth the price. The only thing I found good about the hotel is that I could check in very late at night and check out very early in the morning and none of the hotel staffs made complaint about it.
Apžvelgta 02 rugsėjo 2008
Veronique iš Prancūzija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2011 m. kovas
Clinquant quand on arrive décevant après”
le prix, la possibilité de commander un repas dans la chambre même tard. Pas trop mal placé et pas trop bruyant. Consigne pour les bagages.
Hotel basique. Chambres correctes mais sans charme. A mon arrivée j'ai constaté que les draps étaient sales ; je l'ai signalé et on me les a changés sans aucune difficulté. Hotel convenable pour passer une nuit. Petit déjeuner acceptable si on aime le café bouilli.
Apžvelgta 06 kovo 2011
jean iš Prancūzija
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Viešėta 2 naktys 2009 m. rugsėjis
hotel royal regency Chennai”
personnel avenant et efficace; hotel de qualite a un prix abordable.
Eau chaude parfois defectueuse.
Tres bonne reception; chambres confortables et propres meme les moins cheres (2300RPI avec A/C); restaurant de qualite au service impeccable; Emplacement non loin de la gare et a proximite du centre ville administratif. Pour le service "Travel3 insister sur le choix d'un chauffeur parlant anglais et connaissant, au moins un peu, la region que vous souhaitez visiter si vous louer une voiture pour un circuit. Un bon choix pour un sejour a Chennai
Apžvelgta 09 spalio 2009
LU iš Taivanas
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2010 m. rugsėjis
飯店設施普通, 服務普通, 價格不算便宜, 飯店外部環境普通, 交通也不方便, 早餐也是印度口味, 國際化程度不高. 飯店硬體與軟體都欠佳, 住過一次就夠了, 不會想要再去.
Apžvelgta 15 vasario 2011
Marwan iš Jordanija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. kovas
Apžvelgta 07 balandžio 2016
Yongjoo iš Pietų Korėja
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2017 m. kovas
청결치 못함”
위치는 park역에서 5분거리의 도로변에 있으며 전반적인 청소문제는 큰문제였음 식사는 인도음식으로 그런대로 먹을만했으나 선택의 폭이좁았음
Apžvelgta 12 kovo 2017
ASAHI iš Japonija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2011 m. rugpjūtis
Apžvelgta 05 rugsėjo 2011
Ryo iš Japonija
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Viešėta 4 naktys 2011 m. sausis
インターネットカードは24時間分のカードしかないので毎日更新しなければならず、そのカードをもらうために毎日待たされるのでイライラする。 レセプショニスト(若い女性)に文句を言ったら逆切れされた。接客教育がなっていない。インターネットカードを頼むとニコニコして「今すぐ部屋に持っていきます」と言うが、1時間は待たされること必至。しかも何回も電話しないと持って来ない。 とにかくこのホテルの欠点はレセプションの対応が悪い事。何を頼んでも遅い。ルームサービスの対応、清掃状況はとても良い。 ビジネスステイの為、場所が分かりやすい事、大通りに面している事などの理由で宿泊していたが、そうでなければ他のホテルに変えたかった。 予算が余りない人にはお勧め。
Apžvelgta 30 sausio 2011
shotaro iš Japonija
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Viešėta vieną naktį 2010 m. rugpjūtis
駅から歩ける 24時間制でくつろげる
あまり部屋がきれいではない ホテルのサービスが一貫的 朝食がおいしくない 
ホテルのスタッフが町のインフォメーションをあまり知らない ので大変だった ホテルの中に蚊がいて 不快だった アゴタで取ると領収書がくれなくて 困った これはアゴタにもいいたいが 現地でも領収書を発行してほしい
Apžvelgta 19 rugpjūčio 2010
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hiroaki iš Japonija
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Viešėta 3 naktys 2009 m. spalis
チェンナイのエグモア駅北側の大通りを東に歩けばすぐあります。約5~7分程度でしょうか。 有料ですが、無線LANの利用が可能です。 夜間でもホットシャワーが利用でき、部屋もきれいです。
ドライヤーは室内にありません。 24時間制なので、チェックイン・アウトの時間を気をつけましょう。 部屋には補助鍵がありません。心配な人は持って行ってください。
所在地については、Googleの示す位置とは異なります。 幹線道路沿いですので、きょろきょろしてれば見つかります。 スタッフは、優しい人達なので問題はないかと思います。 ただ、他のホテルと比べても少々高めかもしれませんが、適当な範囲と思われます。
Apžvelgta 29 spalio 2009
SANAE iš Japonija
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Viešėta 8 naktys 2009 m. rugsėjis
Apžvelgta 05 spalio 2009