Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa

Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa

Dong Tam Village, Cuc Phuong Commune, Nokvanas pilsēta / Kukfuonga, Ninh Binh, Vjetnama
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 Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa
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    Peldbaseins Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa
    Peldbaseins Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa
    Golfa laukums (teritorijā) Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa
     Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa
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     Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa

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  • Dich Long Grotto9,88 km
  • Kenh Ga karstais avots11,08 km
  • Cuc Phuong Nacionālais parks11,42 km
  • Van Trinh Grotto13,11 km
  • Bai Dinh Pagoda15,27 km
  • Trang An ekotūrsima zona16,54 km
  • Van Long Nature Reserve16,86 km
  • Dinh un tempļi18,96 km
  • Hoa Lu senā galvaspilsēta18,99 km
  • Trang An Grottoes19,76 km
  • Atbilstība cenai:6,2
    Attālums līdz pilsētas centram40 km
    Vietas vērtējums7,0
    Tuvākā lidostaTho Xuan Airport (THD)
    Attālums līdz lidostai54,4 km
    Numuru veidi
    Ģimenes villa (Family Villa)
    Ģimenes villa (Family Villa)
    • Numura lielums: 68 m²/732 k...
    • Skats: Dārzs
    • 2 vienvietīgas gultas un 1 ...
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    Deluxe klases bungalo (Deluxe Bungalow)
    Deluxe klases bungalo (Deluxe Bungalow)
    • Numura lielums: 49 m²/527 k...
    • Skats: Dārzs
    • 1 divvietīga gulta vai 1 Su...
    Norādīt datumus, lai redzētu cenas
    "Superior" klases villa (Superior Villa)
    "Superior" klases villa (Superior Villa)
    • Numura lielums: 37 m²/398 k...
    • Balkons/terase
    Norādīt datumus, lai redzētu cenas
    "Executive" klases divvietīgs numurs (1 vai 2 gultas) (Executive Double or Twin Room)
    "Executive" klases divvietīgs numurs (1 vai 2 gultas) (Executive Double or Twin Room)
    • Numura lielums: 37 m²/398 k...
    • Balkons/terase
    • 1 divvietīga gulta vai 2 vi...
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    Vairāk par Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa


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    tuvākās lidostas

    Tho Xuan Airport (THD)
    54,4 km
    Gia Lam Lidosta (VVGL)
    81,8 km
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    Agoda atsauksmes (48) atsauksmes (26)
    Viesnīcas stāvoklis/tīrība:6,4
    Atrašanās vieta7,0
    Numurs komforts un kvalitāte6,3
    Atbilstība cenai:6,2
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    Tuyet no Vjetnama
    Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2018. gada jūnijs
    Perfect Retreat”
    A well designed resort, with charming bungalows covered by layers of mountains. It took me 10km to go around, with so many flowers, trees and abundant fresh air. The swimming pool and massage are good, though I think they should have taken care of the pools better when the facilities are getting old. Meals are good at reasonably price. One best thing I must say thank is that the resort was so willing and helpful to mail back my ID card that I forgot to take while checking out. Such a very kind act! Lastly, there is another resort also called Cuc Phuong resort and Spa next door, easily mistaken. Make sure you get to a big barrier on the left to the right one, and drive a long way to hotel lobby. And from there, you can check in and enjoy your stay.
    Novērtēts 04 jūlijs 2018
    Miichael no Vācija
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada septembris
    Visiting cuc phuong national park”
    We have been the only guests in a resort for hundreds... Sitting lost in a huge empty restaurant. All facilities looked overdimensiond. Not a place to feel well.
    Novērtēts 28 septembris 2016
    Trang no Vjetnama
    Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada jūnijs
    Good location, near Cuc Phuong Forest”
    Location and staff are great
    Novērtēts 20 augusts 2016
    Yvonne no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
    Solo ceļotājs
    Uzturējās3 naktis 2015. gada decembris
    poorly trained staff”
    the dinner
    not amazing at all. the owner told me himself the place was not set up for foreign tourists. i could not arrange a tour into the forest or even a bus back to hanoi with reception. i had to speak to the owner directly. the place is far too big and i was the only guest during my stay in december. i didnt enjoy myself and was happy to leave. if you just want to stay holed up in a room in a resort in the national park and you speak vietnamese this is the place for for you.
    Novērtēts 13 decembris 2015
    Ļoti labi
    MINH no Vjetnama
    Solo ceļotājs
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada novembris
    Novērtēts 20 novembris 2015
    Victor no Apvienotā Karaliste
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2014. gada marts
    never ever go there”
    internet was out. iwas kept waiting 40 minutes as the staff disputed my booking and tried to make me pay a second time. The pool, mineral pool, mud bath and jacuzzi not working and these were the exact reasons i paid so much to come to this hotel. I would like a full refund and something extra to cover my total disgust.
    Novērtēts 21 marts 2014
    Ann no Vjetnama
    Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2014. gada februāris
    No value for money”
    location next to Cuc Phuong national park
    The resort has great potential due to its location close to Cuc Phuong national park. Unfortunately, it is very badly maintained. The place is completely over-priced. It would be ok if the rooms were USD 20-30 per night.
    Novērtēts 11 februāris 2014
    daniel no Spānija
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2014. gada janvāris
    A place with potential - horribly managed”
    Close to national park, beautiful location, nice bungalows
    Our stay was a disappointment. The resort has so much potential: location, nice layout, nice room, but it's terribly managed. The food at the resort was abysmal (and there are few other options around the hotel), the service slow, on our second day we had no water in the room... If they get those things right, the place is fantastic.
    Novērtēts 13 janvāris 2014
    Yeo no Singapūra
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2013. gada marts
    Nice Place but difficult to go there without a car”
    peaceful , relax place, good for couple
    This is a nice and peaceful hotel resort. but quite far from ninh binh. about 30-40min by taxi about vnd50,000. massage to me so so. but the staff cannot little or no english. If u want do mud spa. need to call to book 1/2day in advance. resturant serve the food quite slow. better to place the order before hand.
    Novērtēts 05 aprīlis 2013
    ellen no Dānija
    Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
    Uzturējās3 naktis 2012. gada decembris
    terrible hoteæ”
    out in the middle of nothing. In nice weather probably this would be nice
    We arrived a late evening. Due to a party for the workers at the hotel it was not possible to have dinner. The next morning it was not possible to have breakfast as they were having "hang over " after the party. The pool was not working either We were the only guests at the hotel as i was off season. An awful experience. Luckily we could get 2 min. noodles from the minibar and leave again the day after. I do not know if the golf here is good. In such case go for one day, or bring your own food as the rooms are not too bad
    Novērtēts 10 februāris 2013
    paul no Apvienotā Karaliste
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2012. gada novembris
    Wished we had stayed inside Cuc Phuong NP instead”
    Pleasant grounds, in-room Wi-Fi (but weak signal)
    We booked this hotel for the purpose of visiting nearby Cuc Phuong National Park. In retrospect, we wished we had stayed at the bungalows inside the park instead for convenience. Pro's: Pleasant grounds, in-room Wi-Fi (but weak signal) Con's: - We struggled with the resort to obtain daily transportation to nearby Cuc Phuong NP at reasonable costs. The resort charged $10 USD per day for bicycle rentals (for a faulty bike) and tried to charge $20 USD for a moped rental via a local who himself only wanted $5/day (seemingly the standard rate). - The resort quoted $110 for a private car back to Hanoi but we had our hotel in Hanoi arrange a private car pickup for the 130 km back to Hanoi for $75 USD. Note, the park headquarters office quoted a private car back to Hanoi for $75-80 USD. - The resort restaurant is more like a run-down cafeteria, serving limited and basic Vietnamese dishes. The food was below-average, while prices were quite high by Vietnamese standards. At times, the restaurant was not staffed with any English-speaking person. - The room was musty in smell; opening windows was a must. - The room had thin walls, so it can be very loud if neighbors are vocal, like late-night tv and/or like long chats on their porch. - The room's bathroom was basically a closet with a toilet; there was a shower head next to the toilet but no separate shower stall. Worst of all, after use of the shower, the entire room smelled of sewage.
    Novērtēts 06 decembris 2012
    David no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2012. gada jūnijs
    Beautiful resort but a bit removed”
    Amazing amenities
    Although it was a long taxi ride here from Ninh Binh, it was well worth it. The bungalow was very cute and had a wooden tub in it where you could bathe in mineral spring water. There was a full on spa, swimming pools, pool tables, karaoke, a restaurant- everything. Mostly Vietnamese tourists. Potentially very romantic.
    Novērtēts 27 jūnijs 2012
    Ļoti labi
    Roderick no Austrālija
    Uzturējās4 naktis 2012. gada marts
    Very peaceful, attentive service”
    Rural environment, massages, lovely staff
    Cuc Phuong Hotel should be listed as the Cuc Phuong Resort and Spa (it's correct name). We organised a driver from Hanoi Airport to take us direct to the pooperty in the Ninh Bihn district. The dricer dropped us at the Cuc Phuong Hotel - about 20 km away and when we realised we were at the wrong property we arranged for a taxi to find the correct property - which created confusion until we got him to call the resort for directions. Once we arrived we were delighted withe the property. It is very open and quiet with its own vegie gardens, golf course and facilities for conferences. It also features a large heated swimming pool with massage jaets and massages at good prices. The food is good and service friendly and attentive. The resort is about 4km before Cuc Phuong National Park (a good reference to give to drivers who don't know the resort's location). The park is worth a half day trip. We arranged a day trip through the resort and were considerably overcharged (when we later discovered the going prices). Also our driver didn't speak English. When we visited the national park the next day, we discovered we could arrange a driver through them at reasonable prices - but try to get an English speaking driver. We used them to transport us to Ninh Bihn Railway staion about an hour away. Overall a good hotel to chill out in and be pampered for say two days max.
    Novērtēts 18 marts 2012
    Tino no Vācija
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2011. gada jūlijs
    Out in the middle of nowhere...”
    Beautiful place with all comfort of a 4 star hotel - but far away from sightseeing highlights
    - nice place and surrounding - very corteous service - but we were the only guests (!?) - no kitchen service for dinner - to Tam Coc caves appr. 45 minutes by taxi
    Novērtēts 25 jūlijs 2011
    Lucie no Čehija
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2012. gada februāris
    Eiskalte Raeumlichkeiten, unprofessioneller Servic”
    Lage (nahe des Nationalparks)
    LBei 16 Grad draussen waren alle Raumlichkeiten unterkuehlt und unbeheizt. Unter diesen Bedingungen mden Gaesten eine teueren Massage anzubieten, bei der man von einer erkateten Mitarbeiterin im eiskalten Raum massiert wird, ist eine Frechheit. Nach der Haelfte der Zeit habe ich die Massage abgebrochen, musste trotzdem die volle Leistung bezahlen. Das Abendessen war leider weniger als mittelmaessig zu in Vietnam ziemlich teueren Preisen. Das Personal ist nicht fuer Service ausgebildet und spricht kaum Englisch.
    Novērtēts 21 februāris 2012
    Michel no Nīderlande
    Solo ceļotājs
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada maijs
    Geen pluspunten
    Zeer slecht.. Het eten dat we wilden bestellen en op de kaart stond was niet aanwezig, dus moesten tot 3x iets anders bestellen. Daarbij waren de prijzen absurd hoog voor het eten. We wilden gebruik maken van het zwembad, maar de algen zaten op de bodem en alles was oud en vies. De kamer was mooi, maar wederom ook erg vies met allerlei insecten. We hebben zeker 6 kakkerlakken gedood. Ontbijt was wederom hetzelfde, wat we wilde als ontbijt was niet aanwezig. Waarop we er genoeg van hadden en zijn vertrokken. Personeel spreek erg slecht Engels.. Kortom heb dus totaal ruim 120,- dollars betaald voor het meest waardeloze hotel/resort in mijn leven. Had het graag anders gezien.
    Novērtēts 13 maijs 2015
    lucio no Itālija
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada janvāris
    ottimo cibo”
    lusso con piscina riscaldata e ottimo ristorante
    Buon soggiorno buon ristorante e personale disponibile
    Novērtēts 29 janvāris 2015
    Huệ no Vjetnama
    "Executive" klases divvietīgs numurs (1 vai 2 gultas)
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2018. gada augusts
    Cảnh đẹp, mát mẻ”
    Ở đây không khí mát , cảnh quan xanh, đẹp, nhưng bể bơi nhỏ quá, vài khu vực vui chơi trên bản đồ như hồ bơi kayak, vườn hoa ... thì rất tiêu điều, hồ bé hơn cái ao và ko có cảnh quan gì ở đấy, như 1 bãi bỏ hoang (chắc đang hoàn thiện @.@)
    Novērtēts 14 augusts 2018
    Thi no Vjetnama
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2018. gada augusts
    Hợp với giá cả, quang cảnh thiên nhiên dễ chịu”
    Đồ ăn Cần phong phú hơn
    Novērtēts 14 augusts 2018
    Viet no Vjetnama
    Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2017. gada jūlijs
    View duoc nhung nhan vien va dich vu khong on chut nao”
    Toi dat qua Agoda phong Family nhin trong anh dang o day la biet thu 2 tang rong rai nhung thuc te chi la khu villa 1 tang va bo tri phong rat bat hop ly. Bep va phong khach khong nhung chat choi con khong co dieu hoa. Cua chinh cung hong khoa. Va nhan vien thai do vua khong chuyen nghiep vua khong trung thuc.
    Novērtēts 18 jūlijs 2017
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    Cuc Phuong Resort And Spa
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