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PointsMAX ir jauns veids, kā iegūt papildlabumus, kad rezervējat naktsmītni vietnē. Tas ir vienkārši - izvēlieties savu iemīļotāko lojalitātes programmu un Jums tiks piešķirti punkti šajā programmā katrai rezervācijai, ko veiksiet kopā ar mums.

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5 000 punktiem

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Izvēlieties numuru un punktu iespējas Jūsu izvēlētajai rezervācijai.

Pases izdošanas valsts
Programmas biedra ID

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Norādiet biedra numuru, kad aizpildāt rezervācijas informāciju. Punkti tiks pievienoti Jūsu kontam pēc izrakstīšanās no viesnīcas.

Svarīga informācija visām PointsMAX rezervācijām:

  1. Go to for more info. Travel period or stay period must be during the promo period to qualify for the raffle.
  2. The membership ID of the intended beneficiary of the third party points must belong to the guest staying at the hotel (identified by the lead guest name), who must also be the customer (the person making the booking);
  3. The rates for PointsMAX bookings may be different from regular bookings at the same conditions;
  4. PointsMAX booking rates cannot be broken down into a room rate and points component;
  5. Any applicable cancellation policy will apply in full to the PointsMAX bookings;
  6. Only reward points or miles can be collected, no status points or credits;
  7. PointsMAX bookings cannot be adjusted online using the Agoda self-service tool or by contacting Customer Service . To amend your reservations, you will need to cancel (subject to the cancellation conditions of the reservations ) and re-book your reservation. Cancelled reservations will not earn points, regardless of the financial cancellations conditions;
  8. Points cannot be exchanged in cash and are not cumulative with other offers;
  9. The Agoda best price guarantee does not apply to PointsMAX bookings;
  10. Enrollment to the GetGo Rewards program is required prior to points earning. For more information about GetGo, visit;
  11. To enjoy the benefit of GetGo, members must make a booking via the dedicated landing page at and book a PointsMAX package offer including GetGo Points;
  12. GetGo terms and conditions apply;
  13. The Members are bound by the terms and conditions of AGODA and GetGo, rewards by Cebu Pacific;
  14. In case of dispute, the decision of AGODA shall be final; and
  15. Any other promos or programs outside of PointsMAX shall be between GetGo and its members.
Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 1090 Series of 2018