Agoda BE3 FAQ


What is the BE3?

BE3 is a free booking engine designed for selected Agoda partners. Once you’ve installed BE3, customers who visit your hotel’s website can click on a booking button and view the rooms in your hotel and make a booking.

The entire inventory management system and the entire booking process and system is managed and hosted by Agoda. The hotel controls all the pricing and availability. Once a customer makes a booking, the information is delivered to your hotel's reservation team via email.

The back-end system provided to manage BE3 is called YCS. It is also provided free of charge to authorized BE3 users. It is very easy to set up, install and manage BE3. Hotel partners should be able to do it in a few hours.

What is the YCS?

The YCS is just what we call our inventory and content management system and it stands for 'Yield Control System'.

Through YCS, hotels can load property information, set room rates and allotments. What you load in YCS will be available to your direct customers and also through You can also design and control special promotional rates.

The YCS also displays reports that analyze a property's performance in its market.

What will the BE3 button look like on my hotel's page?

The BE3 hyperlink can appear as a 'book button'. You can customize the look of this button and decide its position on your hotel's webpage when you register for BE3.

What do the booking forms look like?

After visitors review pricing and select the room they want, they can view the BE3 booking form. The booking form will include fields where guests must fill in their personal information and credit card details.

These pages are simple un-branded pages. Some limited customization features are available.

Is BE3 free?

Yes. BE3 is 100 percent free – there is no upfront charge and no commission payable to for any bookings made through BE3 that come from your hotel’s website. Bookings that come via will have standard commission rates in place.

Because BE3 is free, it has limitations and we cannot offer it to all hotels that apply. We offer BE3 only to select hotels who are starting to build their own direct online channel, and who also have a commitment to a partnership with Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Agoda management. A simple agreement is put in place for all BE3 customers

How do I apply to use BE3?

To start using BE3, click this Apply For BE3 link and submit your details. One of our market managers will be in contact with you soon to discuss your eligibility. If we cannot offer your hotel BE3, our market managers can help your hotel seek out alternatives.