Agoda in the News offers special hotel promotions for Berlin Wall celebration

SINGAPORE (October 1, 2014), one of Asia’s leading hotel booking sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), has prepared a list of hotels offering special promotions in Berlin, Germany to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The event was one of the twentieth century’s most defining moments, and one that Berliners will be commemorating in grand style.

In the aftermath of WWII, Germany was divided into zones that were controlled by the victors. The capital city Berlin was further divided, with the Soviet Union controlling East Berlin and the US, UK, and France controlling West Berlin. By the early 1960s, with a fragile political situation and more and more people moving from socialist east to capitalist west, East German leaders took drastic measures. On the morning of 13 August, 1961, Berliners awoke to find a barbed wire fence down the middle of the city – soon upgraded to a cement wall – with travel between the two halves forbidden.

The fall of the Wall on November 9 1989 and subsequent reunification of Germany in 1990 was a momentous occasion. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, the city is putting on a number of events and commemorations from 7-9 November. These include tours of historic locations, special displays detailing life behind the wall, museum retrospectives, unique exhibitions, and concerts. The most prominent display will be a 15km light installation along preserved stretches of the original barrier to promote the theme “a world without walls.” There will also be display boards along the rest of the original border, highlighting the personal struggles and stories of people who experienced the wall first-hand.

All of this is in addition to Berlin itself, Europe’s third-most visited city after London and Paris. Known for its vibrant nightlife, gorgeous architecture, art, food, and important historical sights, the city is a stunning location to explore before, during, or after the Berlin Wall celebrations. Walk through Mitte, the historical center of the city, or spend some money along the main shopping streets of Kurfurstendamm and Tauentzienstrasse. Younger travelers will probably want to hit the East Central neighborhood, with bars and clubs. But whatever age or demographic one belongs to, Berlin is a fantastic place to visit.

To take advantage of these great hotel promotions, visit and get ready to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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