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Why isn't the current year being displayed in the dropdown menus for Check-in and Check-out dates?

The dates available for selection on our site are directly linked to the date and time set on your computer. Verify that your computer is set to the current date and time.

Click the Start menu, select Settings ⇒ Control Panel. Within the Control Panel window, select the Date and Time icon in order to open the Date and Time Properties window.

In the Date and Time Properties window, select the Date & Time tab to view the current settings. Check to see that the correct month, year, day, hour, and time zone are being displayed. If these properties are not up to date, you must change them in order to see the current year within the dropdown menus of the Check-in and Check-out dates on the Agoda site. To change to the current time zone, first select the Time Zone tab then click on the dropdown arrow, select the correct time zone from the list, and click on the apply button.

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