agoda in the News offers winter deals at the top ten theme hotels in Taiwan

SINGAPORE (September 26, 2012), Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), has secured exclusive year-end deals at some of the top theme hotels in Taiwan.

With travellers demanding more unique and memorable vacation memories to match those they see on readily-accessible social media connections, hotels have leapt into action, providing unique twists on old themes. In Taiwan, the trend has accelerated rapidly and it’s now possible to brighten up your stay by sleeping soundly within the walls of an ancient castle, snoozing outside among the African wilderness, or surrounding yourself with ultra-chic furniture and decorations – all at conveniently located hotels!

The idea behind theme hotels began with a desire to give customers a totally different experience across multiple visits to the same location. If every room is the same, then this is hard to do – but if every room is different, you’re more likely to get repeat customers. This was the thinking behind the Madonna Inn, which opened in California on December 24th, 1958, and is still operating today. It is generally considered to be the first theme hotel, but while the trend has grown and evolved since then, the idea behind it remains the same.

Often theme hotels want to cater to a traveler’s passion for a particular subject, be it jazz, rock climbing, cartoons or ancient history. There is no limit to how creative a hotel can get, and no limit to the quirky or fun ideas that architects can come up with.

Of course there is much more to see in Taiwan than your hotel, and the deals that is offering during Taiwan’s comfortable, cool end-of-year allow travelers to experience the country’s exciting culture and rich heritage in style.

Check out our list below, and see which themed hotel suits your tastes.

Mulan Villa Spa Motel (Taipei) 4*
A quiet retreat from the noisy city, each room is uniquely designed and offers a spa/Jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation.
Up to 20% off until the end of 2012

Sato Castle Motel (Taipei) 3.5*
A fantasy-themed hotel designed like a castle, each room offers a dramatic twist on the central theme.
50% off limited sale until Sep. 30, 2012; 15% off, must book 14 days in advance

Broadway Motel (Hsinchu City) 3.5*
Each room is decorated with a different cultural theme – Paris, Milan, the Orient – even Africa!
Up to 55% off until the end of 2012

168 Green Motel (Pingzhen City) 3.5*
With an environmental theme in mind, each room offers a simple, bright, fresh environment that will rejuvenate body and spirit alike.
Up to 55% off until the end of 2012

The Portman Motel (Taichung City) 3*
Clean, elegant rooms come in various styles, including a Mediterranean theme and the colorful patters on the African savannah.
Up to 50% off until Dec. 23, 2012

Enjoy Motel (Taichung City) 4*
Each room is splashed with bright colors and spares no expense on cool furniture or comfortable amenities.
Up to 60% off until Dec. 23, 2012

Lanshy Boutique Motel (Taichung City) 5*
Massive rooms and an attention to high quality furniture and decoration set this hotel apart.
Up to 56% off until Dec. 23, 2012

Mulan Villa Spa Motel (Taichung) 4*
Known for its huge, elegantly appointed rooms with unique themes, this is a perfect place to relax.
Up to 50% off until Dec. 23, 2012

Villa Bella Motel (Kaohsiung) 4*
Exotic, richly-appointed rooms inspired by Asian style are the name of the game at this hotel.
Up to 18% off until Dec. 28, 2012

Merry Seasons Motel (Kaohsiung) 5*
Traditional Asian decorations are enhanced by wood & other building materials sourced locally.
Up to 20% off until Dec. 28, 2012