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Agoda Special Offers for World Expo Shanghai 2010

BANGKOK, April 7, 2010, Asia's global hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed, has teamed up with Shanghai hotels to offer fantastic deals for travelers heading to World Expo Shanghai 2010.

The expo runs from May 1 to October 31 2010 and travelers booking through will enjoy great savings on Shanghai room rates. If they book at one of six participating Agoda Special Offer hotels (see details below), they'll also receive a World Expo Express Coach Ticket, which includes free admission to the site and transfers to and from Expo Park. With this fantastic offer even first-time visitors to China can enjoy a hassle-free experience of Shanghai and what is set to be the biggest Expo event in history, centered on the theme “Better City, Better Life”.

Located on both sides of the Hangpu River in Pudong and Puxi, Expo Park occupies more than five square kilometers in the center of Shanghai. New metro services have been built to transfer visitors to the site, so the expo will be easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

About 70 million visitors are expected at the expo where up to 200 countries are participating, each showcasing their own vision for sustainable city living. Pavilions exhibit each respective country's innovations in crafting livable urbanizations that promote balance between nature and human environments. These ambitious projects act as a form of cultural exchange, stimulating global discourse on economic, scientific and technological advances that could benefit the world's future cities and their inhabitants.

One pavilion that has already garnered a lot of media attention is the United Kingdom's 'Seed Cathedral'. This cutting-edge, sci-fi structure is a roofless, carbon-neutral sculpture made from 60,000 transparent acrylic rods, each housing vegetable seeds. The seeds – a gift from London's Kew Millennium Seed Bank Partnership – are intended to illustrate the importance of biodiversity to the future of humankind. The seeds will be planted when the Seed Cathedral is dismantled at the end of the event.

Travelers who book one of Agoda's limited-availability Expo Packages will enjoy reduced room rates, free transfers to and from Expo Park, plus a day-pass to the event. Expo Packages are offered in conjunction with six participating hotels. Details of the packages and participating hotels are below and more information is available at the Agoda Special Offers page:

Hotel Stay + World Expo Express Coach Ticket (per stay) + Return Shuttle Express ticket


• Hotel accommodation
• Free day-pass to the Expo site via the Group Entrance (less queuing)
• Group guide and guided pavilion tour
• Free transfer via coach to and from Expo Park

Expo Package Participating Hotels:

Hua Ting Hotel & Towers – 5 stars
Normal rate USD 153. Special Agoda room rate from USD 77 per night.

Galaxy Hotel – 5 stars
Normal rate USD 95. Special Agoda room rate from USD 41 per night.

Park Hotel – 5 stars
Normal rate USD 125. Special Agoda room rate from USD 58.

New Asia Hotel – 5 stars
Normal rate USD 45. Special Agoda room rate USD 34.

Royalton Hotel – 5 stars
Normal rate USD 205. Special Agoda room rate USD 57.

Rainbow Hotel – 5 stars
Normal rate USD 84. Special Agoda room rate USD 45.

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