New Mitrapap Hotel
New Mitrapap Hotel
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Numurs ar 2 vienvietīgām gultām New Mitrapap Hotel
Numurs ar 2 vienvietīgām gultām
Skatīt visus 12 foto
Reģistratūra New Mitrapap Hotel
Skatīt visus 12 foto
Numurs ar 2 vienvietīgām gultām New Mitrapap Hotel
Numurs ar 2 vienvietīgām gultām
Skatīt visus 12 foto
Warorot tirgus (Kad Luang) - 240 m no naktsmītnes New Mitrapap Hotel
Warorot tirgus (Kad Luang) - 240 m no naktsmītnes
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KARTĒ New Mitrapap Hotel
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Skatīt visus 12 foto New Mitrapap Hotel
Skatīt visus 12 foto
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New Mitrapap Hotel

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  • Pilsētas sirds

  • Bezmaksas WiFi visos numuros

  • Gaisa kondicionēšana

  • Veļas mazgāšana

Numuru veidi
Numurs ar 2 vienvietīgām gultām (Twin Room)
Numurs ar 2 vienvietīgām gultām (Twin Room)
  • 16 m²/172 kv.pēdas
  • Duša
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Vairāk par New Mitrapap Hotel


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Agoda atsauksmes (1846) atsauksmes (4)
Izvēlieties ceļotāja veidu
Viesnīcas stāvoklis/tīrība:6,6
Atrašanās vieta7,6
Numurs komforts un kvalitāte6,9
Atbilstība cenai:8,2
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Parāda 1815 pārbaudītu viesu komentārus
ricky no Austrālija
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada septembris
Budget room , great value”
Private, air con , serviced daily
Novērtēts 02 novembris 2016
ricky no Austrālija
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās9 naktis 2016. gada oktobris
pretty good”
If you want value for money, you will get it here. Air conditioning, twin beds for a very hard to beat price, planned to stay a day, stayed for 11 days
Novērtēts 31 oktobris 2016
Parham no Kanāda
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās4 naktis 2016. gada oktobris
Booked for 4 nights and left after the first!!!”
Checked into my room the first day and the aircon didn't work and the room reeked of years of smoking. The reception was accommodating and had me try different rooms. I ended up switching to four other rooms (leaky or dirty toilets; leaky fridges due to ice build up, smell of cigarettes ....) I finally decided for one of the rooms. Of course, wifi didn't work so I asked the reception and apparently they didn't pay their bill and got cut-off. Since it was a Sunday afternoon, they couldn't get things running until the next day!!!! Then, I decided for some wholesome TV programs instead, with no wifi being available. The old TV had only three channels with reception thru some antenna I guess, which made it a gruesome experience. Finally, it was time for some shut-eye, which ended up being the opposite. After getting only 2-3 hours of sleep, I ended up with bits all over. The next day, I just walked out..
Novērtēts 07 oktobris 2016
Morris no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās7 naktis 2016. gada septembris
New Mitrapap Good value if you are not too picky”
Stayed here two weeks. Location is pretty good not far from the city center. Room was of adequate size and was cleaned every day. I think I had the twin double. I considered my room good value for my money. My room had a small refrigerator, TV and AC, all of which worked well. On the negative side, internet not always reliable, and bathroom floor never completely dry. Older building with older rooms and older appliances. I may return here if I visit Chiang Mai again.
Novērtēts 14 septembris 2016
Denis no Apvienotā Karaliste
Uzturējās4 naktis 2016. gada augusts
Lovely clean hotel let down by really bad receptionist!”
I've used this hotel more than 10 times over the last 5 years because although it's basic, it's always clean and in a good location not far from the river and easy to go to centre so great value for money. However the ladyboy (LB)receptionist who's been there a couple of years(I have nothing against LB at all) was just ridiculously rude and unhelpful. Promising to fix things and never doing it and always rude. Me and my girlfriend were stuck in the lift with another guest and after several tries to operate it but failed. When the door opened I went to tell this LB receptionist the lift is not working properly and he rudely answered 'walk and take the stairs' without even finding out if anyone is ok or stuck but instead just sat there and stared at us like we were stupid ! We did speak to some cleaning staff and they said that everyone complains about this LB! Anyway I insisted on speaking to the owner and I understand now the LB contract has been cancelled. I hope this LB has not ruined this lovely hotel because it's great value for money and the owner is really lovely! I'll still return to the hotel next time and can recommend it because it's great value and clean with a/c and private shower. By the way there's an amazing noodle restaurant about 70 meters to the left of the hotel as you leave and it's across the road!
Novērtēts 12 augusts 2016
Jeremy no Vjetnama
Uzturējās2 naktis 2015. gada novembris
Horrible reception staff and facilities, but definitely cheap.”
While it is cheap with a fairly good location, the staff here are both rude and unhelpful. Also the aircon unit in our room dripped all night long as we used it. Though we hated the is also definitely cheap at around only $7 a night.
Novērtēts 05 augusts 2016
Dameon no Apvienotā Karaliste
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada jūlijs
Good location”
Very near to the big market, clean room. Cheap.
Novērtēts 02 augusts 2016
shunji no Japāna
Biznesa ceļotājs
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada jūnijs
If stay just for sleeping,, it's OK, Front stuffs are not friendly , they never say hello even I said. TV as can't see ball if you see tennis game. One good thing is economy price even not so very bad room.
Novērtēts 28 maijs 2016
Lenna no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Uzturējās3 naktis 2016. gada aprīlis
The hotel from the Shining”
There are some things that are good: it's cheap, there's hot water & good water pressure, plus the AC works, though it's not very strong. Wifi is almost passable. It's not very far from the old square of Chiang Mai. The staff are indifferent/slightly hostile toward guests. When we checked in they had no record of our reservation and I had to turn on my laptop to find it before they'd check us in. They made no effort whatsoever to find our reservation, just sat and stared at us until we were able to get on their wifi and show them our confirmation email, so if you can you should bring a printed confirmation. Also, despite their weird location they don't have maps and they don't give you directions when you ask for them: Me: Where's 7/11? Them: Go out and turn left. Me: Turn left, then go straight? Them: Yes. Not even close to accurate directions, plus she was very obviously annoyed with me. I think it's an old hospital that's been converted into a hotel and that's why it's so creepy, sterile and in such bad shape. On the other had, it's very cheap, so you get what you pay for. I wouldn't stay here again, I'd pay 2 more dollars a night and stay in the charming old city.
Novērtēts 22 aprīlis 2016
Chris no Apvienotā Karaliste
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās4 naktis 2016. gada marts
Totally unhelpful and rude staff. Would not recommend.
Novērtēts 19 marts 2016
YING no Ķīna
Uzturējās3 naktis 2016. gada februāris
pretty good and clean”
pretty good and clean
Novērtēts 11 marts 2016
Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada februāris
only the location is good”
location price
the room was not that clean. only location is good. you get what you pay for, then pay a bit more to get better thing.
Novērtēts 24 februāris 2016
Jeremy no Vjetnama
Uzturējās4 naktis 2015. gada novembris
Mean Staff”
Talk about how not to treat your customers! When we arrived, the receptionist was on his iPad on Facebook. When we told him that we had a reservation, he told us to give him the reference number. Though the wifi was not working, he also would not let us use his iPad to connect and get our reference number. Aside from that, the rooms are not maintained at all. The AC dripped all night and there is loads of mold.
Novērtēts 16 februāris 2016
Junghyun no Dienvidkoreja
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada janvāris
No hot water Unstable Wifi Unkind staffs Cold room
Novērtēts 01 februāris 2016
Randy no Kanāda
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās5 naktis 2016. gada janvāris
It's good enough for the $”
Wireless sucks! Staff indifferent(reception). You get clean towels and sheets everyday and 2 soaps and roll of tp wether you need or not.
Novērtēts 27 janvāris 2016
MAYUMI no Japāna
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās3 naktis 2015. gada februāris
Clean, and very good location. It was discounted so was great for the money value.
Novērtēts 27 janvāris 2016
stewart no Apvienotā Karaliste
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada janvāris
Cheap but run down”
Location is good, but the rooms are in need of renovation. The hot water didn't work and the wi fi was too slow to use.
Novērtēts 25 janvāris 2016
soo no Malaizija
Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
Uzturējās5 naktis 2015. gada decembris
Better hotel elsewhere”
Hotel located in isolated dimly litted road away from entrance to Chinatown. Hotel reception poorly manned by staff. Room cleaniness and condition could be better eg cobwebs and dusty floor noted, dripping water under sink, broken toilet seat,, no telephone, no hair shampoo, poor TV reception, uncomfortable bed, etc. Wifi reception is poor and unpreditable. Room service not satisfactory eg supplies not provided on certain days eg soap, towel, drinking water, etc. Taxi to airport arranged by hotel was not an official taxi but a private car.
Novērtēts 05 janvāris 2016
Soravich no Taizeme
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada decembris
Good price”
Cheap comfortable and superdeal with agoda
Im Thai and im from Chiang mai but im working in Bangkok i only stay here for 1night i love it the price and good good even the Air con maybe too old but it doen't matter love it!!
Novērtēts 25 decembris 2015
Tae no Amerikas Savienotās Valstis
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās4 naktis 2015. gada decembris
Basic room, free wifi, A/C very helpful staff!”
Helpful staff
The hotel is basic, and the price reflects that. But the front desk staff can arrange traditional thai massage in your room so you sleep well, and arrange for a scooter that does not cost more than if you hunted for it yourself. The hotel is located near a very good bespoke tailor "Neramit" and the gateway to the Thai version of a Chinatown is half block away. A jewel in the rough.
Novērtēts 21 decembris 2015
Šī ir populāra naktsmītnes. Nepalaidiet garām!

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