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Pangil Beach Resort
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6,8 Atrašanās vietas novērtējums
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6,8Atrašanās vieta
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Pangil Beach Resort

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Numuru veidi
Deluxe klases numurs (Deluxe)
  • 10 m²/108 kv.pēdas
  • nesmēķētāju numuri
  • 2 divvietīgas gultas
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Kotedžas (Casitas)
  • 15 m²/161 kv.pēdas
  • nesmēķētāju numuri
  • 2 divvietīgas gultas
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Agoda atsauksmes (10)
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Viesnīcas stāvoklis/tīrība:6,4
Atrašanās vieta6,8
Numurs komforts un kvalitāte5,5
Atbilstība cenai:6,6
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Numura veids
Deluxe klases numurs
Atlasīt pēc
Parāda 7 pārbaudītas atsauksmes
Guilberto no Filipīnas
Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
Deluxe klases numurs
Uzturējās2 naktis 2016. gada decembris
Appreciate the hospitality of all hotel staff
Well come back again..
Novērtēts 02 janvāris 2017
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Kim no Dānija
Deluxe klases numurs
Uzturējās18 naktis 2016. gada oktobris
A satisfied guest
Overall a pleasant stay. Very friendly staff.
Novērtēts 08 novembris 2016
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GLENDA no Filipīnas
Deluxe klases numurs
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada oktobris
i dont want to comment
room is big but airconditioning is too poor, that we need to ask for electric fan. toilet flush not working well. toilet smells not good. room is not to clean. breakfast sucks :(
Novērtēts 02 novembris 2016
Vai Jums šī atsauksme noderēja?|
mark no Apvienotā Karaliste
Deluxe klases numurs
Uzturējās4 naktis 2016. gada marts
great holiday
the room the veiws the service.
went there for 4 days.great room with stunning views from balcony and front door.the service great.enjoyed a swimm in the pool and went on a great tour in the north the place .thank you from mark parry and bhea donato.
Novērtēts 12 marts 2016
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Jonnaluz no Filipīnas
Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada decembris
Worst accommodations
The staff were actually ok but the way supervisor and manager handled turned all things around
Note that I was travelling with my 3 kids (1 yo, 4yo and 8yo) and in-laws who are both senior citizens. 1. First they refused to honor the confirmed hotel voucher insisting that it was only agoda who mishandled our booking nd we should just coordinate with them the refund (this is after hours of driving to their desolate hotel). We were asked to find another hotel as they were fully booked despite the confirmation we received. It was only after I raised my voice that they offered a cheaper room which I agreed given the urgency and knowing it won't be easy to find another hotel and we will just sleep there anyway since we'll be out the whole afternoon. 2. After we were actually ok with the cheaper room and just agreed that price difference will just be converted to extra breakfast, they OFFERRED to upgrade us to the old and creepy suite with no extra charge. Only to find out at 930pm after our afternoon laoag trip that the manager disapprove such offer of the supervisr and is asking us to just use the good-for-2pax room when what we actually paid for is good for 5 pax (Casitas room). I had to complain vehemently and insist on extra beds as it was very late already and my kids and in-laws are all very tired already. Imagine that they had the guts to tell me that they will charge for the extra beds. It took more than an hour to have our beds ready. My kids got to rest past 11pm. 3. Come breakfast time, despite being in the dining area at 830am (since b serving is only until 9am), what was served was some leftover hotdog with sauce and eggs. Another couple came 15mins after us and we all waited for so long before they replenished breakfast. They can never fault us for being unreasonable as what I asked for was only beds equivalent to what we paid for, no more no less. In fact, we even paid for the extra breakfast in the morning! What made this experience really WORST is they had no consideration that I was with kids and senior citizens! Never again in this resort!
Novērtēts 02 janvāris 2016
Vai Jums šī atsauksme noderēja?|
Roberto no Austrālija
Solo ceļotājs
Uzturējās4 naktis 2015. gada decembris
Overrated hotel
Rooms overlooked the coral reef and ocean
A very Disappointing visit. Breakfast was basic, one day it ran out of some dishes. With a lady serving breakfast who needs to smile. She was always grumpy. At night the front counter area was full of friends of staff members, they would walk through the complex at will. Staff seemed always idle all day, only a few were hardworking. Unless you have a car to travel around, the dangerous coral reefs and hotel pool isn't enough and definitely not worth the expense of this hotel.
Novērtēts 30 decembris 2015
Vai Jums šī atsauksme noderēja?|
Bryan no Filipīnas
Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
Deluxe klases numurs
Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada decembris
Hotel Desolate.
1. Sunset 2. Outdoor pool 3. Beach view from veranda.
Too pricey. Family room will cost about 3-4k, which I do not mind if only the beach is as beautiful as in Pagudpud. There's very little to do except laze in the pool and view the sunset. The resort needs more life, and less accomodation price.
Novērtēts 12 decembris 2015
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