Tiger Villa

Tiger Villa

Ranthambore Road, Sawaimadhopur, Ranthambore, Indija, 322001
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Deluxe klases numurs Tiger Villa
Deluxe klases numurs
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    Viesnīcas interjers Tiger Villa
    Viesnīcas interjers Tiger Villa
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    Deluxe klases numurs Tiger Villa
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     Tiger Villa

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  • Craft House130 m
  • Ranthambore School of Art420 m
  • Dhonk890 m
  • Jogi Mahal1,49 km
  • Chamatkar Temple1,54 km
  • Amareshwar Mahadeo Temple3,7 km
  • Rameshwaram Ghat3,73 km
  • Ganesh Temple3,73 km
  • Malik Talao8,32 km
  • Ranthambore nacionālais parks9,4 km
  • Atbilstība cenai:2,8
    Vietas vērtējums6,5

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    Deluxe klases numurs (Deluxe Room)
    Deluxe klases numurs (Deluxe Room)
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    • 1 King izmēra gulta
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    Luksusa (Luxury)
    Luksusa (Luxury)
    • Duša
    • 1 King izmēra gulta
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    Vairāk par Tiger Villa


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    Viesnīcas stāvoklis/tīrība:4,5
    Atrašanās vieta6,5
    Numurs komforts un kvalitāte4,9
    Atbilstība cenai:2,8
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    Phuong no Vjetnama
    Deluxe klases numurs
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2016. gada novembris

    It's nice place! I like it.”

    I like this place. Staffs are welcome.

    Novērtēts 11 novembris 2016
    sahil no Indija
    Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
    Deluxe klases numurs
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2015. gada decembris

    Uses old bottles for water, food is very bad, ”

    Location, room size,

    Christmas gala dinner was forced on us, 2500 per person... And it was nothing...

    Novērtēts 28 decembris 2015
    Ashish no Indija
    Ģimene ar maziem bērniem
    Uzturējās vienu nakti 2015. gada decembris

    Most Pathetic experience ever”

    Just Location

    Most Pathetic hotel and customer experience. I booked through Agoda and following was my experience: 1.We booked for one night including dinner and breakfast with luxury room 2.Checked in late night at 11.45PM. And the problem start.. 3. The person at reception didnt knew about Agoda bookings and said that yes we got a call from Agoda and a foreigner lady spoke, so we booked for her and cant give it to you. (Because it was a Xmas night we wanted agoda to ensure our booking and they did that well and Agoda cuatomer care called them to confirm booking) 4. We had to call back Agoda and they intervene and still took almost 40 min. to get the room key 5.And now came the excellence in their service. Their Reception guy knocked our door midnight at 1.45 AM, for apologizing for the inconvenience we faced for checking in and offered us a complementary tea/coffee that time. 6. we were silent and did not say anything because we were already tired and were sleeping and were mentally tired to argue with that creepy guy. But anyway, i asked him that the TV remote's battery seems to be dead so please take the remoted and refill and give it back in the morning... but answer came "leave it sir, who will watch the tv now, i will take the remote in the morning, will take manager's approval, and if have the batteries in stock, will replace otherwise will teach you how to change channels and volume without remote" . thats was an item... :) 7. Next morning, we escalated to Manager, but i think, they were highly unprofessional and just "leave it sir, that guy is like that" was a reply enough for satisfying him. 8. and more over, the room, the quality of products, the quality of services, the quality of staff and the quality of customer experience makes it just Rs.1500/- (USD 25) a night hotel. but they are around 100 USD... Wow.its full advantage to them for Ranthambhore being a tourist place.

    Novērtēts 28 decembris 2015
    Ļoti labi
    Annette no Nīderlande
    Ģimene ar lielākiem bērniem
    Deluxe klases numurs
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2012. gada decembris

    to expensive for India and for the quality”

    Close to the safari park

    It is a nice and clean hotel, with a beautifull garden and a swimmingpool. We stayed there at new years eve and were obliged to pay a lot of extra money because of the season and we had to take dinner there. Other meals were also expensive.No internet or computer in the hotel, so we had to go back to the village (5km) to print our voucher/papers we received online.

    Novērtēts 12 janvāris 2013
    Erica no Austrālija
    Deluxe klases numurs
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2012. gada decembris

    Worst place I've ever stayed”

    Pool, which we never used

    I don't know where to start. When we arrived, we found out we were the ONLY people staying that night. We'd been travelling for a while and just wanted to relax with a beer, only to find out the hotel didn't have an alcohol license. We were told we could drink in our room, which would have been nice if we were 16 and hiding from our parents. Even if we could have a drink, there was nowhere to have a drink. The restaurant was in the basement, no natural light and the only other communal space was the lobby, which was small. The TV had no reception, the shower didn't work, no hot water and the toilet didn't flush. I have no idea where they received their 3/4 star hotel rating but it would be more like a 2, if that. When we had dinner (by ourselves), the hotel manager literally parked himself next to us and watched us eat. It was beyond creepy, we thought we were in a scene from 'The Shining'. We booked 2 nights but left on the second day and decided it was worth losing our room just to stay somewhere nice and not feel stressed out, which was the right decision. Avoid this place at all costs, it cost us, don't let it cost you.

    Novērtēts 25 decembris 2012
    Jean no Peru
    Deluxe klases numurs
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2011. gada decembris

    terrible experience. awful service”


    At first the hotel was fine, but the overall experience was terrible. Rooms where really cold, the shower had no hot water and the bathroom smelled. Originally we were to stay for two nights, but ended up leaving on the first day. The staff are useless. None of them speak any English and it seem impossible to ask for anything. The price is also outrageous if you compare it with other hotels. From the pictures, it looks as if it was more luxurios, but not. It is not worth it at all. They want to charge for everything and there is so much staff, they all want tips, which ends up being a bit of a hassle. Not because of the amount of money, but because it feels they want to ripp you off.

    Novērtēts 06 janvāris 2012
    kevin no Apvienotā Karaliste
    Deluxe klases numurs
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2011. gada decembris


    nice garden and pool

    Room was shabby, especially the bathroom. Food choice limited and poor quality.

    Novērtēts 14 decembris 2011
    Hanitriniaina no Francija
    Deluxe klases numurs
    Uzturējās2 naktis 2011. gada novembris

    Hôtel ne laissant pas de marbre mais de glace”

    Emplacement de l'hôtel par rapport au parc

    Points forts : - Petit déjeuner très varié et copieux Points faibles : - Chambre glaciale avec le sol en marbre dans toutes les allées de l’hôtel ainsi que les chambres. Aucun tapis ni dans la chambre ni dans la salle de bain. Sans chauffage disponible. Assez froid pour vous congéler en une nuit. - Le personnel, bien qu’ils soient gentils, ne vous laissera jamais tranquille dans votre chambre. Ils viendront frapper à la porte sans arrêt pour savoir si vous voulez prendre à boire, ou si vous voulez réserver votre place au restaurant pour le diner ou le déjeuner, ou si vous avez besoin d’un réveil le lendemain, etc… C’est insupportable à la fin. On peut bien venir demander tout cela en cas de besoin.

    Novērtēts 07 decembris 2011
    Šī ir populāra naktsmītnes. Nepalaidiet garām!

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