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Bohol Coconut Palms Resort

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Bohol Coconut Palms Resort
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Bilik Deluxe - Bilik Tetamu
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            Ada soalan mengenai Bohol Coconut Palms Resort?

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            • Lapangan Terbang Tagbilaran (TAG)
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            • Medical Mission Group Hospital & Health Services Bohol Cooperative Hospital
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            • Shell Shop
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            Kualiti dan keselesaan bilik6.0
            Berbaloi dengan harga5.1
            Makanan dan tempat makan5.3
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            Bilik Deluxe
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            Tunjuk 11 ulasan sahih
            Nina dari Slovenia
            Bilik Standard
            Menginap 2 malam di November 2013
            Not nice experience
            close to the road from where you can get a public transportation, breakfast included
            Firstly I would like to point out that pictures are totally misleading and you do not get what you payed for. Breakfast was ok, they offered you coffee with rice,fish and eggs. The staff is not friendy, they do not speak good english and they did not wanted to help us, when we needed assistence. We had to wait very long to check in and the pool is very old and needs to be repaired. The standard room was very,very small but it was clean. The price is overrated and on agoda they offer almost no discout compaired to price you pay if you book with them.All in all old hotel that needs to be repaired and employ some friendly staff or lower the prices. Not worth the money.
            Diulas 13 Januari 2014
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            Idenitha dari Sweden
            Keluarga dengan anak kecil
            Bilik Keluarga
            Menginap satu malam di Julai 2013
            family room was stinky
            It looks nice outside. A good tourist guide,
            This hotel is not worth the price you paid for. Bad family room, stinky, rooms needs renovation, our windows was broken and they let us pay. My cousins room the doorknob was broken and they was locked in, they transferred 3 times. Watchout to make transport deal (rent a van) because the owner take advantage at the end...very poor attitude!!! But thanks to Tatang and Ronald (driver).
            Diulas 14 Julai 2013
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            Vanessa dari Filipina
            Keluarga dengan anak kecil
            Bilik Standard
            Menginap 2 malam di Mei 2013
            relaxing, my kids enjoyed it
            swimming pool, clean rooms, relaxing environment
            Diulas 10 Mei 2013
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            John dari Amerika Syarikat
            Bilik Standard
            Menginap 2 malam di Januari 2013
            Average hotel, no hot water, plumbing problems
            Swimming pool is huge, clean
            located on the beach in baclayon, about 15 minutes from tagbilaran and 30 minutes from panglao's alona beach. the plumbing was not working in the rooms -- toilet would not flush, several water leaks in the bathroom. we had "dinner" in the restaurant. from the full-page menu, all they had was pancit.
            Diulas 31 Januari 2013
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            michael dari Amerika Syarikat
            Bilik Deluxe
            Menginap 2 malam di November 2012
            no clue about online registration
            the pool is very nice
            when we got to the hotel they had no idea about our reservation. Because it was in the evenings and they could not call the main office they were reluctant to let us check in. However, after showing our online email and 15 minutes of discussion we were shown our room. 2 days later when we tried to check out we were unable to because they claimed they have not received payment. I requested a receipt from agoda, not good enough they wanted us to pay a room in cash before we could checkout. Then They wanted me To call agoda. When I try to explain that it was their response ability to contact agota. They Told me ThaT The main office did noT know how To do that, this after 4 phone call to the main office. Finally aFter 2 and a half hours and a couple more phone calls and maybe providing the address and phone number for agoda. they had knowledge that they had been paid and let us check out without paying again. No apology was giveN for all this hassle and their attitude seems to be the winner trying to do some kind of a scam. I will not be staying there anytime soon and I hope to go to that something about this kind of bad customer service.
            Diulas 15 November 2012
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            riza dari Filipina
            Bilik Deluxe
            Menginap 5 malam di Oktober 2011
            Pricy for what the place was
            Staff very helpful to a point
            We stayed one night in a standard room but it was very small and the reception on tv was bad,no toilet seat on toilet,bed was hard,and wash basin loose on floor. So we upgraded to bigger room and still no toilet seat or reception on tv. Asked for tv and toilet seat was told only that cable co. was called and that it was not fixable. But was offerd other room where reception was good?????? when we tried to pay the extra amount we owed thier credit machine couldn't get signal on phone line or something was told. I certainly can't see 5200pesos per night for thier suite in the newer section. I will commend the waiter and cook in resturaunt.
            Diulas 26 Oktober 2011
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            Pengembara solo
            Bilik Standard
            Menginap 4 malam di September 2011
            Convenient resort
            Convenient location
            the location of the resort is ok when you want to go around tagbilaran and baclayon. but it's not a comfy resort if you want to rest on it for a whole day. the pool 'looks' ok, but it seems that it haven't been cleaned for days.
            Diulas 22 September 2011
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            Mary dari Filipina
            Bilik Standard
            Menginap satu malam di Ogos 2011
            Good service!
            They were so accomodating and courteous.
            We had a nice stay. The place was nice and peaceful..
            Diulas 09 September 2011
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            ALBERT dari Belanda
            Bilik Deluxe
            Menginap 3 malam di Ogos 2011
            to be avoided
            nice garden during daytime, large pool if water would be clean
            This hotel was a real mistake. It is situated along a busy road and nothing is accessible on foot from there on. The garden is nice, but apparently not nice enough to be illuminated at night: all is dark! Maybe because we were of the very few, if not the only, guests. Although the ocean is just across the busy road, you cannot access it. The hotel has a vocabulary of its own. We booked a “deluxe” room. But the “deluxe” room is so small that you can hardly fit your suitcase in there. The bed is against the wall. I wonder what a “standard” room can be. We upgraded to the “suite” room which was nothing more than a standard room in any other hotel. Traffic noise was so loud that you sometimes could not hear the television, if you could see the channels to start with. The signal was bad. The pool is indeed very large, but it was poorly maintained. The water was not clean! Staff did not do anything to take at least the floating leaves out. They occupied the common area. When you lay down at the pool side, you can even smell the fumes from the nearby passing trucks and cars. Furniture like seats and beds looked dirty. Half of choice of breakfast was not available. If you want tea instead of coffee, bring your own! What ever was served was in small portions. The staff at the reception was polite, but certainly not friendly. When I specified that I needed to pay for one extra egg taken at breakfast, listed for 10 pesos but not appearing on the bill, the lady wanted to check the price! Matter of confidence. This hotel does NOT deserve the qualification as '”resort”.
            Diulas 06 September 2011
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            Ailyn dari Filipina
            Bilik Deluxe
            Menginap satu malam di Ogos 2011
            Away from the city and the beach
            Good service
            We checked in late around 7pm and noticed right away that the place is quite secluded, the nearest town is miles away, and there's no beach around the area. Apparently, we were the only occupants at that time, but this is okay as we can use the pool to ourselves. I've read in a previous review that the rooms are small so i upgraded the standard room to deluxe, we occupied 3 deluxe rooms at that time. Still the room is small, with double sized bed. The free breakfast is disappointing, served with instant tapa, 2pcs (2x2" in size, very thin), one egg, instant coffee. other option is 2pcs small longganisa. We prefer to stay in the city next time, or at Panglao Island.
            Diulas 09 Ogos 2011
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            Bohol Coconut Palms Resort
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