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  • Kebersihan 5.5
  • Lokasi 7.7
  • Kualiti dan keselesaan bilik 5.8
  • Perkhidmatan 5.3
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 5.9
  • Makanan dan tempat makan 4.8
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  • Single Standard
  • Double Standard
  • Twin Standard
  • Triple Standard
  • Quad Standard
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Gina dari Filipina
Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Double Standard
Menginap 3 malam di April 2014
“nice vacation”
speed internet,close to all public transport,close to shopping area
This is the first time family vacation out of our country,my family have so much fun going Hongkong Disneyland,Ocean Park,and riding cable car to see Giant Buddha.Our hotel easy access to shopping area and public transport.
Diulas 03 Mei 2014
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shayla dari Kanada
Double Standard
Menginap satu malam di Julai 2012
“Clean hostel in not such a clean location ”
Clean room
This specific hostel was one of the cleaner ones we have seen/stayed in. The rooms are very small, but they are clean and do have their own bathrooms. The staff were interesting, didn't seem too nice or helpful at first, but I think its just because they are always really busy. It also takes a really long time to get upstairs because there are only one of elevator banks that you can use to get to certain floors in different areas, so everyone is trying to cram into the elevators all at the same time and you usually have to wait a few rounds before you can get your spot on the elevator. All in all its not the nicest place to stay but it is the most budget friendly.
Diulas 02 Oktober 2012
Ulasan ini telah membantu seorang pengembara. Anda juga? |
fe dari Filipina
Double Standard
Menginap satu malam di Ogos 2012
“small rooms but very clean”
provided w/ mineral water and hot water , you can take it as long as u want.
at first its hard to find the hotel booked for us coz you couldn't see england premier backpacker's inn, they can confirmed your hotel booking through the address indicated such as chungking mansion 15/f,block c.nathan road. = not really safe coz it has no double lock inside the room. - nice place coz located at the center, wherein you can buy cheaper one and very accessible for the bus going to airport. - provided w/ mineral water and hot water. and the staff will respond ur needs and inquiries..
Diulas 21 Ogos 2012
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arlyn dari Filipina
Triple Standard
Menginap 4 malam di Mac 2012
“Nice hotel, Nice to be back again”
near from the market
It's such a greet experience staying in the hotel. At first we we're surprised that there is so many different people came from different nationalities yet as friendly as were country we came. What we really want there is it's much cheaper than the other and very near from terminals and market place.
Diulas 02 April 2012
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JingCong, dari Singapura
Triple Standard
Menginap 2 malam di Mac 2012
“Good location but small room and long wait at lift”
location only
The room is very small. The wait at lift lobby can be as long as 15 mins as it can only hold 5-7 people depending on their size. The area has alot of people loitering around which makes it feel unsafe at night, even during the day time
Diulas 29 Mac 2012
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Melvin dari Malaysia
Double Standard
Menginap satu malam di Mac 2012
“England Premier Backpacker's Inn”
Good location
You can get whatever you want at downstairs of the building...just the room are really too small for couple...
Diulas 20 Mac 2012
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roana dari Filipina
Keluarga dengan anak remaja
Double Standard
Menginap 2 malam di Februari 2012
“great location but small rooms...”
accesible to all the places you want to go
when i saw the room that we gonna stay it's so small it's not the same with the pictures that they post in the internet....they are so many africans and indians staying at the lobby of the hotel ..many sellers are in the area it look like a market place,,,, but the hotel assistant is nice she guide us to the place we want to go...
Diulas 07 Mac 2012
Ulasan ini telah membantu 3 pengembara. Anda juga? |
MOHAMED dari Malaysia
Double Standard
Menginap 3 malam di Februari 2012
“Small rooms, small lift, although great location”
no value for your money
They dont' change the towels. I book 4 rooms for 3 days, but they only can provide 2 rooms in the same block. The other 2 rooms was located in the other block and we have to used the stairs because the lift is until 15th flr. The stairs are dirty and smelly. The place is not safe for single ladies to stay in. The pictures displayed on the Agoda is too good to be true. Do not believe the pictures. The room and the bed was soo small compared to what I've expected. The receptionist was rude to customers. After u get in to your room, u did not hv the access to the receptionist to complaint because they hv locked the door. One way route, once u get in, u cannot go the front, to go out, u hv to other lift in block B.
Diulas 04 Mac 2012
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Anna dari Rusia
Pengembara solo
Single Standard
Menginap 5 malam di Februari 2012
there was not clean and very cold in the room. I don't like it at all.
Diulas 03 Mac 2012
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Lam dari Malaysia
Double Standard
Menginap 4 malam di Februari 2012
“bed too small for Double Standard Room ”
great location, near mrt.
I Suggested that take two seperated bed for couple, because the Double bed is too small and short. The room is clean and a housekeeping clean up everyday with smile face.
Diulas 21 Februari 2012
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