Sangat Bagus 7.8
berdasarkan 251 ulasan
  • Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik

  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam

  • penyaman udara

  • pengemasan harian

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Tentang Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel


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Akses Internet

  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam
  • Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik


  • Kereta sewa
  • pengangkutan lapangan terbang
  • khidmat shuttle
  • tempat letak kereta

Aktiviti Menarik, Cara untuk Bersantai

  • Gelanggang tenis
  • lawatan
  • Rumah urut
  • karaoke
  • padang golf (di lokasi)
  • spa
  • kasino
  • pantai peribadi
  • taman
  • Kolam renang [terbuka]
  • pusat kecergasan

Makan, Minum, Makanan Ringan

  • bar
  • kedai kopi
  • Khidmat bilik [24 jam]
  • bar tepi kolam
  • khidmat bilik
  • Restoran

Perkhidmatan dan Kemudahan

  • ATM
  • kedai cenderahati
  • peti deposit keselamatan
  • cucian kering
  • khidmat dobi
  • simpanan bagasi
  • kawasan merokok
  • pengemasan harian
  • Kedai
  • penjaga pintu

Untuk Kanak-Kanak

  • Kolam renang [kanak-kanak]
  • Taman permainan


  • daftar masuk [24 jam]
  • haiwan peliharaan dibenarkan
  • mesra kerusi roda
  • fasiliti tetamu kurang upaya
  • kaunter pendaftaran [24 jam]
  • pengawal keselamatan 24 jam

Disediakan dalam semua bilik

  • air botol percuma
  • pancuran
  • peti keselamatan
  • kelengkapan tandas
  • penyaman udara
  • TV satelit/kabel

Bahasa yang digunakan

  • bahasa Inggeris
  • bahasa Cina (Mandarin)
  • Filipina
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Maklumat Berguna

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Ulasan Agoda (251)
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Sangat Bagus
  • Kebersihan 8.0
  • Kemudahan 7.7
  • Lokasi 7.6
  • Kualiti dan keselesaan bilik 8.0
  • Perkhidmatan 8.0
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 7.7
  • Makanan dan tempat makan 7.3
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Sangat Bagus
daripada 96 ulasan
  • Kebersihan 8.0
  • Kemudahan 8.1
  • Lokasi 7.5
  • Kualiti dan keselesaan bilik 8.2
  • Perkhidmatan 8.3
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 7.6
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Bahasa ulasan
  • English
  • 日本語
  • 简体中文
  • Nederlands
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • 한국어
  • 繁體中文 (香港)
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Jenis Bilik
  • Standard
  • Bilik Deluxe

Saring ikut
Tunjuk 251 ulasan
  • buang semua

Jaynor dari Filipina
Pengembara bisnes
Menginap satu malam di September 2013
“Old hotel but good to stay”
Nothing much to say, ok for short stay
Diulas 01 Februari 2017
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Ferdinand dari Filipina
Pengembara bisnes
Bilik Deluxe
Menginap satu malam di Januari 2017
I had to travel to Laoag overnight for legal matters. Checking the web, I noted that only Fort Ilocandia had the facilities I needed for business, so I booked. I was not disappointed. The hotel is five star all the way. The Sunset Suite was huge and had a great view from two balconies. It was clean and smelled good although they gave me a smoking room. Amenities are topnotch. The views are fantastic, and it was majestic in the sense that the compound where the hotel is located was sprawling. The decor is a step up from other hotels: it exuded Old World ambiance, a far cry from the cookie cutter interiors of hotel chains. It had quality rugs on the floor and hardwood furniture. The food was good and servings generous, although for authentic Ilocano fare you'sd have to go to the town porper. It was also very close to the airport, and the shuttle was a new Toyota van. Their service rental was a Ford E150 van. The tariff and incidentals were surprisingly reasonable for the quality of the service and the facilities. Of course, not much to see outside the hotel, but it's not the hotel's fault. The only sour note is the profusion of Chinese guests, who were boisterous and uncouth. In all, a wonderful experience. Going back with the family next month. YEAH BA!
Diulas 20 Januari 2017
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Rosendo dari Amerika Syarikat
Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Menginap 2 malam di Disember 2016
“So so”
1) The buffet breakfast was barely passing. There were very limited choices. 2) The facilities are already old and dilapidated. They need to repair a lot of things in the hotel.
Diulas 06 Januari 2017
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
LUN dari Singapura
Menginap satu malam di Disember 2016
“Moderate and overrated”
Nice building and architecture but not well maintained. Can be better improved with the amenities and staff services.
Diulas 09 Disember 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu 2 pengembara. Anda juga? |
Jewel dari Filipina
Menginap 2 malam di November 2016
“Highly recommended ”
Very much impressed with the shuttle service, not just from the Airport to Hotel, but they have daily shuttle service to the city proper. We did not spend a penny on transportation because the Hotel already provided for it. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet of different cuisines. The room was very spacious, especially for the deal we got from Agoda. There are several scenic spots in the place that the travellers could enjoy and have their picture taken. There is also an olympic-sized pool, that any swimmer, such as my husband could enjoy. Looking forward to going back with the whole family again.
Diulas 03 Disember 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu 2 pengembara. Anda juga? |
Jafarulah dari Singapura
Menginap 3 malam di November 2016
everything was great!
Diulas 20 November 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu 2 pengembara. Anda juga? |
Mary dari Amerika Syarikat
Keluarga dengan anak remaja
Menginap 2 malam di November 2016
“It was a wonderful time with very attentive staff”
Very impressed by all the staff who were so friendly and helpful. So many amenities and activities to do.
Diulas 11 November 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu 2 pengembara. Anda juga? |
Rowena dari Amerika Syarikat
Menginap 2 malam di Oktober 2016
“Awful Experience!!! ”
Our first time to stay at Fort Ilocandia. It was rated 5 star but we believe this is a over rated hotel. The location is nice and the hotel itself but the management, rules and regulation sucks! I will enumerate it one by one. Oct 23 we arrived at the hotel around 3 pm. The reception desk was asking for my original id. Since we are from the USA we are taking originals with us just photo copies. I showed them the DL on my iphone and the manager said oh we need the original . I replied really for what? you only need it for identification and that is my face on the drivers license. He replied oh just to attached to the file. I said look just print a copy of this and you have a copy for your file ( duh) and that's what they did. The lack some imagination or trouble shooting experiences. The the bus boy took us to our room which is like way to far from the entrance. We are with an elderly person and she could not walk but was force to walk to get to our room ( no choice). This hotel is not handicapped friendly so pls beware! It is not senior citizen friendly either. We arrived at the our room 3 pm and it super hot! we ask the front desk to check on it and they said give it an hour. Guess what 3 hours has gone by and it is still super hot. They finally sent engineering to work on this and it took almost 5 hours for our room to finally cool off. Around 10 pm we went out and notice that our doors are not locking properly - OMG we called the engineering again and they were fixing it and hammering etcc. making loud noises till 11 pm while we are trying to rest!!! I got up and was express my frustrations. Pls note this is only our first night. The second day we ask for fresh towels. They said we are going to charge you 50 pesos for the extra towels. I said OMG for a five start hotel you are charging your customer 50 pesos for extra towels. I said forget it. We also always run out of tissue paper. They provide us one tissue paper for three people inside t
Diulas 03 November 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu 2 pengembara. Anda juga? |
Nathalie dari Filipina
Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Menginap 2 malam di Oktober 2016
“The best of all”
The best of the best
Diulas 31 Oktober 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu 2 pengembara. Anda juga? |
Marie dari Filipina
Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Menginap satu malam di Oktober 2016
“Every common area in the hotel is a smoking zone. Facilities really old.”
Cigarette smell is everywhere. Bathtub doesnt work. Breakfast fare is dismal. Practically everything is closed or does not work - fishing, zoo, 4x4, etc.
Diulas 28 Oktober 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu 2 pengembara. Anda juga? |


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