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30 September 2016 - 02 Oktober 2016 | 2 malam
Ruang Apa yang termasuk Kapasiti Harga semalam Bilik
Penyaman Udara Standard Double (Standard Double Air Conditioning)
  • Pemandangan: Taman
  • 1 Bilik
  • 30 sq.m.
  • 2 Katil Single atau 1 Katil Double
  • Polisi pembatalan
  • 77
    • MYR
    • 54
Tidak termasuk dalam harga bilik:
Caj perkhidmatan 10%, Cukai hotel 7%, Cukai bandar 1%
Pilihan Ramai!

5 Bilik Terakhir

Bilik Standard Double atau Twin (Standard Double or Twin Room)
  • 30 sq.m.
  • Bayar di penginapan
  • Polisi pembatalan
    • MYR
    • 61
Tidak termasuk dalam harga bilik:
Tax 7%

5 Bilik Terakhir

Bilik Double atau Twin Termasuk Teres (Double or Twin Room with Terrace)
  • 30 sq.m.
  • Bayar di penginapan
  • Polisi pembatalan
    • MYR
    • 72
Tidak termasuk dalam harga bilik:
Tax 7%

5 Bilik Terakhir

Bilik Deluxe Double - Penyaman Udara (Deluxe Double Room Air Conditioning)
  • Pemandangan: Taman
  • 1 Bilik
  • 40 sq.m.
  • 1 Katil King
  • Polisi pembatalan
  • 119
    • MYR
    • 79
Tidak termasuk dalam harga bilik:
Caj perkhidmatan 10%, Cukai hotel 7%, Cukai bandar 1%

2 Bilik Terakhir

  • Bayar di penginapan
  • Polisi pembatalan
    • MYR
    • 89
Tidak termasuk dalam harga bilik:
Tax 7%

2 Bilik Terakhir

Tentang Hollanda Montri Guesthouse


Direka untuk kedua-dua tujuan perniagaan dan percutian, Hollanda Montri Guesthouse terletak di lokasi strategik di Chiang Mai; salah satu kawasan yang paling popular di bandar tersebut. Hanya 2.0 km dari pusat bandar, lokasi strategik hotel memastikan tetamu boleh ke mana-mana sahaja dengan cepat dan mudah ke tempat-tempat tarikan. Juga terletak berdekatan adalah The Suvannabumi Art Gallery, Monsoon Tea, Aka Spa.

Kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh Hollanda Montri Guesthouse memastikan penginapan yang menyenangkan bagi para tetamu. Untuk menamakan beberapa kemudahan di hotel ini, terdapat Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik, pengemasan harian, simpanan bagasi, Wi-Fi di tempat awam, letak kereta berjoki.

Alami bilik dengan kemudahan berkualiti tinggi sepanjang anda menginap di sini. Sebahagian bilik menyediakan teh percuma, almari, tuala, kopi segera percuma, pintu masuk peribadi untuk memudahkan tetamu berehat dan kembali bertenaga. Kemudahan rekreasi hotel, yang termasuk seperti meja biliard, taman direka untuk anda melarikan diri dari masalah dan bersantai. Kemudahan yang hebat dan lokasi yang sangat baik membuatkan Hollanda Montri Guesthouse menjadi asas yang sempurna untuk menikmati penginapan anda di Chiang Mai.
Tunjuk lebih banyak sembunyikan


Akses Internet

  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam
  • Wi-Fi percuma semua bilik


  • Kereta sewa
  • letak kereta berjoki
  • sewa basikal
  • tempat letak kereta

Aktiviti Menarik, Cara untuk Bersantai

  • khidmat tiket
  • lawatan
  • taman

Makan, Minum, Makanan Ringan

  • bar
  • kedai kopi
  • kedai runcit
  • khidmat bilik
  • Restoran

Perkhidmatan dan Kemudahan

  • kawasan merokok
  • khidmat dobi
  • khidmat pos
  • pengemasan harian
  • penjaga pintu
  • perpustakaan
  • peti deposit keselamatan
  • simpanan bagasi

Untuk Kanak-Kanak

  • bilik keluarga


  • haiwan peliharaan dibenarkan
  • mesra kerusi roda
  • pengawal keselamatan 24 jam

Bahasa yang digunakan

  • bahasa Belanda
  • bahasa Inggeris
  • bahasa Jerman
  • bahasa Thai
  • Khmer
  • Lao
Tunjuk lebih banyak sembunyikan


Kanak-kanak dan katil tambahan
Kanak-kanak 0-4 tahun Menginap percuma jika menggunakan katil sedia ada.
  • Katil tambahan adalah bergantung kepada bilik yang anda pilih, sila periksa polisi bilik individu untuk maklumat lebih lanjut.
Jika anda menempah lebih daripada 5 buah bilik, polisi berbeza dan caj tambahan mungkin akan diguna pakai.
Tunjuk lebih banyak sembunyikan

Maklumat Berguna

Bilangan bar: 1
Bilangan bilik: 16
Bilangan restoran: 1
Bilangan tingkat: 1
Bilik / tingkat tidak merokok: Yes
Daftar Keluar Hingga: 12:00 AM
Jarak dari pusat bandar: 2.0 km
Jarak ke lapangan terbang: 8 km
Masa ke lapangan terbang (minit): 15
Voltan bilik: 220
Tunjuk lebih banyak sembunyikan

Komen terkini daripada pengunjung

Pilih Jenis Pengunjung
Sangat Bagus

daripada 92 ulasan
  • Kebersihan 7.1
  • Kemudahan 2.8
  • Lokasi 7.5
  • Keselesaan/Standard Bilik 7.1
  • Layanan Kakitangan 7.8
  • Berbaloi dengan harga 7.9
  • Makanan/Tempat Makan 7.7
Saring ikut

DUANGPORN dari Thailand
Bilik Deluxe Double - Penyaman Udara
Menginap 2 malam di September 2016
I booked 3 bookings
Room was not ready to welcome guest.
Diulas 27 September 2016

DUANGPORN dari Thailand
Penyaman Udara Standard Double
Menginap 2 malam di September 2016
Guesthouse was not ready welcoming guest.
Bathroom is a bit dirty.
Diulas 27 September 2016

DUANGPORN dari Thailand
Bilik Double atau Twin Termasuk Teres
Menginap 2 malam di September 2016
Unpleasant staying
Room was not ready to welcome guest.
Diulas 27 September 2016

Antoine dari Perancis
Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Penyaman Udara Standard Double
Menginap 2 malam di Ogos 2016
Room is clean but service really bad
The room, the air con, everthing about that is great even if it's a little oldy. You got also a great balcony and no noise at all during the night. BUT ! The restaurant is closing very early and then, you can't even barrow the bicycle or rent a bike. I have to say that the hostel is very far from the main area and most of the restaurant around have only thai language menu and don't speack a word. They just tell you okay go the one next to the hostel wich id a very high budget restaurant wich when we are traveling for that kind of time we can't afford. So you just have to walk at least 2 km to find something to eat. Plus, they have a paper one ecery room with a listing of every service they got, including a kind of tuktuk they call different who can transport you to the old town of chiang for "less than 20baht per person" wich is great, but i ask for that and then a tuk tuk come and ask for 150, for what, 3 km! We just say no way and the lady say ok, then you have to walk to find your own cab. Another time i ask for the price of a bike, the girl say to me 200baht, wich was already expensive but okay (considering that the next day i get for 99 in the old town) and then when the guy arrive the price was up to 250. I ask the girl if its a joke, she just say to me "you can't refuse if u want" well but i needed it so.. Here it is, not everything is bad but they have bad services, and if u see a price writen, get prepared to pay at list twice the price haha
Diulas 16 Ogos 2016

Adam dari Thailand
Bilik Double atau Twin Termasuk Teres
Menginap 2 malam di Januari 2016
Great for backpackers, but that's about it.
River front was nice.
This place was a bit too rustic and primitive for us - though we've been traveling in Asia for over a year. Room was very bare. No soap, no night stands, no shades on light bulbs, etc. We even left after one night because of all the loud partiers next door and coming and going down the hallway all night long. Plus beers and drinks were double of what they cost in many places nearby.
Diulas 22 Januari 2016

Stephanie dari Amerika Syarikat
Pengembara solo
Penyaman Udara Standard Double
Menginap 7 malam di Januari 2016
I loved my stay here! I even extended!
Staff, Location, services
I stayed at Hollanda Montri for a little over 2 weeks while attending classes for Thai massage at the Sunshine School. I originally only booked for one week but then ended up extending it. The rooms are nice- nothing amazing but they are clean and have the essentials. Decently quiet at night and they have complimentary water bottles. The staff was very nice especially the tall man who is there in the evenings. Spoke to me by name, memorized my room number and was extremely helpful and entertaining. My first interaction with him i was sitting alone looking at a map and he came over and highlighted the good spots and told me about different events, politics and general thai culture. The restaurant was pretty good and you could put everything on your room and pay later on in case you are in a hurry or do not want to bother with paying every time. My flight arrived very late in the evening but I contacted them and they were able to have the night guard hold my key so I could still access my room. The location is right on the Ping river with direct access to a path running along it which turned out to be very helpful to go under the bridge as opposed to the chaos of trying to cross. I definitely recommend this guesthouse to others and would love to come back my next time in Thailand.
Diulas 10 Januari 2016

Laura dari Amerika Syarikat
Bilik Deluxe Double - Penyaman Udara
Menginap 2 malam di Ogos 2015
"Buggy" Guesthouse
very friendly staff, nice outdoor atmosphere, food was pretty good
This is definitely more of a hostel experience than I was hoping for. Booked 2 nights, but only stayed 1. Bugs are everywhere. We actually didn't even sleep under the covers because of this. Wallpaper was peeling, decor was dated, just didn't make me feel relaxed. The staff is the saving grace. Super friendly. The cafe/bar area is a great place to chill and eat (however, I was slightly sick the rest of the night; not sure if it was from this place or not). Would recommend if you want some place cheap, don't mind sharing your bed with some bugs, and don't care about what the place looks like.
Diulas 10 Ogos 2015

Junho dari Korea Selatan
Penyaman Udara Standard Double
Menginap satu malam di Jun 2015
Good mood
Value for money, staff, atmosphere
Overall ok.
Diulas 19 Jun 2015

jennifer dari United Kingdom
Penyaman Udara Standard Double
Menginap 3 malam di Disember 2014
Great stay, nice restaurant & staff
Restaurant/bar food & staff
This guesthouse was a great find, during our stay in North Thailand we went back here a couple of times to meet up with friends. Good price food and delicious! Staff became like friends, very attentive and friendly. Rooms are OK need a little lick of paint but good size and reasonable price. Would recommend for couples and solo travellers. Situated on the river with bar overlooking good seating and next door has live music which you might like.
Diulas 23 April 2015

Sasithorn dari Thailand
Pengembara solo
Penyaman Udara Standard Double
Menginap 2 malam di Februari 2015
Nice area
nice staff
Diulas 25 Mac 2015

Cukai dan caj perkhidmatan pada umumnya ialah caj pemulihan yang Agoda bayar kepada vendor atau caj yang dikutip oleh vendor. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila lihat Terma Penggunaan Agoda. Cukai dan caj perkhidmatan juga mungkin mengandungi bayaran untuk Agoda bagi memproses sesuatu tempahan.

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