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Royal Mirage Beach Resort

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Skor ulasan3.7
Berdasarkan 23 ulasan
Royal Mirage Beach Resort
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  • 650 m dari pantai

  • penyaman udara

  • beranda/teres

  • Khidmat bilik [24 jam]

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Bilik Superior (Superior Room)
  • Pemandangan: Bandar
  • 65 m²/700 kaki
  • 1 Katil King
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Bilik Standard (Standard Room)
  • Pemandangan: Bandar
  • 48 m²/517 kaki
  • 1 Katil King
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standard deluxe
  • Pemandangan: Taman
  • 22 m²/237 kaki
  • 2 Katil Single atau 1 Katil...
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Kualiti dan keselesaan bilik4.5
Berbaloi dengan harga3.3
Makanan dan tempat makan3.3
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Bilik Standard
standard deluxe
Bilik Superior
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Tunjuk 22 ulasan sahih
Thiyagu dari Malaysia
Pengembara solo
Bilik Standard
Menginap satu malam di Jun 2017
Boleh diterima
not clean at all..heater not working..somemore expensive..only the staff at reception is friendly and willing to help me on train and other help.
Diulas 16 Jun 2017
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Aparna dari India
Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Bilik Superior
Menginap 2 malam di April 2017
Worst service. improper response. Total Cheating
Worst service. improper response. Total Cheating.
Diulas 02 Mei 2017
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Gabriel dari Perancis
Bilik Standard
Menginap 4 malam di Januari 2017
Hi, I'm a frequent travel and I HAD NEVER HAD SUCH A BAD EXPERIENCE. We booked 3 rooms for 4 nights, everything was confirmed and paid before arrival. When we arrived there, the receptionist said there is no booking at my name. I asked to double-check the name, booking ID, etc. He said it wasn't his problem and I should call Agoda on a Friday night at 9PM on my roaming.... After 10 minutes, he finally admitted that I have a booking but that it has been cancelled days ago. I was surprised because I didn't received any notification from Agoda before arrival and when I checked at that moment in my Agoda account, the bookings were stil confirmed. So I asked for the cancellation confirmation, he finally showed me the email after another 15 minutes of negotiation. The email was sent less than 24h before the arrival so of course, Agoda didn't get time to proceed it. I asked a printing of this email. Of course, he refused as he was rude and aggressive since the beginning. He then offered us to RENT another apartment which was shocking compared to the fact that we already PAID for this hotel. The guys at the reception were not trying at all to find a solution. The receptionist even stopped talking to us to play snooker instead of solving the problem. After more than 1 hour of rough discussions, we decided to leave without any proof that our booking was cancelled and had to find another hotel which was complicated because it was a long weekend in India. Luckily, the following days, I raised a complain to Agoda which totally understood the case and refund us the booking and the different of the hotel that we had to book. SO DON'T EVER GO TO HIS HOSTEL, even if it's still your last option
Diulas 22 Mac 2017
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subhadeep dari India
Bilik Standard
Menginap 3 malam di Disember 2016
Third class hotel, never ever go there
Ours was 5.5k a day, bt the service we got doesn't even worth 2.5k..Staffs r horrible, Damm dirty place...NVR ever I wl go there
Diulas 14 Mac 2017
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C dari India
Bilik Superior
Menginap 3 malam di Februari 2017
it is waste of ur money and nice holiday trip will get spoiled if u opt this resort
No staff, no clean room, no room service, reception staff very rough, not even cared to ask anything even at the time of check in or check out as it was online booked, very very bad and poor cleanliness, not hygienic , not even cared to clean the room for three days of our stay, no heater, no water.... Pls don't waste ur money by booking this resort. Very very bad.
Diulas 01 Mac 2017
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ROHIT dari India
Bilik Standard
Menginap 2 malam di Disember 2016
Please remove this hotel from your list. It is not matching with Agoda's standards at all. No cleanl
Copy paste all above.
Diulas 06 Januari 2017
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Alfred dari India
standard deluxe
Menginap satu malam di Disember 2016
pathetic hospitality... AC was not working.. unfriendly staff..
bias attention to foreigners eho
Diulas 13 Disember 2016
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James dari United Kingdom
standard deluxe
Menginap 14 malam di Februari 2016
The worst hotel I have ever stated in
I have been to goa 14 times stopped in some good hotels some not so good but this was the pits. Pool was never cleaned no one could go in . we ad 4 rooms we not one ad a TV that worked. Some ac worked on and of .all rooms were fillfhey 2 block ad no water that ad to move rooms yet again .I would not go back there for free . please don't send any poor sole there . or send a rep to look .
Diulas 11 Mac 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu seorang pengembara. Anda juga?|
Fae dari United Kingdom
standard deluxe
Menginap 2 malam di Januari 2016
disgusting hotel
checking out after just arriving there
this is the most disgusting and delapedated hotel i have ever whitnessed. full of ants, no running water or flush and the building was in a severly derelict state will loose tiles, no lights up stair cases, dirty conditions and damp walls!
Diulas 11 Januari 2016
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda?|
Rajarshi dari India
standard deluxe
Menginap 3 malam di Oktober 2015
Horrible & Pathetic Experience
We had a booking for 3night but we stayed only one night reason being: The rooms are very shady, one of us got even stuck lock in one of the room to which no body attended immediately but after reminding them thrice after half & hour. ac not working properly, paints falling of the ceiling & when complained Mr shouted, misbehaved, abused slangs, raised hand to physically hit one of us & we are asked to leave without any refund. He also had some other people around him not guests but some of his friend who were acting like his bouncer & were abusing in punjabi Hindi. They including Mr threatened us that if we don't leave the premises then at 12 midnight they can do anything to us. We were not surprised to hear from one of the call boys that this is not new & lot of other guests had faced same situation here. Mr has the audacity to abuse, threaten & raise hand to hit physically the guests including women guests. In all it was experience which ruined our complete trip to Goa.
Diulas 26 Oktober 2015
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Royal Mirage Beach Resort
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