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Jarak dan maklumat

  • lapangan terbang berhampiran
    • 31.69 Km
    • Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Phuket
    • 80.67 Km
    • Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Krabi
  • stesen bas dan stesen kereta api
    • 14.94 Km
    • Phuket Bus Terminal 2
  • hospital & klinik
    • 6.17 Km
    • Naphat Clinic
  • kedai ubat
    • 0.11 Km
    • Pharmacy
  • kedai runcit
    • 0.08 Km
    • Family Mart
  • ATM
    • 0.30 Km
    • ATM

Tentang Sawasdee Village Resort & Spa


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  • Wi-Fi di tempat awam
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  • Kereta sewa
  • khidmat teksi
  • khidmat shuttle
  • pengangkutan lapangan terbang

Aktiviti Menarik, Cara untuk Bersantai

  • Kolam renang [terbuka]
  • Rumah urut
  • taman
  • lawatan
  • spa

Makan, Minum, Makanan Ringan

  • bar tepi kolam
  • khidmat bilik
  • Restoran

Perkhidmatan dan Kemudahan

  • kawasan merokok
  • pengemasan harian
  • peti deposit keselamatan
  • Kedai
  • penjaga pintu
  • simpanan bagasi
  • kedai cenderahati
  • perpustakaan
  • khidmat dobi
  • pertukaran mata wang

Untuk Kanak-Kanak

  • Kolam renang [kanak-kanak]


  • daftar masuk [24 jam]
  • kaunter pendaftaran [24 jam]
  • haiwan peliharaan dibenarkan
  • pengawal keselamatan 24 jam

Disediakan dalam semua bilik

  • air botol percuma
  • jam loceng
  • pemain DVD/CD
  • almari
  • jubah mandi
  • pengering rambut
  • bar mini
  • kelengkapan tandas
  • penyaman udara
  • beranda/teres
  • kopi segera percuma
  • peti ais
  • bilik larangan merokok
  • langsir gelap
  • peti keselamatan
  • cermin
  • lantai kayu/parket
  • teh percuma
  • internet
  • minuman alu-aluan percuma
  • telefon
  • internet LAN (percuma)
  • pancuran
  • televisyen skrin rata
  • internet wayarles
  • panggilan kejut
  • tuala
  • internet wayarles (percuma)
  • payung
  • TV satelit/kabel

Bahasa yang digunakan

  • bahasa Inggeris
  • bahasa Thai
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  • Makanan dan tempat makan 8.6
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Jenis Bilik
  • Deluxe Taman
  • Suite Vila Kolam Renang

Saring ikut
Tunjuk 1837 ulasan
  • buang semua

WEE dari Malaysia
Pengembara solo
Deluxe Taman
Menginap 2 malam di Oktober 2016
“Not bad”
Good choice
Diulas 16 Februari 2017
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Robert dari Australia
Deluxe Taman
Menginap satu malam di Januari 2017
“Amazing experience ”
The layout was gorgeous, with beautiful plants everywhere. We tried the spa resort couple package and left in awe ❤️ Would definitely recommend.
Diulas 24 Januari 2017
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Bruce dari Australia
Keluarga dengan anak remaja
Deluxe Taman
Menginap satu malam di Januari 2017
“Short but happy stay”
Short but happy stay at the end of a 2 week trip
Diulas 23 Januari 2017
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
SO dari Korea Selatan
Deluxe Taman
Menginap satu malam di Ogos 2016
“unique and awesome vibes, room quite small compared to bed size. overall not bad ”
the resort has a very unique vibes, especially at night it feels like you are in a jungle. room was okay, but the room is quite small compared to an enormous bed.
Diulas 16 Januari 2017
Ulasan ini telah membantu seorang pengembara. Anda juga? |
Donna dari United Kingdom
Deluxe Taman
Menginap 2 malam di Disember 2016
“Lovely hotel”
If you want to feel like you are in a private tropical paradise whilst in the middle of a resort town this is for you! The staff were very polite and helpful, especially at the pool bar :-). Iwe would stay here again
Diulas 01 Januari 2017
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Lew dari Malaysia
Deluxe Taman
Menginap 2 malam di Julai 2016
“Very good and relaxing hotel ”
Very unique hotel, the swimming pool with a bar beside is awesome!
Diulas 19 Disember 2016
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
carter dari Amerika Syarikat
Keluarga dengan anak kecil
Deluxe Taman
Menginap 3 malam di November 2016
“Hit or miss, depending on your room type”
This is my first trip to Phuket so I can't compare this to other hotels there. We originally booked the Garden Deluxe. The pictures look nice but the room was really quite small and quite old. The layout is not efficient. Theres this strange "extension" from the foot of the bed takes up a lot of space. The TV stand juts out from the wall and makes passing from the bed to the restroom difficult. There are also a lot of mosquitos, inside and outside the rooms. This is Phuket and it's tropical so I understand it comes with the territory. There were a lot of water effects like the little ponds and water falls. The stagnant ponds, right outside the rooms, probably help breed mosquitoes. All the water and decor look nice but my legs got really eaten up. They do provide mosquito nets and mosquito lotion/repellent though. Because of the poor Garden Deluxe room, we upgraded to the Poolside Villa. It was significantly more but we're glad we upgraded. It was much newer and MUCH nicer to live in. It's two floors, with the bedroom and master bathroom in the upper floor. Absolutely no complaints with that room. The hotel also offers complimentary hourly shuttle buses to the nearby beach. We took a truck, which had the hotel logo/name on the door to the beach. We ran into a problem on the return though. We waited in the designated area but the truck never showed (or so we thought). When I called, they said they did the pickup but then I said I never saw the same truck. It turns out that the truck broke down so they sent their van. However, the van did not have the hotel name or logo so how were we to know? However, the staff realized the problem and sent the van to pick us up. To me, that was a great example of good service. The breakfasts were pretty good. They had a mix of east and west: cereals, fruits, cheeses, hams, breads, noodles, rice. They also had a cook that would make eggs, omelets, pancakes, and french toast on request. We tried the spa/massage and it was quite
Diulas 15 Disember 2016
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Michael dari Sweden
Suite Vila Kolam Renang
Menginap 2 malam di November 2016
Simply amazing.
Diulas 30 November 2016
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Shahla dari New Zealand
Pengembara solo
Suite Vila Kolam Renang
Menginap 5 malam di November 2016
“Perfect Oasis!”
Stay at the Baray Villas if you can. Perfect location and close to Kata beach. Their normal rooms smell like damp wood so I wouldn't stay there again, but the hotel is just as perfect as their photos. Suggestion to improve the breakfast buffet with more selections. Their spa / massage is worth the price.
Diulas 22 November 2016
Adakah ulasan ini membantu anda? |
Richard dari United Kingdom
Deluxe Taman
Menginap 3 malam di November 2016
“Charming romantic place for couples”
We stayed in room 114 actually we got upgraded free of charge (thank you Sawasdee!) Room 114 is poolside closest to the water statues probably the quietest room in the resort. Room itself was lovely, slight smell of mold (maybe cos room was closed up for months) but overall very nice romantic setting, bed was soft and we both slept well. The location is quiet as its set back from the road so you can't hear scooters, also walls seem to be well insulated so cant hear next door either. Breakfast was excellent, best buffet I had during my trip, so much choice and the restaurant space is very nice ambience. Staff were super polite and quick to respnd to any requests we had. Overall very professional. The interior design is fantastic, details everywhere you look. They really did a good job building this place, nothing around comes anywhere near close. You really can relax in this place, no need to go anywhere outside. Also security at entrance and safe in room. Wifi was good enough Overall it is a little pricey but worth it. Perfect place to go for a honeymoon or propose to you girlfriend (like it did!). I would definitely go back again
Diulas 18 November 2016
Ulasan ini telah membantu seorang pengembara. Anda juga? |


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