Shangrila Hotel
Shangrila Hotel
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Pokój ekonomiczny jednoosobowy Shangrila Hotel
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 Shangrila Hotel
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 Shangrila Hotel
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Pokój standardowy z łóżkiem podwójnym lub 2 łóżkami pojedynczymi - Łóżko Shangrila Hotel
Pokój standardowy z łóżkiem podwójnym lub 2 łóżkami pojedynczymi - Łóżko
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NA MAPIE Shangrila Hotel
Zobacz wszystkie 6 Shangrila Hotel
Zobacz wszystkie 6
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Shangrila Hotel

w centrum miasta
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Wart swojej ceny5,7
Odległość do centrum5.2 km
Ocena lokalizację5,5
Najbliższe lotniskoLotnisko międzynarodowe Dubai (DXB)
Odległość do lotniska4,8 km
  • 370 m do transportu publicznego

  • Położenie w sercu miasta Dubaj

  • wymiana walut

  • darmowe Wi-Fi we wszystkich pokojach

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Pokój ekonomiczny jednoosobowy (Budget Single Room)
Pokój ekonomiczny jednoosobowy (Budget Single Room)
  • wielkość pokoju: 10 m²/108 ...
  • prysznic i wanna
  • 1 łóżko pojedyncze
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Pokój standardowy z łóżkiem podwójnym lub 2 łóżkami pojedynczymi (Standard Double or Twin Room)
Pokój standardowy z łóżkiem podwójnym lub 2 łóżkami pojedynczymi (Standard Double or Twin Room)
  • prysznic i wanna
  • 2 łóżka jednoosobowe oraz 1...
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Shangrila Hotel – więcej informacji

Shangrila Hotel – więcej informacji


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Recenzje – (247)Recenzje – Agoda (152)
Warunki w obiekcie / Czystość4,5
Jakość pokoju i komfort5,1
Wart swojej ceny5,7
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Wyświetlanych zweryfikowanych komentarzy gości: 149
Jacek – Polska
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: kwiecień 2015
Typical cheap hotel”
Data recenzji: 07 kwietnia 2015
Krzysztof – Polska
Rodziny ze starszymi dziećmi
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: marzec 2015
dobra komunikacja, położenie, cena
Data recenzji: 31 marca 2015
Martynas – Litwa
Rodziny z małymi dziećmi
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: grudzień 2014
Very good hotel and stuff”
Place, stuff, connection
The location is very good 300 meter to metro station. Not far from airport (3 stops). aroud hotel there are many restaurants. The stuff is very good and helpful. We were with 1 year old baby so we got everything and more. We done early check in late check out. The stuff provided us with hot drinkable water. Maybe the hotel is not the new one but the stuff, location and price is very good. We really recommend this hotel especially when you are traveling with baby/child.
Data recenzji: 12 grudnia 2014
wasiq – Pakistan
Podróżujący służbowo
Nocy pobytu: 6. Miesiąc pobytu: luty 2016
They really need to redo their Bathrooms ”
Average , their bathrooms are a total mess . Leaks all around and stinky as hell . Water pressure does not exist . I changed my room after 2 days same conditioned bathroom in the other room as well . Over all for the price Room was fine . my Ac broke down they changed the room . Overall if you are picky about bathrooms then DO NOT think of this hotel .
Data recenzji: 28 lutego 2016
Dave – Nowa Zelandia
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: styczeń 2016
Don't stay here! Constant drilling/banging, disgusting infested bathroom it stunk, dirt filth everywhere, vacuum cleaning doesn't exist here, useless wifi a flood outside my door soaking carpet like walking through a pond, rock hard bed, no cleaners exist unless you leave the door open when you leave as they only have the one key... And who does that - please walk in and steal my stuff anyone? . Need I say more? If you read this trust me run. I wouldn't go back if they paid me.its like it looks ok on the outside but is a rubbish on the inside.
Data recenzji: 19 stycznia 2016
Dave – Nowa Zelandia
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: styczeń 2016
Unsatisfactory staff”
I have stayed at atleast 100 hotels over the past 2 years. I have never given a review but this time I feel I should. My first day upon arrival I wasn't expecting much as the hotel was quite cheap. I arrived and someone even picked up my luggage and took me up to my room. I was quite surprised. I looked around and noticed the floor was covered in filth, you know the feeling of little pieces of whatever due to months or possibly longer not vacuuming. The bathroom had a huge clump of dirt just under the sink where you stand and the shower did not work - the water dribbled out and was only cold water. I started off ok and as I'm not picky since it was cheap I didn't bother saying anything to staff. I even tried to shower in cold with the water pressure incredibly weak. It didn't really work. So day 3 I asked for a new room. They said they will get someone to fix the shower. End of day 3 I ask any progress. Nothing they say they can't do it because I wasn't home and they only have one key - which I hold. I find this absurd but am not surprised for such a lousy disgusting filthy hotel. So the next day I ask again slightly frustrated at this point explaining I've now had no shower in 3 nights. Finally I am moved to another room which I am quite happy with. On this night I also paid the staff hotel fees/taxes for the 3 nights. The next morning on my way out the manager tells me I owe hotel fees. I explain I just paid them. He doesn't agree with me, basically in the end gets angry and says if you don't pay we will kick you out. I don't mind about the money but I do mind being treated this way. If I paid I shouldn't have to pay twice! But so that I had a place to stay and the money is literally nothing much at all I just pay. The next day my last day. I check out all staff members say nothing complete opposite to my check in and seem angry and happy to see me go, I felt the same. Overall messy hotel hallway flooded lifts don't work. Staff horrible. Happy to leave.
Data recenzji: 15 stycznia 2016
I-CHIN – Singapur
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 4. Miesiąc pobytu: czerwiec 2015
Save money choice ”
The price is cheap, staff there nice and location is good and near mrt station.
it is a good choice to save money. Staff are really friendly and they won't let who are not register come inside hotel. You also can book city tour at hotel counter. However, here don't offer hair dryer and house cleaning per day. This is a old And simple hotel.
Data recenzji: 20 czerwca 2015
Stuart – Wielka Brytania
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 4. Miesiąc pobytu: luty 2015
Good hotel for the price -Would definitely return!”
Good Location, Good wifi, Rooms cleaned everyday, Decent Service
I would recommend this hotel. I had originally looked through the reviews on agoda and and wasn't expecting much. To be honest I found that there are far too many complainers/whingers on agoda reviewing the hotels. In actual fact the hotel was in a good location, cleaned everyday, had good wifi and movie channel, and the rooms are basic but do the job. It's a 1 star hotel at the end of the day so the key is to keep your expectations low. Overall it was basic but I was happy with what I got for my money and would return again.
Data recenzji: 03 marca 2015
Casey – Australia
Podróż w większej grupie
Nocy pobytu: 2. Miesiąc pobytu: kwiecień 2014
Great cheap option in Dubai”
Price, close to metro, nice staff
Very good choice if you're looking for a cheap hotel in Dubai. Nice and clean but basic. Close to lots of restaurants and metro station, only cost about $10 for taxi to airport and also to burj Khalifa. Very happy!
Data recenzji: 06 maja 2014
Abdul – Etiopia
Podróżujący służbowo
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: styczeń 2017
Very very dirty hotel”
- Rooms are very small less than 9 meter - Cockroach all around even on the bed - water is leaking from bathroom and AC - Shower area is less 50x60 centimeter - Elevators some times not working - all parking are paid - Guests are not allowed ( family hotel )
Data recenzji: 02 lutego 2017
Mary – Singapur
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 3. Miesiąc pobytu: październik 2016
do not stay here”
Pls do not stay here. There were cockroach. The staff are nice and helpful and they will provide you some cockroach spray killer. They do not clean the room and they do not change bed cover nor towels. Pls do not stay here
Data recenzji: 15 października 2016
Katherine – Filipiny
Podróż w większej grupie
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: lipiec 2016
the hotel needs major refurbishment and pest control”
I should have expected the worst since this is the cheapest one you can find. But it was really a bad experience for me. Bathroom was stinky with small flies coming out from the drainage. I was not expecting complimentary stuffs but when I checked on the bed, there were bed bugs! We didn't stay for the night, packed up our things and left. No refund but it was fine as long as we moved out asap!
Data recenzji: 02 sierpnia 2016
Samir – Arabia Saudyjska
Podróżujący służbowo
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: luty 2016
no 3 beds room”
Location only
We were 3 persons, we made a pre booking via agoda, Once we arrived the hotel reception told us that there is only a king bed + small bed room!!! They refused to offer us another room for 3rd person!!! although we booked for 3
Data recenzji: 26 lutego 2016
TSZ – Hongkong
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: luty 2016
It’s a budget hotel without hot water for shower”
The room itself was fine and the bathroom looked cleaner than expected. But the shower was a really big turnoff, muddy water was bursting out in the beginning and there was no hot water (not even warm) water for shower at night
Data recenzji: 12 lutego 2016
Janice – Stany Zjednoczone
Podróż z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 4. Miesiąc pobytu: styczeń 2016
Please Do yourself a favor DO NOT STAY IN THIS HOTEL”
I only stayed 1 night in this hotel instead of the 4 nights original reservation for the following reasons: 1.) There is a cockroach in the room 2.) The room is dirty 3.) Outlets are open and the wires are exposed outside 4.) Phone in room is not working 5.) restroom is very dirty specifically shower curtain has blood ( did not even use the shower at all) 6.) Hallway smells like theres a dead rat
Data recenzji: 01 lutego 2016
Rafael – Hiszpania
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 3. Miesiąc pobytu: styczeń 2016
Bargaining at the reception is a no-go”
I was astonished when I asked for an extension of two more days in my room and the receptionist put out his calculator and started to bargain instead of giving me the same rate or, at least, a higher fix price. The main elevator did not work and it didn't seem that anybody was about to fix it up in the next years. The room was fine, but the bathroom was old and the water leaked out of the shower easily. The hotel is all right if you just want a place to sleep, but Dubai has a lot of faboulous hotels to offer for similar prices.
Data recenzji: 30 stycznia 2016
Princes – Filipiny
Podróż z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: grudzień 2015
Worst Hotel and I will not be back”
I will not gonna be back on that hotel anymore. The room is not that clean. The elevator is not working. The building is too old. I don't know why is it open...!!!! The staff is not even professionals and friendly....!!!!
Data recenzji: 01 stycznia 2016
JAGATH – Sri Lanka
Podróż z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 1. Miesiąc pobytu: grudzień 2015
Cheap , but not up to standard”
the location
First day No Towels/ No explanation about the room , hence first day no hot water/ Towels supplied only after complaints/ No water bottles/ No tea making jug/ Bathroom very bad state,stinky/Overall unsatisfied comparing with hotels in India/ Not Again
Data recenzji: 27 grudnia 2015
Hossam – Egipt
Indywidualni podróżujący
Nocy pobytu: 5. Miesiąc pobytu: grudzień 2015
The worst hotel experience ever after 30yrs travel”
The worst ever Smelly rooms Urine smell of the bathroom Noisy air condition Insects Water and electricity cut one out of five days Poor quality for wall paint, floor tiles, furniture, facilities, ....
Data recenzji: 21 grudnia 2015
Marjorie – Filipiny
Podróż z partnerem
Nocy pobytu: 18. Miesiąc pobytu: sierpień 2015
Will never ever go back!”
Location is good
The last bad experience would be the day before we checked out. There was no water. I called to ask why and they said that water will be back in 10-15 minutes. After 1 hour there was still no water. I call again, was told that something was broken and they are fixing it, will take 3-4 hours, I asked if they will ask someone to bring water in our room so we can use the bathroom, and bring new bed sheets too. Was told to just wait. NO ONE CAME. I called again after 4 hours, was told it will take longer to fix the problem with the water. I asked for water AGAIN in a bucket, the guy said they will do something about it, NO ONE CAME. We used our drinking bottled water just so we can use the bathroom. When I woke up the next day, I went to the reception and asked why there were still no water, was told that it will be fixed by 9am, that was 730 at that time, then he gave me a 2.5 liter of bottled water to use. I asked to have someone bring us a bucket of water right away and he said he will do that, but an hour passed and NO ONE CAME. This is a very terrible place to stay. I've traveled alot, been in a hostel and 5 star hotel and I never quite had a very terrible and experience than what I had with Shangrila. This hotel is a nightware!
Data recenzji: 02 września 2015
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Shangrila Hotel
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