74% of Filipino travelers prefer scenic domestic getaways

Whilst there is an enormous variety of travel opportunities in the Philippines, the wealth of scenic getaways has grabbed the attention of Filipino vacationers. According to Agoda’s Travel and Tech Study, Filipino vacationers prefer to explore their own country’s natural wonders, with 74% of millennial Filipino travelers identifying it as a top holiday priority.

# Travel Experience Preference
1 Nature and Scenery 74%
2 Food and Dining 73%
3 Sun, Island and Beach 73%


This is demonstrated by destinations such as Cebu, the Boracay Islands and Palawan, emerging as some of the most popular travel spots.

# Top Destinations for Filipino Travelers
1 Manila, Philippines
2 Cebu, Philippines
3 Boracay Island, Philippines
4 Palawan, Philippines
5 Hong Kong
6 Baguio, Philippines
7 Singapore
8 Bohol, Philippines
9 Tagaytay, Philippines
10 Davao City, Philippines


Filipino cuisine, with its rich heritage and plethora of cultural influences, has also sparked the interest of Filipino travelers with 73% looking to enjoy dining experiences during their travels.

The two international locations to make the top 10 destinations were Hong Kong and Singapore, in fifth and seventh place respectively, also well known for their rich dining offerings and unique metropolitan landscapes.

Andrew Edwards, Agoda’s Global Director for Brand and Communications, said: “Young Filipinos are traveling more and more to get the richest travel experience they can. They’re keen to get off the beaten track. Agoda offers over a million accommodation options and best price guarantee to support the growing demand for travel amongst Filipino millennials.”


About the research

The quantitative online survey was commissioned by Agoda, with responses from 1,154 Filipino respondents aged 18-64. Data was collated between 27 February and 17 April 2017.  The top ranked destination data is based on Agoda’s own booking data from January through August 2017.


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