Agoda expands ads offerings for advertisers with Agoda Media Solutions

Agoda today announced the expansion of its advertising solutions to help partners tap into the platform’s audience of travellers, as well as its rebranding of its advertising business to “Agoda Media Solutions” to align with its latest offerings. In addition to display banner ads, the digital travel platform now provides a more holistic media offering, including extension to social media placements, content, email marketing, mobile app pushes and pop-ups.

Agoda Media Solutions
Agoda Media Solutions New Offering for Advertisers

“As a market leader in marketing optimization and with a wide reach of millions of visitors to our platform, we are well placed to help advertisers deliver their brand messages and understand how to target and identify the right audience. By expanding the channels brands can fully leverage our platform to reach travellers across their entire booking journey, from searching to post-booking,” said Danil Dachkevitch, Senior Director, Partner Programs and Agoda Media Solutions at Agoda.

“We have been working on our Agoda ads offering since its inception last year, when we were just offering display banner ads. We’ve continued to innovate to diversify our product solutions and are now able to work with advertisers of all types and help them engage with Agoda’s audience,” said Dean Gultula, Associate Director, Partner Programs and Agoda Media Solutions at Agoda.

Agoda recently partnered with mobile advertising firm Mobme Asia to help agencies and businesses in Malaysia optimize Agoda’s latest advertising solutions.