Agoda: Tokyo is the most popular destination for solo travelers

Travel comes in many forms: With Singles’ Day around the corner, digital travel platform Agoda looked at the most popular destinations for solo travelers. Internationally, it’s Tokyo, Japan in first place, followed by Bangkok, Thailand and Seoul, South Korea.

Singles’ Day, or 11-11, takes place annually on the eleventh day of November. The unofficial holiday originated in China as an answer to Valentine’s Day, celebrating those who aren’t in a romantic relationship. Over the years, Singles’ Day has gained popularity globally. The day is now recognized as one of the most impactful online shopping days with many online platforms, including Agoda, offering special discounts.

“As Agoda, we have talked a lot about family travel this year but with travel numbers up compared to recent years, we’ve also seen more solo travel” said Enric Casals, Associate Vice President at Agoda. “Going on a solo trip is arguably one of the best gifts one can give oneself. Whether it is to explore new cultures, to make new friends, or to reconnect with those across the globe, going on a trip alone often requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone. But those who set out on an adventure of their own are usually rewarded with the creation of the most special memories.”

To determine the solo travel favorites, Agoda looked at the most popular destinations for solo travelers checking in on weekends and across a wide range of hotel stays. Around Asia Pacific, the top three consists of Tokyo, Japan in first, Bangkok, Thailand in second, and Seoul, South Korea in third.

Tokyo, Japan

The capital of The Land of the Rising Sun beckons solo travelers with its perfect blend of ancient traditions and modern technology. Tokyo’s offers a vibrant street life and many historic temples to explore. With its world-class cuisine often served in individual cubicles and many capsule hotels, it is an ideal destination for those traveling alone. Whether you’re wandering through the bustling streets of Shibuya, spending hours in an arcade hall, or trying out local street food, Tokyo has something for every solo adventurer.

Bangkok, Thailand

Renowned as one of the world’s most accessible destinations for solo travelers, it’s no surprise that Bangkok made the list. Thailand’s capital is welcoming to solo travelers on any budget, but being the home of hostel-packed Kao San Road, Bangkok is sure to be on the travel itinerary for backpackers. Making new friends has never been so easy, thanks to the friendly locals and the abundance of fellow solo travelers anywhere across the city. During the daytime there’s lots to explore, like the Grand Palace, the famous Chatuchak weekend market, or the arty and chaotic alleys of Chinatown.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a city that seamlessly fuses tradition and modernity. Solo travelers can explore ancient palaces, make new friends while enjoying some soju, and visit trendy neighborhoods like Gangnam. South Korea’s capital is not only safe but also known for its well-connected public transportation system, which makes it easy for solo explorers to navigate the city.

To celebrate Singles’ Day, Agoda offers 11-11 promotions that can be found in the Agoda app, or on Agoda.com/deals.