Agoda unveils Partnership with Taitung County Government to Promote Local Tourism Top 3 Must-Do Activities in Taitung in 2022

Agoda, a global digital travel platform, announced its partnership with Taitung County Government under the “Don’t Stop! Surfing fun in Taitung” campaign to support domestic tourism recovery and promote Taitung Country as a key destination.

Taitung, situated along the South East Coast of Taiwan, is popular with tourists keen to explore the hot springs, countryside and the beauty of where mountains meet the sea. Agoda’s search data places Taitung and its surrounds in the top destinations in Taiwan.

David Chi, Associate Director of Agoda Taiwan, said: “In order to boost domestic travel, Agoda actively cooperates with local governments and its accommodation partners around the region to promote safe travel.  Through partnerships with Agoda, governments can leverage our technologies to optimise marketing to reach travellers within Taiwan and beyond with great ideas for travel and exploration of Taitung. We hope to play a role in helping to revive Taiwan’s hospitality industry first to domestic travellers, and then to international visitors as the markets reopen. This is the first time the Taitung County Government has collaborated with Agoda, and this year, under “Don’t Stop! Surfing fun in Taitung” campaign, we hope to rebuild tourism together.”

Taitung County Government (the name of the quote to be provided) stated: “Taitung is undoubtably one of the most beautiful cities in Taiwan, and is dedicated in promoting decelerating economic policies. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Agoda to promote local accommodations to make Taitung eventually an ideal destination for global traveler friends.”

Great choice of stays to explore Taitung

Hotels in Taitung that are signing up to participate in Agoda’s “Don’t Stop! Surfing fun in Taitung” campaign, include the Traveller-inn group, with minsu properties suitable for travellers who enjoy outdoor activities such as surfing and biking; Hotel Royal Chihpen, a renowned hot spring, suitable for families or couples; and The GAYA hotel, a fashionable 5 star hotel, with infinity pool with gorgeous view of mountains around the town in Taitung.

Traveller can now search and book their preferred properties on a dedicated “Don’t Stop! Surfing fun in Taitung” [BLT to be added] on both the Agoda website and app. The booking period for these special deals will be from May 9-22, 2022, and stay period is from now until 31 August 2022

What’s hot in Taitung?

Agoda has also exclusively compiled “Three Must-Do Activities in Taitung” such as the upcoming Taitung Surfing Festival and the hidden places in Taitung, so that everyone can fully enjoy the vibes of Taitung and recharge from their busy lives.

The “Taitung Surfing Festival” and the “Taiwan International Balloon Festival” are returning

When it comes to Taitung, in addition to the superb accommodations that encompass the beauty of the mountains and water, there are also various carnivals that must be mentioned. The “Taitung Surfing Festival” which combines marine ecology, water activities and cultural performances, will debut on May 14 (Saturday). It is expected to attract tourists and water activity enthusiasts from all over the world to come to Taitung. In addition, there are hot air balloons soaring in the blue sky. The “Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival” is the most anticipated annual event and will be launched for an extended season from July 2 (Saturday). In addition to cute hot air balloons such as Hello Kitty and Bravo, there are also light projection concerts and other exciting activities waiting for everyone to see the “balloons” together.

Brown Boulevard and Taitung Forest Park are the best kept secrets

Brown Boulevard’s popularity originated from commercials shot there by Takeshi Kaneshiro, along a rice field trail in Chishang Township, Taitung County. The vast and green rice fields on both sides and the endless scenery of undisturbed fields appeal to tourists looking to explore the area by bicycle. In addition to Brown Boulevard, there is also Taitung Forest Park which is comparable to the beautiful natural landscape in Europe. The rich estuary coastal wetland ecology also has a bicycle path connecting the three lakes, namely, Pipa Lake, Flowing Lake, and Lulu Lake. Among them, Pipa Lake is formed by underground springs with crystal clear lake water, which is one of the reasons why tourists come to Taitung to get closer to nature.