Asian Destination-Hopping Guide for Hops-Lovers

While modern beers are typically associated with Europe and UK, perhaps you don’t have to travel all the way to Europe to get your fix of exceptional ale. There are fantastic brews right here in Asia too! Kickstart your own ‘Great Asian Beer Tour’ in time for Octoberfest as Agoda highlights five places in Asia for beer.

Kanpai away in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun may be better known for its sake, but people who know and appreciate a good pint know that Japanese beer offerings hit the spot. From lagers to drafts and pilsners, Japan has more than its fair share of brews.

With the oldest Japanese brewery sharing the same name, it makes perfect sense for any beer lover to make a pit stop at Sapporo. Check out JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo where you can enjoy the wonderful views the city has to offer while being less than a couple of kilometers away from two of the country’s popular beer gardens—the Kirin Beer Garden and Sapporo Beer Garden.

Get craftier with China’s growing selection

Craft beer enthusiasts will rejoice with the many brewpubs sprouting in the hutongs of Chinese cities like Beijing. Travelers can have a taste of Chinese culture while enjoying their beer, as homegrown brewers have taken to incorporating traditional Chinese ingredients such as Sichuan peppercorn and oolong tea in local craft flavors.

To sample a range of Beijing’s hottest craft beers, book a tour on Thingstodo.agoda.com and visit up and coming breweries in the Chaoyang District.

Source: Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash.com

Join locals in the “Beer Corner” in Hanoi, Vietnam

Immerse in a very local cultural experience at Beer Corner, where you will find travelers and residents sitting on little stools along the bustling streets of the Hanoi Old Quarter drinking affordable Vietnamese draft beer also called Bia Hoi. The refreshing lager is served ice cold, and is brewed fresh daily.

Craft beer craze has also hit the capital of Vietnam with the likes of award-winning Pasteur Street Brewing Company taking the local beer scene by storm. Stay close to the brewpub and restaurant at the swanky The Chi Boutique Hotel, just few minutes’ walk away.

Get your fill of homegrown Filipino brews

Without going far, you can find a beer for everyone in the Philippines – from crisp, refreshing pilsners, to dark, sweeter ones, fruity, flavored kinds, light and bubbly variants, and the extra strong sort.

Though you can enjoy knocking back some brewskies pretty much anywhere in the archipelago, a weekend staycation in Poblacion, Makati will open up your world to an exciting new world of hoppy flavors, from your usual by-the-bottle brews, to on-tap craft selections. Check-in at Z Hostel and you’ll find yourself within walking distance of a number of pubs with great beer offerings.





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