Agoda survey reveals almost seven out of 10 of Filipinos are optimistic for domestic travel in 2021

After enduring the world’s longest lockdown patiently, Filipinos are optimistic to get back to traveling again according to Agoda’s recent travel sentiment survey, with nearly half of the public citing they will dust off their suitcases and travel domestically within four months of restrictions lifting.  The “Next steps to travel” survey by Agoda, reveals that seven in ten Filipinos are optimistic that they will be able to travel domestically before the end of 2021, with 1 in 5 expecting unrestricted domestic travel. Nearly half, (47%) of people are anticipating the resumption of travel domestically with some travel restrictions/bubbles or corridors. 

Interestingly, one in ten Pinoys expect that travelling to international destinations freely will be possible before the year-end, while three in ten think that they will be able to travel internationally through travel bubbles and corridors before the end of 2021. Only 16% plan to put any domestic travel plans on hold until more of the population is vaccinated, with Gen-Z most likely to hold off any domestic travel, at 20%. 

Across the Philippines, optimism varies. 

  • People from Mindanao are most likely to think there will be no domestic travel at all 22%, compared to the market average of 17% 
  • One in two Pinoys from Luzon, think they can travel domestically by the end of 2021 with restrictions, and 28% for international travel with restrictions  


Up to 44% Pinoys intend to travel within the next four months 

With the easing of travel restrictions and rise in vaccination numbers, over a quarter (26%) of Filipinos will travel within the first month, with 8% determined to hit the road immediately, and 44% have intent to travel within four months of restrictions lifting. 

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Family travel dominates post COVID travel plans  

Almost half Filipinos (48%) most looking forward to taking a trip with their immediate family (partner/children), and one in five looking forward to combining a trip their family and friends (their Barkada). Solo travel most appeals to an adventurous 14%, with Gen-Z most likely to travel solo. Women are most looking forward to traveling with their Barkada more than men, 23% versus 15% respectively. 

But while happy to travel with immediate family, absence hasn’t made the heart stronger for extended family, with only 4% of Pinoys are most looking forward to traveling with their extended families any time soon.  

  • Gen-Zers are the generation are most keen to travel solo. However, they are also the most likely generation to think there will be no travel at all (19% for domestic travel, 47% for international travel).  
  • Millennials are most looking forward to travel with their immediate family (56%). Half of the Millennials surveyed envisage that they will be able to travel domestically before the end of 2021 with some restrictions. 


“Filipinos are biting at the bit to travel again, after a year or so of lockdowns there is optimism that domestic travel will be restriction-free before the year’s end. 

“More than 44% of Pinoys want to travel within four months of restrictions easing, so we continue to innovate products to help make travel easier as Pinoys resume travel.  Filipinos can choose from pandemic-friendly travel options to cater to their every need, from GoLocal Tonight deals for spontaneous trips, HygienePlus for their safety needs, and Agoda Special Offer deals that include food and beverage, activities or entertainment value adds.” said Enric Casals, Regional Vice President, Southeast Asia and Oceania  





Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash