Say ‘yes’ to these romantic destinations

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It used to be that the dam hoi would be just a few weeks before the wedding, and all the ceremonial family meetings would take place as grooms make their offerings to bridal families.  For the most part, those days are long gone with the đám hỏi and đám cưới all rolled into one big wedding day these days … and the proposal a private affair between groom and bride.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, and romance in the air for the ring-shoppers and question-poppers among us, Agoda, one of the fastest growing digital travel platforms, shares some of the most romantic destinations across Vietnam that are the perfect backdrop for those four magical words: “will you marry me?”

Visit the ‘City of Love’

Long known as Vietnam’s romance capital, the options in Dalat are endless for people looking to get out to nature, drop to one knee and hope for a ‘yes’.  Countless valleys, flower fields and lakes surround the town proper, and the city itself has lots of great scenic vistas ideal for that question to be asked and answered!

In a town with a rich French history, stay on theme at the heritage Dalat Palace Hotel. Its signature restaurant Le Rabelais offers succulent French-faire and is the ideal spot for dropping the ring in a champagne glass, toast your happiness, and ask the big question!

Set the mood on the “Roof of Indochina”

Fanispan, the largest mountain on the Indochinese Peninsula, is nowhere near as inaccessible as it used to be, with the cable car leading up to the peak has become an attraction itself, with awe-inspiring vistas through each window. Once you are out of your cabin, wind your way up the steps and ultimately find yourself at the summit. With Vietnam stretching out in every direction below, and photographers available to capture the moment, you have ensured a proposal to remember!

Look to stay in Sapa, the closest city to Fanispan. Sapa Horizon Hotel offers breathtaking mountain views that are conducive to an ultra-romantic getaway. 

A private beach getaway for sea lovers

The pier outside Nha Trang is the beginning of a journey that whisks you into a different world far away from the bustle of the fast-growing beach destination. Ninh Van Bay, reachable only by private boat, feels like a secluded private island. The turquoise seas meet distant mountains for an ideal location for a sunset proposal.

Look to stay at either Six Senses or L’Alya while you are there for an amazing barefoot-luxury getaway in paradise.

Make your proposal a royal affair

Have a little fun with the proposal in Hue. Inside the Citadel you can dress up in traditional court costumes from centuries gone by. So why not fashion yourself as an ancient Emperor from a long-ago dynasty and enrobe your beloved as your Empress? Ask her to take to her throne, and with photographers at the ready, take a knee and ask her to be your regal partner forever!

The gorgeous old town, with its reputation as an imperial capital and as a culinary hotspot, is full of old ruins, temples and mausoleums dotting the surrounding hills, so as a base for your question-popping adventure, try the historic La Residence Hue Hotel.

Opt for a European backdrop for the big question

It used to be that if you wanted a European proposal … you had to go to Europe. You can skip that 15-hour flight because Vietnam has built its very own 19th century French village just outside Danang. 

There are quite a few options at Ba Na Hills if you are looking for the perfect question-popping-spot. Vietnam’s newest tourist-wonder, the Golden Bridge, allows you to literally put your marital fate in the hands of the higher powers when you propose! Inside the village proper are literally dozens of IG-ready sites, all of which would make for an idyllic European backdrop to the big question!

Nearby Danang has countless options, but for the true Ba Na Hills European-getaway-at-home, try the Mercure Danang French Village Ba Ha Hills.

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