Ready, Set, Summer!

With the summer holidays fast approaching, Agoda, one of the world’s fastest growing digital travel platforms, reveals Tokyo, London and Las Vegas continue to hold the top destination spots in 2019.

Japan dominates Asia Pacific travelers’ summer plans scooping six out of the top ten destinations this summer.  Firm favorites Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa Main Island, Kyoto, are joined this year by Sapporo and Fukuoka, knocking Singapore and Hong Kong out of the top 10 list.

Tokyo’s appeal as a hot destination isn’t limited to travelers from Asia, it sits in the top ten for travelers across all regions, with Agoda’s booking data showing Tokyo jump to second spot for US travelers and fifth for Europeans this year.

While Asia-Pacific travelers are more likely to holiday ‘locally’, travelers from the Middle East, North America and Europe are crossing continents for their summer break. The fashion capitals of Europe, London and Paris are the top cities enticing Middle East travelers this year, while Rome, with its history and Italian chic, takes the third spot. Asian destinations are also inching up the list for Middle Eastern travelers, with Bali, and Tokyo joining Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in this year’s top 10.

Las Vegas holds the top spot for North American travelers in 2019, with Tokyo pushing New York out of the number two spot to number three.  The cosmopolitan cities of London, Paris and Rome with their historical and contemporary sights and sounds also make the top 10. Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and Seattle are the top domestic destinations within the top 10 this summer.

Meanwhile, in Europe travelers are venturing further and taking more mid to long-haul trips this summer. Asian destinations have knocked traditional European cities down and out of the top ten list with Asian favorites such as Bali, Bangkok, Tokyo and Pattaya making the list. New York and Las Vegas also entered the list for European travelers this year, marking a change in their travel habits.

Top Summer Destinations by Origin

Travel inspiration

From exploring the great outdoors to discovering historical gems, Agoda shares some travel inspiration this summer for a range of travelers:

  1. For those traveling with young ones – Osaka, Japan

Osaka is an ideal destination for those traveling with their little ones. Spend a relaxed afternoon at the Nishikinohama Beach Park, known for its pristine white beach and breezy pine groves. Designated as one of top 100 most scenic spots in Osaka, the park is a 10-minute walk from the Nishikinohama Station, making it easily accessible. Children can enjoy digging for clams on the beach, while the adults barbecue and cool off in the water.

You can also head down to the Osaka Aquarium for a fun day for both parents and children alike. The colorful fish are sure to captivate the kids while a unique interactive exhibit allows the grown-ups to learn something new too!

To build your perfect, customized itinerary for Osaka, check out Agoda’s Osaka Travel Guide.


  1. For those traveling with their restless teenager – Los Angeles, USA

The City of Angels offers visitors a plethora of activities – from museums and concerts to hiking and horseback riding – making keeping your teenager occupied a breeze. If your teen is a TV fan, treat them to the experience of attending a live taping of a favorite sitcom or talk show. It’s bound to be a fun and eye-opening experience showing them the work put in behind-the-scenes.

If your teen is a nature lover, head out on a whale-watching tour via Thingstodo.agoda.com  that allows you to get up close with these fascinating animals. You can also consider signing your teenager up for a few surf lessons at the beach while you relax and work on your tan!


  1. A perfect spot to bring the whole family – Bali, Indonesia

For families looking for an adventure Bali has it covered – from mountains, beaches, shopping and spas to first class cuisine. In fact, there is no better way to discover Bali than through its rich street food culture. Influenced by Indonesian, Chinese and Indian culinary traditions, Balinese food features a range of spices, seafood and fresh produce. Stroll down Batu Bolong Streetin Canggu, a two kilometer stretch packed with eateries, cafes and shops where you can find something to satisfy every craving. Alternatively, head to Sindhu Night Market, a fantastic option for families who want to try a wide range of local food at local prices.

For families planning a special summer stay, check out the Agoda Homes available on Agoda. These properties allow families to have a whole villa or apartment to themselves with added facilities and amenities not usually found in hotels.


  1. For the cosmopolitan adventurer – London, United Kingdom

Whether you are traveling solo or part of a group, London in the summer is hard to beat. Packed with activities for every type of traveler, London is an eclectic mix of culture, shopping, and history.   Head out for a taste of London’s nightlife, catch a show on West End or simply explore the city’s markets, parks and historical landmarks. The warm days in June mark the start of the city’s music festival season too – a perfect place to meet like-minded friends. London also makes an excellent base for day trips to the English countryside. For more travel inspiration and hand-picked recommendations for activities, tours and things to do in and around London, check out Things to Do on the Agoda App.


Summer Travel Data by Markets



  • China:
    • Agoda’s booking data shows Japanese cities make up six of the top 10 destinations for Chinese travelers this summer with big cities Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in the top three respectively, followed by Okinawa Main Island (5), Sapporo (6) and while entertainment city Nagoya comes in at eighth place
    • Regional destinations, including Hong Kong (4), Bangkok (7) and Singapore (9) complete the Chinese travelers’ top 10 list
    • China is ranked as a top 10 destination for Indonesian travelers in eighth spot this summer according to Agoda.com booking data


  • Indonesia:
    • Domestic travel is dominating Indonesian travelers’ top 10 list of summer destinations with Bali (1), Yogyakarta (4), Bandung (5), Jakarta (9) and Malang (10), Agoda.com’s booking data shows
    • Tokyo – a powerhouse destination among all Asia Pacific travelers this year – is also the top international destination for Indonesian holidaymakers, in second place of top 10 destinations
    • Indonesia ranks as a top 10 destination for travelers across Asia Pacific, coming third in Thai travelers top 10, sixth among Korean travelers, and seventh place for travelers from China, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam


  • Japan:
    • According to Agoda’s booking data, Japan dominates global summer destinations for 2019, coming in as the number one country to visit for travelers from China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and UAE
    • The country also features in the top 10 for other markets in Asia being second place for Indonesia and Thailand, and third for Vietnamese travelers
    • In Europe and the Middle East, Agoda’s booking data puts Japan in fourth place for travelers from France, fifth for UK, sixth for Germany and for Israeli travelers the seventh spot
    • Agoda’s data shows, that for Japanese travelers six of the top ten cities are domestic destinations within Japan – Tokyo (1), Okinawa Main Island (2), Sapporo (3), Osaka (4), Fukuoka (9) and Kyoto (10)
    • Top international destinations for Japanese travelers are Bangkok (5), Seoul (6), Oahu (7) and Taipei (8)


  • Korea:
    • Jeju Island, known for its gorgeous beach resorts and majestic volcanoes, is the number one top destination for Korean travelers this summer according to Agoda
    • Internationally, Vietnam and Japan are favorite summer destinations for Koreans, with Da Nang, Osaka, Okinawa Main Island, Tokyo, Sapporo and Fukuoka ranking second to sixth places respectively.
    • This summer, Korea also features as a top destination for global travelers being second top destination for Taiwanese travelers, third for travelers from Japan, fifth for those from Thailand.
    • Meanwhile Agoda’s data also shows Korea is within the top ten destinations for summer 2019 for travelers from Singapore (7) Indonesia (8) and Vietnam (9).


  • Singapore:
    • Southeast Asian travel is a clear summer travel trend for Singaporean travelers, with Bangkok, Bali and Kuala Lumpur clinching first, fifth and seventh places, respectively.
    • Beyond Southeast Asia, Agoda’s top 10 destinations for Singaporeans shows travelers are heading to Tokyo (2), Taipei (3), Hong Kong (6), Seoul (8), Osaka (9) and Sapporo (10).
    • Staycations in the city-state remain a popular summer option, at number 8 in their top 10 list.


  • Taiwan:
    • Japan and Korea are top picks for Taiwanese travelers this summer according to Agoda’s data, making up eight of their top 10 destinations. These include Tokyo, Okinawa Main Island, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Seoul making up the first to seventh places respectively, and Busan rounding it out in ninth place.
    • Taipei is also a top destination spot among the Taiwanese travelers this summer, coming in at 10th The city also proves a hit among travelers from Singapore and Japan, coming in third and eighth place for these markets’ travelers.


  • Thailand:
    • Many travelers from across Asia Pacific travelers are flocking to Bangkok this summer, with the city being part of the top 10 list for Singapore (1), Vietnam (2), Japan (5), China and Indonesia (7), and eighth place for Korean and Taiwanese markets
    • Thailand’s own beautiful beaches and lively cities dominate travelers’ summer destinations. Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya came in first, second and fourth place for domestic travelers respectively according to Agoda
    • Beyond local retreats, Thai travelers are also heading to Tokyo (3), Sapporo (6), Bali (8), Hong Kong (9) and Singapore (10) according to Agoda’s latest summer booking data.


  • Vietnam:
    • According to Agoda.com’s booking data, six of Vietnamese travelers’ top 10 destinations this summer are domestic with Da Nang (1), Nha Trang (3), Hoi An (4), Dalat (6), Phu Quoc Island (7) and Quy Nhon (9) being the top places to visit
    • Those venturing overseas are heading to Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for summer — coming in second, fifth and eighth place, respectively
    • Paris is the only European destination in the top 10 for Vietnamese travelers ranking in 10th
    • Vietnam’s also a favorite travel destination for international tourists this year, hitting the top 10 list for travelers from the following countries: coming in at second place for Korea, fourth place for Thailand, eighth place for Japan and 10th place for Singapore.


Europe and Middle East


  • France
    • French travelers are showing preference for Asian destinations with five of its top 10 hot spots in the region – include Bali (1), Bangkok (2), Tokyo (4), Koh Samui (7) and Singapore (8)
    • Those venturing to Europe according to Agoda are heading for Paris (3), London (5) and Rome (10) while US cities New York (6) and Las Vegas (9) complete the top 10
    • France is also a top pick for travelers from Vietnam (5th place), Saudi Israel (6), Arabia (8), UK (8), UAE and Germany (9)


  • Israel
    • Seven of the top 10 choices for Israeli summer travels are in Europe this year according to Agoda, including London (1), Paris (3), Amsterdam (4), Rome (5), Barcelona (7), Berlin (8) and Vienna (10)
    • Outside of Europe, New York (2), Bangkok (6) and Koh Samui (9) complete the Israeli holiday top 10


  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • According to Agoda.com travel data, travelers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are heading to Asian destinations such as Malaysia (1), Indonesia (2) and The Philippines (4) this summer
    • Popular places to visit include Kuala Lumpur (1) and Langkawi (10) in Malaysia; Bali (5), Jakarta (6) and Puncak (9) in Indonesia, and Manila (7) in the Philippines.
    • Closer to home the cities of Dubai (2), Istanbul (3), Medina (4) and Paris (8) also feature in the list of Saudi travelers’ 10 summer destinations.


  • UAE
    • Japan is the top country to visit for UAE travelers this summer, with Tokyo also ranking 3rd on the list of their top 10 cities according to Agoda.com
    • Shopping and fashion capitals feature prominently on the list of top destinations for UAE travelers, with Rome (2), Tokyo (3), Paris (4), Dubai (6), London (8) and New York (9) all making the cut.
    • Many UAE holidaymakers are also heading out to Bali (1) Singapore (5), Venice (6), London (7), New York (9) and Bangkok (10).
    • UAE’s Dubai also features as a top 10 destination for travelers from Saudi Arabia — coming in second.


  • United Kingdom
    • Asia is dominating UK travelers’ summer travel plans, with five of the top ten countries in the far east this year – Thailand (3), Japan (5), Indonesia (6), Philippines (9) and Malaysia (10)
    • While US hot spots Las Vegas and New York feature in this year’s top ten in sixth and eighth place respectively, Asian favorites are scooping top spots this summer – Bali (2), Bangkok (3), Tokyo (5), and Pattaya (9)
    • London (1), Manchester (4) and Edinburgh (10), are the top domestic destinations in the summer of 2019. Only one European city made the UK top ten – Rome – coming in eighth place
    • Agoda’s travel booking data also shows the UK is appealing as a top 10 destination for global travelers UAE and Israel ranking the UK as the fourth most popular choice, with Germany (7) France (9) and China (10)


North America

    • Six of this year’s summer destinations for North American travelers is within the US according to Agoda.com’s data – these include Las Vegas (1), New York (3), Los Angeles (4), Orlando (6), Chicago (7) and Seattle (9)
    • Outside of the US, Tokyo is the top city to visit for North Americans, while London, Paris and Rome come in at fifth, eighth and 10th place, respectively
    • The US is also a hot destination for many international travelers this summer. It is featured in the top ten countries to visit for the following countries: first place for Israel; second place for UAE and UK; third place for France and Germany; fourth place for Japan; sixth place for China and Taiwan; ninth place for Indonesia, Korea and Saudi Arabia; and 10th place for Thailand and Vietnam according to Agoda
    • The Vietnamese are particularly keen on heading to Canada for their holidays this year, with the country making it to eighth place on Vietnam’s list of top ten


Notes to Editors:

About the travel data

Agoda collated data from bookings made globally for June through August 2019.