Tea-rrific destinations for tea-lovers

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It’s no secret that 2018 is the year Vietnam officially went tea-mad, with milk tea vendors popping up on nearly every street corner and in every shopping mall. Whether it’s a boba, matcha or even a fruity peach variety, the nation just cannot get enough of the stuff, to the point where tea has become one of the most popular beverages for many Vietnamese, even surpassing coffee! For those of you steeped in the tea-craze, Agoda shares some to-tea-lly amazing destinations where you’ll likely find the perfect brew.

For those of you steeped in the tea-craze, Agoda shares some to-tea-lly amazing destinations where you’ll likely find the perfect brew.

Visit the birthplace of boba

With relaxed visa policies and various low-cost carriers to get you there, it’s never been easier for Vietnamese to visit Taiwan, the spiritual home of the boba revolution that has recently gripped Vietnam. Taiwanese tea culture certainly pre-dates milky bubbles, so travelers looking to explore the region’s tea culture further can head to Pinglin in the island’s north for a day trip from Taipei.  With a dedicated Tea Museum and bike routes winding through the region’s tea plantations, you can immerse yourself in Taiwan’s rich tea history.

The Folio Hotel Daan Taipei, with its convenient location, easy access to the city’s must-see destinations and great proximity to bubble tea, is the ideal rest stop for all your tea-related excursions.

Take part in an ancient Japanese tea ceremony

Japan is known for its millennia-old tea ceremony that follows strict decorum that governs everything from the order of serving to the side of the bowl from which the tea is consumed. Rituals from the ceremony include cleansing of hands and mouths in a stone basin, an inspection of the various apparatus used for serving and warming the tea over a coal fire, while stirring with a bamboo whisk. 

Those seeking to take part in this tradition can enjoy an hours’ long tea ceremony right in Tokyo, where the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo houses a traditional tea-house in its garden. 

Experience a European take on tea

Harking back to its colonial past, Hong Kong offers a quintessentially British afternoon tea experience. In addition to a pot of Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea, afternoon tea guests can expect a series of finger sandwiches, pastries and raisin scones served on a tower of plates. It is an experience to savor and enjoy as one whiles an afternoon away.

One of the most elegant places to enjoy this experience is at the Peninsula Hong Kong, which has been serving up afternoon tea since 1928.

See why Longjing is one of the most famous teas in China

No conversation about tea is complete without a reference to China, where the beverage is said to have originated.  While every corner of China has its own tea-tale, one of its most famous varieties – Longjing – is best sampled in its hometown of Hangzhou.  Long hailed as the region’s finest tea, Longjing has been a favorite of China’s elites for centuries. 

Hangzhou Westlake Hostel-Manjuelong Branch is located around West Lake, where many Longjing tea plantations are based.

Sample home-grown varieties

And of course, you can also find a rich history of tea-drinking right at home in Vietnam.  Virtually every menu in Vietnam will have tea options, and every roadside stall will offer ‘tra’ to those who stop-by.  But to truly explore this country’s tea drinking culture, stop by Moc Chau to the west of Hanoi.  The highland region’s beauty is punctuated by picturesque fields of Oolong, Kim Tuyen and Shan Tuyet teas and minority village farmers who have worked the region for generations. 

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