Agoda Review Guidelines

At Agoda, we believe real reviews from fellow travelers provide some of the best information to help you and others make future bookings. To assure that all reviews on Agoda are relevant, helpful, and genuine, we employ strict guidelines and quality control.

Genuine and original

Reviews can only be written by certified guests who have booked through Agoda and stayed at the reviewed property. No booking, no review.

Reviews that contain text copied from another source, or which contain the opinions of anyone other than the writer, will be rejected.

Relevant and balanced

When writing a review, include all the information you’d want to know when deciding where to book your next trip. Describe the room, facilities, services, surroundings, or anything related to the property that can be useful to others.

Your review should be based on your own experience only. We respect your viewpoint. Be honest, but fair. Both positive and negative accounts get posted, but try to stay constructive and avoid rants

Avoid specific information such as rates and room numbers. For privacy reasons, personal information, including individuals’ names, phone numbers, and emails are not allowed.

Readable and respectful

Keep it clean. Spammy content, gibberish, hyperlinks, HTML tags, and duplicates are not permitted and will be removed. We won’t fix your typos, so please proofread your own writing.

People of all ages, nationalities, cultures, and religions read our reviews. Agoda will not post profanity, discriminatory comments, personal attacks, or references to sexual or drug-related activities.

Reviews are not a place for allegations, accusations or legal issues. If you do have a legal issue such as a theft or suspicion of other illegal activity, please contact our Customer Service team. Customer Support is available around the clock. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Agoda may edit or reject reviews that do not conform to these guidelines. Agoda reserves all rights to reviews in accordance with our Terms of Service.

Thanks for sharing your experience!