Earn Points Worth 4-7% of Each Booking

Earn points worth 4-7% of the room price by making a booking on the Agoda.com website, for any of our 925,000+ hotels worldwide. Apply these points towards your next booking for a reduction in the room rate or accumulate these points for bigger savings or even free rooms! You decide.

Example of how you can use your Agoda rewards to save money:


Book a $625 hotel stay

Earn 12,500 points worth $25

Save points or use for the next booking


Book a $100 hotel stay

Redeem your 12,500 points to save $25

Pay only $75 for the room

How do I start saving?

  • Agoda Rewards membership is free. Simply sign up through our site.
  • Or submit a reservation request and you'll automatically be registered as an Agoda Rewards member.