Zelo dobro 7,9
temelji na430 ocenah

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O Centara Karon Resort


Ob obisku Phuket se boste v Centara Karon Resort počutili kot doma, saj nudi kakovostno namestitev in odlične storitve. Hotel je oddaljen samo od centra mesta, zato je obiskovalcem dostopnih veliko najpopularnejših krajev. Poleg tega so na dosegu roke: Wat Suwankeereeket, Plaža Karon , Stadion Commemoration of Princess Mothers .

Povedano enostavno, vse storitve in usluge, ki jih pričakujete od Centara Hotels & Resorts, so na dosegu roke. Ta hotel nudi obiskovalcem veliko dodatne ponudbe, ki zadovolji tudi najbolj zahtevne goste.

Vzdušje Centara Karon Resort se odraža v vsaki sobi. internetni dostop (brezžičen), masažna kad, klimatska naprava, bujenje, sprejemni pult so samo nekatere od možnosti, ki vam bodo na voljo. Masažna kad, fitness center, savna, zunanji bazen, wellness so idealna mesta, kjer se odpočijete in sprostite po napornem dnevu. Zaradi svoje idealne lege je hotel Centara Karon Resort kraj, kjer boste našli vse potrebno za prijetno bivanje.
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Internetni dostop

  • v vseh sobah brezplačen Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi na javnih mestih


  • hotelski/letališki prevoz
  • parkirišče

Kaj lahko počnete, načini za sprostitev

  • fitness center
  • igrišče za tenis
  • masažna kad
  • ogledi
  • parna kopel
  • plavalni bazen [zunanji]
  • savna
  • wellness

Hrana, pijača, prigrizki

  • bar
  • bar ob plaži
  • restavracija

Storitve in priročni dodatki

  • pralnica
  • prostor za kajanje
  • receptor
  • salon
  • sef
  • trgovina

Za otroke

  • klub za otroke
  • plavalni bazen [otroci]
  • varstvo otrok


  • domače živali dovoljene
  • dvigalo
  • opremljeno tudi za invalide


  • Angleščina
  • Ruščina
  • Tajščina
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Guests who booked "Free Dinner Offers" will receive free dinner for up to 2 adults and 2 children. Any additional guests will be charged 500 THB per adult per day, and 250 THB per child per day payable upon check-in.

Otroci in dodatne postelje
Dojenčki 0-1 let Bivanje na obstoječih ležiščih je brezplačno. Za dodatno posteljnino bo morda potrebno doplačati.
Otroci 2-11 let Bivanje na obstoječih ležiščih je brezplačno.
  • Gostje z več kot 11 leti, se štejejo kot odrasli.
  • Razpoložljivost dodatnih postelj je odvisna od sobe, ki jo izberete. Za več podrobnosti preverite kapaciteto posamične sobe.
Ob rezervaciji več kot 5 sob je mogoče, da veljajo druga pravila in dodatna dopolnila.
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Uporabne informacije

Čas do letališča (minute): 90
Oddaljenost do letališča: 45 km
Odjava do: 12:00 PM
Prijava od: 03:00 PM
Soba / nadstropje za nekadilce: Yes
Število barov: 5
Število restavracij: 2
Število sob: 335
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Zelo dobro

od 430 ocen
  • Čistoča 8,0
  • Infrastruktura 8,0
  • Lokacija 8,0
  • Udobnost/standard sobe: 7,9
  • Storitve osebja: 8,0
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 7,9
  • Hrana/postrežba: 7,9
Razvrsti po

Leanne iz Avstralija
Samostojni potnik
luksuzna s pogledom na morje
Bival/-a 7 noči september 2016
Great staff
Excellent 1 week staff could not have been better
Ocenjeno 23 september 2016

Joel iz Nova Zelandija
Bival/-a 2 noči september 2016
very good
very good
Ocenjeno 15 september 2016

Chui iz Hong Kong
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
luksuzna s pogledom na morje
Bival/-a eno noč avgust 2016
Bad services
Staff who wear the sports shirt isn't friendly to our group.
Ocenjeno 08 avgust 2016

Aster iz Indonezija
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Bival/-a 4 noči februar 2016
Horrible burst pipe accident
It is really a shame how the hotel handled this accident, when apparently their clean water piping system burst and the whole hotel had no clean tap water access. Noted accidents can happen, but the way the hotel managed this in terms of customers handling was really disappointing. The accident lasted from an evening to the next mid.day. On the night itself when it happened, we called concierge and was told someone would come, especially that our toilet couldnt stop flushing, but whatever water that was used to flush was brownish muddy water, so the whole bathroom was flooding. It took us 3 calls in the span of 1hr and 1/2 before one person finally came (she did look exhausted), but the person behind the phone has been saying someone will come right away within 1/2 hour etc. the next day the water was still dirty (but the flood has stopped) and when we came ask reception for a solution, no clear answer was given, and mostly they all look like nothing has happened, and maybe this happens quite often here, i dont know! It is really a shame, as otherwise the hotel had extraordinary pool facilities, one with lagoon format and nice slides for the kids, there was green gardens for kids to run around and complimentary kids club and activities manned by fun people. And location was great, walking distance to beach and easy access to restaurants. The second issue we had is we had booked this hotel because it was offering a half-dine-onboarding onption, ie. dinner included in the package without extra cost. However, Agoda options at that time, I strongly believe didnt put this remark in the Agoda booking receipt proof (it was only mentioned in the room information sub menu), hence when we arrived at the hotel we were not given the free dining option. We couldnt blame the hotel, but we knew they were offering this for free when we booked, so it we didnt feel we got our value of money. We complained to Agoda as well via phone but they asked us for a printscreen for a proof w
Ocenjeno 03 avgust 2016

Chi iz Hong Kong
luksuzna s pogledom na morje
Bival/-a eno noč avgust 2015
Nice resort
The resort is very good and beautiful. Value for money. The room so big and clean. But one of the staff is so rude. Destroy our mood for the nice stay
Ocenjeno 30 junij 2016

Cely iz Filipini
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Luksuzna soba s francosko ali dvema ločenima posteljama
Bival/-a eno noč maj 2016
My nightmare
My trip was booked at the grand centara, they did not have room for one night. So I booked two rooms at the karon centara. When I reached my booking was cancelled and they did not give me a courtesy car to go to the other hotel and I booked on half board they did not accept it. I only had breakfast. I have come to Pukhet three occasions and I always stayed at centara hotels. This was my last. I am very sad they spoil my holiday.
Ocenjeno 10 maj 2016

Ryan iz Združene Države Amerike
luksuzna s pogledom na morje
Bival/-a eno noč april 2016
Excellent Place
Nice hotel at a great location
Ocenjeno 26 april 2016

Lauren iz Malezija
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Bival/-a 4 noči marec 2016
Location and Carpe Diem team
Was an ok resort due to proximity to shops and the Carpe Diem team is very upbeat and gives much holiday atmosphere to this resort. However we stayed at a much nicer resort before arriving at Centara, the service level and customer service training accorded by the staff there obviously overshadows Centara Karon. Parents with children who decide to book this hotel with the expectation of highly trained babysitters or minders should be aware that leaving your children at the Kid's Club doesn't mean you can step out of the compound of the hotel. Both times I was there on different days there was only one minder (there could have been more, I don't know). Communication could be improved upon, our package included meals for 4 nights but we were not made aware of that upon check in, hence wasted a few nights. Bathrooms in the lagoon room was also dated and aged. This resort caters largely to Westerners, there were only a small handful of Asians, so manage your expectations. Breakfast staff was nice, cheerful and quick in the Lotus restaurant. All in all not a bad place for a holiday, but personally I would pay a little more for a better experience and not depend so much on the reviews in future.
Ocenjeno 16 marec 2016

Manoj iz Indija
Poslovni potnik
Bival/-a 4 noči februar 2016
Value for money
Clean tidy nice staff good breakfast spread lively area
Ocenjeno 07 marec 2016

JOHN iz Avstralija
luksuzna s pogledom na morje
Bival/-a 3 noči februar 2016
Delightful Stay
Comfort.Location. Pools.
After an initial hiccup caused by being taken to a room with one of the worst views I have ever seen from any hotel of a bitumen car park and being told that was my ocean view room and that if I strained my neck leaning over and around the corner of the balcony that I could indeed see the ocean, I showed the guest relations lady a photo from their own website of the view that I was expecting and which I knew I had paid for and said this room was unacceptable,we waited 15 minutes for another room to be made ready. The second room was a major improvement on the first and after that we had a delightful stay at this lovely hotel. We could not fault anything about the rest of our stay and absolutely loved the area of Karon Beach. One thing we found a bit unusual was the location of the breakfast area and how we had to exit the main hotel and walk 20 metres or so across from the entrance of the hotel to the breakfast area,although because the weather was sunny this was not a big deal but I am not so sure that it would be great if it was raining.All in all a great hotel in a good location and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get out of the area of Patong and looking for a more relaxing and chilled out vibe than busy Patong.We love Karon and found many great and cheap places to eat or drink or get a massage just a short walk from the wonderful Centara.
Ocenjeno 29 februar 2016


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