Fantastično 8,3
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  • Čistoča 9,0
  • Infrastruktura 8,2
  • Lokacija 7,4
  • Udobnost/standard sobe: 8,8
  • Storitev 8,9
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 7,8
  • Hrana/postrežba: 7,8
Razvrsti po

HAERANG iz Južna Koreja
Samostojni potnik
Bival/-a 2 noči julij 2016
good resort
Ocenjeno 14 julij 2016

JAYEON iz Južna Koreja
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a 2 noči julij 2015
Very nice
Clean room Good breakfast Nice swimming pool Fun activities Friendly staff Everything was great I'd like to stay again
Ocenjeno 12 julij 2016

Michael iz Avstralija
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a 2 noči julij 2016
Ok but not great
The resort is fairly nice, but too small. The beach area in particular is tiny. The food in the main restaurant is pretty grim, ordering breakfast off the menu was a terrible mistake. The outside restaurant is an improvement, but not during the day because of flies. We left for the Shangri-la - in every respect an improvement on Crimson.
Ocenjeno 09 julij 2016

Anamaria iz Združene Države Amerike
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a 2 noči julij 2016
Overall fake luxury
The standard rooms are run down (Garden View Rooms), we found stains on the bedding, service was slow, in room dining menu limited and person on the phone was constantly unsure of what they had and didn't have, seemed to run out of things often whether at beach bar or in the room, food outside the breakfast buffet was so so, and the pool was too chlorinated and lacked proper live filtering to keep the water feeling clean. Their spa treatments esp. the Traditional Hilon massage was very good, however.
Ocenjeno 04 julij 2016

Manuel iz Filipini
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a eno noč junij 2016
Our 15th Wedding Anniversary @ Crimson
Nice place, very accomodating staff, clean room, great food and we had a very wonderful experience staying in Crimson...
Ocenjeno 30 junij 2016

Hye iz Južna Koreja
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a eno noč junij 2016
so so
so so
Ocenjeno 29 junij 2016

Christopher iz Filipini
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a 2 noči junij 2016
Ocenjeno 26 junij 2016

Yu-Hsun iz Tajvan
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a eno noč junij 2016
Nice experience which makes us spend all day there and super relaxing!!!
As title
Ocenjeno 24 junij 2016

Cade iz Singapur
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a 3 noči junij 2016
Spacious rooms and good value
Room was spacious but a little old. Due for renovation. Beach was pretty rocky. Young kids should put on beach shoes in case they get cut in the water. Beach was beautiful. Good food but outdoor dining was annoying with flies bugging us in numbers.
Ocenjeno 21 junij 2016

Marie iz Filipini
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Nadstandardna vrtna soba
Bival/-a 4 noči maj 2016
Our room had a leaking aircon. They sent a guy to gix it while we were in the room. Most hotels would have transferred us to another room so they could do the fixing without inconvenience to us. The girl who handled our checkout was tude and dismissive. She was in a hurry to finish with me so she can attend to the foreigners next in line. Staff at Saffron Cafe would converge in groups of 3 or more whenever foreigners come into the resto. They would fuss over them like crazy. My family, who obviously would require assistance because we had 2 toddlers and an infant in tow, would start and finish our meal with no offer of assistance - other than to clear our plates when we are done. I had to ask for coffee twice before i got a cup. The first staff i asked said yes but continued setting up the table first. I will probably never stay at a Crimson Hotel again.
Ocenjeno 04 junij 2016


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