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  • Čistoča 8,9
  • Infrastruktura 8,6
  • Lokacija 8,5
  • Udobnost in kakovost sobe 9,1
  • Storitev 9,0
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 7,9
  • Hrana in postrežba 8,3
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  • Čistoča 9,1
  • Infrastruktura 9,3
  • Lokacija 9,0
  • Udobnost in kakovost sobe 9,3
  • Storitev 9,3
  • Kakovost glede na ceno 7,8
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Samantha iz Monako
Vila z bazenom
Bival/-a 2 noči marec 2016
We arrived in Bali and took a private helicopter tour from the main airport to Ubud so we could have an amazing view of the island. From the second we arrived at the hotel the staff were very warm welcoming we were offered a drink and cold towel to clean ourselves off then they proceeded with the check-in and updgraded our room to a panoramic view. They then took all our bagage and we were wisked off to our beautiful room. They gave us a run down on how everything worked and all the amnetites were fantastic. We could barely see any neighbors and the jungle view and temple was so romantic. We visited around with a driver from the hotel who was amazing. He took us to all the local areas and understood that we wanted a cultural experience. We tried coffee at a local farm then came back to our room to find monkeys by our pool we set out some bananas and they ate them it was so crazy. We watched from a distance inside to be safe. At sunset they brought us our floating boat dinner which was also amazing. The chef came down to our room and explained everything he prepared it was truely magical. We only stayed for 3 days but honestly out of the whole trip this is the best area of Bali to feel lost in the forest and away from the big groups of tourists. The main city was only 30min away but the drives were relaxing and such an eye opener to a different civilization. Our driver also took us to a community of paintist where we bought some great pantings to bring back home with us. We also ate at the very touristic restaurant cafe lotus inside the princes palace (next to starbucks) but the drama they performed was amazing and were able to find some Indonesian specialties on the menu. The hotel menu was great it was very international but the food was true at least. There were many other places I tried that used the really cheap fake food products and it was horrible but hanging gardens restaurant used all fresh and local produce and still was able to incorporate their products
Ocenjeno 13 december 2016
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ZHANG iz Kitajska
Vila z bazenom
Bival/-a 2 noči februar 2016
what an amazing hotel located in the ubud jungle. Breathtaking view with nice pool. just simply love it!
Ocenjeno 11 november 2016
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Hui iz Singapur
Vila z bazenom
Bival/-a 3 noči avgust 2016
“Beautiful, tranquil Hanging Garden.. Attentive Staffs..”
A beautiful and tranquil environment. But because our villa is right towards near besides the forest, we had 7 monkeys sitting outside the room after one raining day, which was quite unnerving..
Ocenjeno 16 avgust 2016
Ali je bila ta ocena v pomoč? |
Ling iz Malezija
Vila z bazenom
Bival/-a eno noč avgust 2016
“Bad experience / Not worth it”
Really dissatisfied to the staff attitude even the manager also suck! Call to upgrade the room, wait for almost 1hour still no response. Called to front desk they sounds like unmindful ask ask me to wait again. 30mins passed still didn't call back until I call them to check immediately. Next day, we having spa before our flight flying back. The staff at spa pass us a jewellery box asked to keep our necklace inside. But they didn't remind to return back after spa until I reach airport I just realise my necklace still left in the box. What the bad things was they didn't call back and it's already pass few hours! The service really slow. Emailed to them what response I got was: they are not responsible to our valuable things! Oh thanks, What a good response! If not responsible why u want us to put necklace in ur jewellery box but not in my own handbag? The responsibility can be 50 to 50 but the put all the bulk on me. I won't stay back anymore!
Ocenjeno 14 avgust 2016
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Ho iz Indonezija
Družina z mlajšimi otroki
Early Booker Hot Deal - Riverside Deluxe Pool Villa
Bival/-a eno noč julij 2016
“One of the best I've ever stayed in”
Located in a rather remote area of Ubud, took us almost 4 hours to get there from Jimbaran but it was worth it. The price is also overwhelming, but the view and the facilities are unbelievable. Our kids had fun, although I'd recommend this place mostly for couples! Very romantic and exotic place. It was an unforgettable experience for us.
Ocenjeno 12 julij 2016
Ali je bila ta ocena v pomoč? |
Kerk iz Singapur
Vila z bazenom
Bival/-a eno noč junij 2016
“Expensive but worth of money”
The hotel is fantastic. We had a free upgrade of room from front office, really appreciate it. The view from the pool to the opposite side jungle is awesome. Room is clean and well maintained. All the staff is very friendly and helpful, very knowledgeable. Had the dinner in hotel restaurant. Although the price is bit expensive but the food quality is great. Overall, very good hotel. I will definitely back to here again.
Ocenjeno 28 junij 2016
Ali je bila ta ocena v pomoč? |
Paul iz Velika Britanija
Vila z bazenom
Bival/-a 2 noči junij 2016
“Went with a friend”
Had a 2 night stay here and what a place! Simply outstanding!
Ocenjeno 18 junij 2016
Ali je bila ta ocena v pomoč? |
Myla iz Filipini
vila nadstandardna bazen
Bival/-a eno noč januar 2016
“Worth the money spent!”
This place is just divine. We stayed in the panoramic villa and the view was really nice. Loved the private pool in our villa as well as the public pool near the restaurant. Service was topnotch The only downside is that it's very far from the center of Ubud but they do have a free shuttle for that. This is a nice place to relax and unwind.
Ocenjeno 08 maj 2016
En popotnik je našel to oceno za koristno. Tudi vi? |
Felix iz Nemčija
Vila z bazenom
Bival/-a 2 noči april 2016
“A dream ”
Excellent hotel, outstanding staff, spacious rooms, nice pool, and friendly monkeys. Beautiful views
Ocenjeno 28 april 2016
Ali je bila ta ocena v pomoč? |
Kira iz Danska
vila nadstandardna bazen
Bival/-a 2 noči april 2016
“Disapointing and expensive”
View was amazing, but the food, spa and cleaning of our room was very disappointing.
Ocenjeno 24 april 2016
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