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How do I find and reserve a hotel with your service?

Agoda now lists over 90,000 hotels throughout Asia and worldwide. Simply select your destination of choice from the menu and you'll see a selection of hotels that can be sorted by 'most popular,' name, star rating or location.

You can also use our Hotel Search function to find your favorite hotel. Type the name of the hotel you're looking for in the search box and our internal search engine will provide results that match your criteria. If we don't have the hotel you are looking for, we'll offer lots of suitable alternatives.

Most of the hotels Agoda offers are in the 2-star to 5-star categories. We usually provide photographs of important features such as the exterior, the rooms, dining and recreational facilities. Important amenities and other facilities will be listed on each hotel page.

Each hotel's rate page lists our special discounted rates, which are all per room, not per person.

Also, be sure to make your reservation for the full duration of your stay. If you do need to extend your stay after arrival, please contact our Agoda Customer Support Specialists so you're not charged the hotel's full rate.

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