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Terms & Conditions

1. To enjoy the benefit of the Reward Point incentive, Members must make bookings via the dedicated landing page.
2. The Reward Points are not cumulative and will not be awarded to Members who elect to use other discounts, promotions, discounted items, and fixed price items (unless specified).
3. Reward Points earned in connection with the incentive are non-transferable.
4. Reward Points cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.
5. The Rewards Points incentive is applicable to selected merchant (pre-paid) hotels only, of which AGODA is the party receiving and handling the payment from the Members.
6. Reward Points can only be earned by one Member per room and cannot be split between two or more Members occupying the same room.
7. Where Reward Points are earned on the basis of the amount spent, unless otherwise specified, Reward Points are only earned on the accommodation component of the stay, not on ancillary charges such as meals, minibar, beverages, phone, laundry, or other extra costs charged to the room account.
8. The Members are bound by the terms and conditions of AGODA and SM ADVANTAGE.
9. In case of dispute, the decision of AGODA shall be final.
10. This program is independent of and unrelated to, any offer or arrangement between SM ADVANTAGE and Members, which is at SM ADVANTAGE’s sole discretion and for which SM ADVANTAGE is solely responsible and liable.