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Beach Road follows the coastline through Central Pattaya. It’s densely packed with exciting nightlife venues, festooned with neon lights and loud music. Since its days as a rest and relaxation depot during the Vietnam War, Pattaya has been synonymous with late-night entertainment.

Aside from all of the go-go bars and beer bars on Soi 6, there are also several hotels in Central Pattaya. A few high-rises line the waterfront, but most local accommodation is inland on side streets of Saisong and Beach roads. These affordable options range from one to three stars and are well located for anyone planning late nights in Pattaya.

The city has worked hard to diversify its image, and there are many family-style attractions in Central Pattaya. Ripley’s Believe it or Not is joined by the Bottle Museum and other quirky attractions. Families can also enjoy traditional puppet shows at Joe Louis Thai Restaurant and Theatrical Performance. The programs performed here have won international acclaim.

Shopping is great in this part of town. Central Pattaya has the Pattaya City Walk and Thaiwat City Walk, a pair of open-air entertainment centers with boutiques, hotels and restaurants. Other shopping complexes include Mike Shopping Mall, Best Friend Complex, Tops Supermarket, Soi Buakhop Market and The Avenue Pattaya.

Accommodation in Central Pattaya has seen remarkable growth since the 1980s. There are rooms in every price range, from no-frills guesthouses to posh, five-star suites with an ocean view. Rooms fill up during the December-to-January high season, so it’s a good idea to book early.

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