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At the northern end of Pattaya Bay, Na Kloe / Bang La Mung was an important salt mining zone before tourism took over. With a collection of antique houses, winding back alleys and local neighborhoods, this is the best place in Pattaya to get a glimpse of traditional Thai life. The area also includes the Pattaya branch of Bangkok Hospital, which receives medical tourists throughout the year.

Alongside the traditional neighborhoods is a growing set of condominiums housing retired expatriates. There are also more hotels in Na Kloe / Bang La Mung than ever before. Hotels on Wong Amat Beach are much quieter than those to the south. Few Western-style restaurants are in the area, and the only major shopping venue is the evening market.

Na Kloe Road is the main thoroughfare cutting through the region. It fronts Wong Amat Beach and accesses the popular Healthland Spa and Massage. Travelers can also head west to the coast to see the Sanctuary of Truth, an exquisite temple-meets-palace that embraces a fusion of world religions. It doubles as a family-friendly entertainment center with a pair of trained dolphins, traditional Thai dancers and an onsite restaurant.

The other local attraction is Zone Mini Siam, a tour in miniature of Thailand’s favorite sites. Bang La Mung is popular with families and retirees, as it isn’t nearly as rowdy as the late-night districts to the south. Hotels in Na Kloe / Bang La Mung cater to these travelers with family-friendly facilities. These hotels also operate their own restaurants and laid-back bars so that guests don’t have to venture south if they’d rather not.

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