Eat Street Northshore | Guide to Restaurants, Cuisine & Top Foods to Try!

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Eat Street Northshore is one of the best locations to visit in Brisbane, Australia. It’s best known for its incredible food and atmosphere, as well as its scenic location right on the waterfront. If you are visiting the area for the first time, plan to spend at least one to three hours enjoying the sights and sampling some of the best food in the region at Eat Street Northshore!

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International Cuisine & Food on Eat Street Northshore

Built in 1936, this historic destination sits on an old wharf but is perhaps one of the most modern areas of the city itself. If you want to eat, there is no better destination than Eat Street Northshore. There are more than 70 vendors throughout this area of Northshore, and each one offers something different and delicious, including dishes from Africa, Asia, and North America. You will find options from most countries in Europe as well as South America, too. Because this is such a diverse location, it is worth coming with the goal of tasting something special and unique.

  • Many of the restaurants and markets here have taken things even one step further. For those who have dietary needs, there are generally options at various locations. For example, you can find vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan dishes at Eat Street Northshore, and some vendors offer dairy-free and halal as well.

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Sample Everything from Sweets to Chinese Food!

Walking up and down this street, you will find some of the best food in Queensland. From the Little Shanghai options for Asian cuisine to Indian cuisine such as curry, there is something interesting around every turn. Ginger beer, Peruvian cuisine, traditional American diner foods, and Greek dishes are just a few. Whether you want food from a Turkish food truck or to sample sweets from a chocolate shop, you’ll find it at Eat Street Northshore.

Group Gatherings & Package Deals

If you want the best food and you are going out with a group, you may want to check out the function packages offered by Eat Street Northshore. The packages allow you to book gatherings for a group of friends for up to 100 people. This is an excellent choice for those traveling with a group of people who want to sample some of the best food and drink in the city in one place. Keep in mind that group events like this tend to be available for evening meals.

Dining Containers

The dining containers at Eat Street Northshore are available to any visitor and are an outstanding way to celebrate with friends. The dining containers (as well as a vintage kombi) allow you to have a private space to relax and celebrate something together with a smaller group of guests. You can pre-book various meals and celebrate with your group in this very enjoyable area.

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Other Things to Do in the Area

Eat Street Northshore is located on the banks of Brisbane River, just a 10- or 15-minute drive from Brisbane Airport. Even if you just have a short layover in Brisbane, you might still be able to hit this popular area, plus a few others.

Attractions near Brisbane Airport & Eat Street Northshore

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