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Singapore Travel Guide

Featured photo of night scene in Singapore

Discovering where to eat in Singapore is almost as fun as learning what to eat when you get there! Ditch the long wait and steep bill at a frilly restaurant, and make your way to the real deal. Singapore’s most popular eating districts have all the authentic eats you want at prices any backpacking foodie can afford.

AGODA EXTRA: The Singapore Food Festival, organized by the Singapore Tourism Board, takes place annually during June or July. Restaurants across the city take part in the event by setting up pop-up restaurants, hosting competitions and conducting culinary workshops.

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Harbor view of Sentosa Island at night in Singapore

Being in a country that’s small enough to be a city sometimes warrants a day trip, and Singaporeans do love their sightseeing and weekend getaways. Follow their lead to nearby islands, cultural hubs and popular holiday hangouts.

AGODA EXTRA: Singapore is home to the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. The Night Safari, located on Mandai Lake Road near the Singapore Zoo, might not technically qualify as a day trip from Singapore, but you could realistically spend an entire day (and evening) exploring nature trails and getting up close and personal with the nearly 900 animals being protected in the park.

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Featured photo - shoppers on Orchard Road in Singapore

Singapore shopping extends well beyond Orchard Road, but that’s one heckuva place to start! After you’ve seen Singapore’s most famous strip, plan an epic bargain hunt in Chinatown and Little India.

AGODA EXTRA: Most of the world has recognized Orchard Road as a heavenly shopping district since 1958, when Tangs department store opened its doors. But before luxury malls and hip boutiques took over the area, the street contained three cemeteries and the Orchard Road Railway. Before that, nutmeg, pepper and fruit orchards lined the street, and that’s how Orchard Road got its name.

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Lit front facade of the Supreme Court building in Singapore

Singapore sightseeing usually centers around the city’s contemporary buildings and state-of-the-art attractions, but every bit of the Lion City’s cutting-edge architecture is built around historic Singapore landmarks. Spend a night dining in a former convent at CHIJMES heritage building, or tour the president’s office during an open house at The Istana.

AGODA EXTRA: the official mascot of Singapore, the Merlion, is a mythical creature that represents the city’s origin as a fishing village and the city’s original name, Singapura, which means “lion city,” (even though native lions have never actually been seen in Singapore). Still, the half-fish, half-lion statue and fountain serves as one of Singapore’s most coveted icons and popular selfie spots. Tag your friends in a pic taken at Merlion Park in Marina Bay.

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Aerial view of towers at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Singapore might be one of the smallest countries in the world, but don’t let that fool you! This cosmopolitan city is loaded with contemporary architecture and colonial charm. And with less than 300 square miles to explore, choosing where to stay in Singapore isn’t tough. Just choose a place near any of the city’s most popular attractions!

AGODA EXTRA: Singapore is one of only three city-states in the world. The only other destinations on the planet that are both cities and countries are Monaco and Vatican City.

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Night view of Merlion in Singapore harbor

Singapore attractions range from dazzling modern wonders to primitive battlegrounds, making this Southeast Asian hot spot one of the world’s most popular places to travel. While it’s true that Singapore’s first-world status does come with a price tag, traveling on a budget in Singapore is more than possible, especially if you start with these most popular things to do!

AGODA EXTRA: Because of safety regulations at Paya Lebar Airbase, skyscrapers in Singapore are limited to a height of 918 feet (280 meters). However, the city has allowed one exception. Completed in 2016, the Tanjong Pagar Center, also called Guoco Tower, tops the Singapore skyline at a height of 951.4 feet (290 meters).

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Just 24 hours to spare? Discover where to go in Singapore and the best places to visit during a whirlwind tour of this upscale, coastal capital. It’s no secret that this tiny island is packed with enough food, attractions and activities to keep you busy for a week, but 24 hours is plenty of time to give you a true taste of Singapore – and tempt you to return for a much longer stay!

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Young man with glasses laughing and enjoying dinner in Singapore

Singapore holds a reputation for some of the world’s finest, upscale restaurants, but it’s no secret that some of the best places to eat in Singapore can be found right on the street. With a melting pot of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences, Singapore hawkers can really stir things up! You’ll find these tasty staples around every corner, but extensive hawker hopping is the only way you’ll learn which one you like best!

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