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Pattaya Travel Guide


As a beautiful beach resort city on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular vacation destinations. In fact, Pattaya is one of South Asia’s most popular beach destinations with its golden sands and azure sea. The city attracts vacationers of all types, including families, couples, and groups of friends. Travelers can rely on Agoda to find amazing deals on the best hotels in Pattaya featuring Agoda Special Offers. Discover their services and amenities below.

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Traveling to Thailand during COVID-19 can be done safely and relatively stress-free by following a few guidelines set for inbound passengers. One of the key components to booking a flight to Thailand is securing a guestroom at one of the many accommodations designated as SHA-Plus+ hotels. This guide not only offers COVID-19 travel advice for Thailand, but it also gives tips on how to book quarantine hotels, where to get the best hotels specials and all-inclusive packages and how to make the most of your time in isolation.

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One of the main requirements for traveling to Thailand during COVID-19 is booking an AQ hotel. Quarantine hotels in Thailand, or AQ hotels, are safe places to stay that go the extra mile to accommodate every type of traveler. Quarantine hotels with balconies in Thailand are popular choices for tourists who want access to fresh air and open spaces during quarantine periods. If you’re flying into Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, these quarantine hotels offer spacious balconies, plus other amenities suited for families and solo travelers looking for a little extra room during isolation.

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shopping in pattaya

Shopping in Pattaya can be a surprisingly rewarding experience, and it’s one that doesn’t necessarily require a wallet full of cash. But you might want to prepare some extra space in your suitcase, or just buy another one to stash your treasures. Shops across the city offer everything from trinkets that you can’t help but buy for yourself or your friends to electronic shops selling the latest in technology. But Pattaya’s malls and markets also offer a slew of entertainment options and unique travel experiences that make it more than a potential money pit.

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Pattaya 3-day itinerary-Featured photo-Thailand

You might think a trip to Pattaya wouldn’t require an itinerary as it isn’t the biggest of cities. But day and night, this coastal getaway is packed with captivating sites and activities. Time can easily slip away among the relaxation and adventure, so having some sort of guide like this 3-day itinerary can ensure you get to do everything you want.

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From its coastal perch, Pattaya has been a draw to travelers for decades. Perhaps it’s due to being located an easy 2-hour ride from Bangkok. Maybe it’s the sun-soaked beaches and all the fun or relaxation one can have on the sand or in the water. Or maybe it’s the multitude of other things to do in Pattaya that make it such a worthy stop on any itinerary. Whether striking out on your own or taking the family, you are bound to enjoy what you find here.

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Holiday rentals in Pattaya-Feature photo (1200x350) - Jomtien Beach

Vacationing with children requires a great deal of planning, plenty of patience, and a lot of flexibility, particularly when traveling abroad. As families grow, so does the cost of taking everyone on vacation. One of the best ways to keep costs down is to consider holiday rentals in Pattaya. This saves on the cost of accommodations, and since most homestays have kitchens, vacation homes make it possible to eat in, saving both money and time for more family-friendly activities in Pattaya.

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