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Located in the Shan state of eastern Myanmar, Hsipaw is an interesting place full of history and culture. The city is accessible by train, bus, or car, with many guesthouses and modest hotels being located right in the city center.

The Shan Palace is still a popular attraction for many visitors to Hsipaw, as it was home to the last prince of Hsipaw used to live there with his wife and children until he disappeared and is believed to have been killed during the 1962 coup. There are visiting hours for when it’s possible to enter the Palace and get a firsthand account of life before military rule.

As a reward for waking up especially early at least once, don’t miss a chance to visit the vibrant Hsipaw Morning Market, which ends by six in the morning and features many interesting and unique souvenirs. Just a few kilometers outside of town, the religiously significant Bawgyo Pagoda can be found. It is one of the most revered pagodas in the region, and is therefore a popular destination.

There’s much more to see and do in Hsipaw, and the interactive map on this page is a great way to explore where the attractions and hotels can be found in this exciting city.
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